Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Detailed Comparison

Roborock and Neato robotics are two companies that are aimed at creating robots to help make our daily activities a lot more convenient. Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 is a duel between the flagship robots from both brands.

Neato’s D series of robot vacuums are some of the most innovative and technologically advanced robots in different categories of robot vacuums.

Roborock, on the other hand, even though the brand is still young has left a mark on the robot vacuum scene with its Roborock S5. You can read our honest review to get an in-depth analysis of it.

Both vacuums are some of the best high-end robot vacuums you will come across as at the time of writing.

Don’t just take our word for it, keep reading and you will definitely be wowed by what these two robot vacuums have to offer.



neato d7 vs roborock s5neato d7 vs roborock s5
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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Comparison Overview

The Neato D7 and the Roborock S5 are at the forefront of the robot vacuum wars. If you are looking for top-notch features and implementation, they both have it.

The Neato D7 can store floor plans of up to 3 different floors. This means the robot can vacuum your entire house!

It also has a long battery life, ultra-efficient filter, and can reach into corners because of its shape.

The Roborock S5 will not only vacuum your floors, but it can also mop. Its mopping system is advanced and will not leave puddles in its wake.

It has impressive battery life, even in the max mode. The S5 has sensors that help it avoid collision and does not cost as much as other robots in its category.

We suspect you might have a hard time choosing between these two. However, if you are clear about what you need a robot vacuum for, you will easily come to a decision.



Comparison Table – Neato D7 vs Roborock S5

Neato D7Roborock S5
Battery Life120 minutes150 minutes
NavigationLaser Smart Mapping and NavigationLaser scanning with SLAM algorithm
Filtration SystemUltra performance filterE-11 grade washable filter
Dust Cup0.6 liters0.24 liters
Dimension12.9 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
Weight8 lbs7 lbs
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What Situation Is Each Best For? – Neato D7 vs Roborock S5

Neato D7Roborock S5
Suction power is quite important for a robot vacuum. A high-end robot vacuum like either of these two is expected to be able to clean on all floor types. Quite rightly, they both can.


However, the Neato D7 has more airflow. It can produce 20 cfm in its high mode and 17 cfm in its low powered mode. 17 cfm is what you will get from the max mode of the Roborock.


From these ratings, you can rest assured both vacuums have enough power to clean all your floor types.


This is because these two have the highest airflow when it comes to robot vacuums. So, if you are keen on the airflow of your robot vacuum, now you know which to go for.

On another note, the Roborock has a power advantage over the Neato D7. If you want more options for power, this is your guy.


The Neato has just two power settings while the Roborock has 4. For whatever it is worth the S5 is one of the quietest robot vacuums you will ever find. When it is working in its lowest power setting, it causes merely 65 decibels of noise.

We all know how important runtime is when it comes to vacuums.


Both vacuums have some of the best runtimes in the industry both in the low and high power modes but the Roborock S5 blows every other robot’s ratings out of the water.


The S5 promises 150 minutes in low power and a whopping 110 minutes in high power.


The Neato, on the other hand, offers 120 minutes in low power and 74 minutes on max which is still really impressive.

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More Situational Comparisons – Neato D7 vs Roborock S5

Neato D7Roborock S5
If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner before, you will agree that it is such a pain having to empty the dust cup ever so often.


This is why a larger dust cup is always an advantage. You will certainly get that advantage with the Neato D7 as it has a larger dust cup.

When a robot vacuum can do what is expected of it in fine style, that is of great value, right? What if it can do more than is expected of it?


That extra value is something you will get from the Roborock S5 especially if you have hard floors in your home. With this robot, you might not have to carry a mopping stick anymore.


You guessed right! And its mopping feature is not the type that you might find is some uncommitted vacuum.


This one has superior mopping technology. We surely will talk about that in more details later.

When it comes to support, we all need it once in a while, the Neato customer service is in full operation and will attend to most of your needs.


This is better than what you will get from Roborock’s support service which is still only limited to emails (at least as at the time of writing).


However, the S5’s replacement parts are readily available on its website. That should count for something.

Since these two robots offer such great features, the price might be a good deciding factor.


The Neato D7 is more expensive and the price difference is not necessarily marginal.

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Which Features Do They Have In Common? – Neato D7 vs Roborock S5

If you ask some people, they will readily tell you that these two robots are the best among the robot vacuum categories. If you ask us, we won’t argue against that.

For that reason, we would not expect anyone to be surprised that these two vacuums have a lot in common. See if you enjoy the similarities as much as we do.


Advanced Navigation

Both vacuums use a laser-guided navigation system to move around your home. They both first scan their environment and use that to generate a map of your floor space.

Furthermore, both robot vacuums follow a definite pattern of movement. You will agree that this is a welcomed leap ahead of those ones that move around randomly.

They both follow an end to end kind of movement which ensures that they cover the entire floor. With this, you can rest assured there won’t be patches of dirt the robot missed.



There are also sensors on both the Neato D7 and the Roborock S5 that help them detect obstacles.

One cool thing about this is that they don’t just detect them, they intelligently clean around them the best way they can. All without losing their bearing and then continue in their pattern.

There is also a sensor under both robots that help it detect changes in floor heights. With this, your priced robot will not take a dive off the stairs.

The Roborock S5 even has a specialized type of sensor that helps it bump into things a lot less. We will talk on that too later.


Wi-Fi and Smart App

It is almost a standard that robot vacuums have Wi-Fi capabilities. It is a well-accepted innovation that you can access your robot vacuum via your smartphone.

For this reason, any robot vacuum without such feature is a bit backward. We will be right to say these two are leading the charge of forward-moving robot vacuums.

If you are wondering how Wi-Fi can make a robot vacuum cleaner better, keep reading, you are about to find out.

Wi-Fi lets the robots connect to your smartphone so that you can use it to control and monitor the vacuum.

These robots have a dedicated app that you need to download on your phone (available for both Android and iOS).

When you download the app, you will have to pair it with your robot vacuum and this is where the Wi-Fi comes in.

With this app, you can use your phone as a controller to issue commands to the robot remotely.

That way, you can have the robot clean your floors before you get back home. You can also check the status of the robot and how much of the floors it has cleaned.


The App

The apps for these two robot vacuums are quite straightforward. Their interfaces are easy to navigate and intuitive too.

On both apps, you can schedule the robot to clean at certain times for every day of the week. That’s not all, you can also have them clean however you want.

For instance, on the Roborock S5, you can have the robot vacuum or mop a certain area three times just to make sure it is squeaky clean.

That approach will work best if it is a highly trafficked part of your home.

You can also perform zone cleaning from the app of these two robots.

To do this, you only need to draw a box on the app within the map and the robot will get right to it.

This zone cleaning can be used to clean only certain rooms or even just a portion of it. That is awesome for touch up cleanings and keeping trafficked areas clean.

Now let us talk about the no-go lines. These are virtual boundaries that you can set for your robot to keep them from going where you don’t need them to be.

Other robots use magnetic tapes or external devices to create virtual boundaries. You can achieve that with these two robot vacuums right from your phone!

You already have a map of your floors, all you need to do is draw as many lines as you want across the floor. The coolest thing about this feature is how accurate it is.

This is a great feature to have if there are areas in your home that the robot could get stuck at. That way, you won’t come back home to meet your robot stuck in an area after only doing ¼ of its job.


Compatible with Smart Devices

If you already have a smart home full of devices that can do things on their own, you can easily make either of these robot vacuums feel welcomed.

They are compatible with devices such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

As for the D7, Neato gives it a bit of an edge. You can pair the robot to a smartwatch if you have one.


Multiple Power Modes

If you have carpets and hard floors in your home, the power of a robot vacuum will matter to you. This is because vacuum cleaners require more power to clean on carpets than hard floors.

The Neato D7 has a high and low power mode it can switch between as needed.

The Roborock S5 has 4 power levels. You can go from quiet to balanced, turbo, and then max depending on how much suction power you need. The suction of the max mode can reach 2,000 Pa.

This robot vacuum can also automatically switch to max power when it detects carpet. However, you will have to turn on that feature from the app.

The power of these vacuums is not something you should bother about. It is not a matter of if they are powerful enough, they are!


Low Profile Design

Dirt often finds a way to hide under furniture and people rarely bother checking there. These two robots come in handy here as they are slim enough to sneak underneath.

At just 3.8 and 3.9 inches of height, either of these robots will easily get under even low profile furniture.

The Roborock S5 has an omnidirectional sensor that lets it first scan the area before it proceeds. That way, it will not get stuck while cleaning under furniture.


Highly Efficient Filter

As you already know that the filtration system in any vacuum is critical. This is an important feature to consider if you are allergic or asthmatic.

The filter on either of these robots is highly efficient. They can trap dust and allergens which prevent them from getting back into your home.

The filter on the Neato D7 is rated to trap 99% of dust and allergens down to 10 microns. Just in case you don’t know how small a micron is, the human hair is about 50 microns in diameter.

The one on the Roborock S5 can also trap dust and allergens well but at only 95% efficiency. The E-11 class filter is coated with waterproof Teflon which makes it washable.

These are not as efficient as a HEPA filter but it will do a great job preventing allergic and asthmatic reactions.


Recharge and Resume

It might seem enough that a robot vacuum can find its way back to its docking station for a recharge.

However, there will come a day it does not complete its task, goes back to recharge, and stays there. You will have to get it to start the process all over again.

You won’t have to do that with either of these vacuums. First of all, they both have impressive battery life. They will likely complete their tasks before needing a recharge.

If it so happens that either of them does not, it will go back to get recharged but once it is done, it will resume from where it stopped till the job is done.

These two champion robots have unique extra features that are tied to their recharging function but we will talk about them in the next sections.



neato d7 vs roborock s5roborock s5 vs roomba 980
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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Neato D7

Intelligent Charging

Even with its 120 minutes’ runtime, it is possible that the Neato D7 is not able to complete its task before its battery runs out.

When that happens, you don’t even need to intervene. The robot will find its way back to its docking station. Remember it has a map of the place so, locating it won’t be that hard.

Here is the special thing about the Neato D7. If you still have doubts about how smart this robot vacuum really is, check this out.

It will take a while for the robot to fully recharge and all that time the parts of the home it has not cleaned remains dirty.

In cases like this, what the Neato D7 does is to calculate how much charge it needs to complete its task and once the battery gets there, it goes back to complete the job it started.

That way, the untouched parts will not have to remain dirty until it gets fully charged.

This feature is certainly one you will not find in a lot of the other robot vacuums. However, for this feature to truly work, you must have saved the floor plan.


Unique Shape

It is almost normal to picture a robot vacuum as round. That is because most of them are. Although there are few exceptions and other shapes are getting common nowadays.

The Neato D7 and the rest of Neato’s robot vacuums chose not to go the popular way. The D7 is D-shaped which is where the “D” in the name comes from.

However, this design difference is not because its manufacturers just want it to stand out. Its shape is actually part of what makes it work so well.

If you have seen one of those round robot vacuums at work, you will quickly notice that most of them have issues with cleaning into corners. The reason is simple, they can’t fit in there.

This is mainly because of the way they are shaped. However, some of them have innovative designs that enable them to handle dirt in corners.

Now, imagine how the Neato D7 will fit into corners. Its side brush is also strategically placed so that it can reach further into corners to clean it out. How innovative is that?


Multiple Floor Cleaning

This is a really nice feature for a robot vacuum. If your home has multiple floors, this is one feature that will impress you.

The Neato D7 has the capacity to save floor maps of up to 3 floors. This means that you can use this robot to clean all the floors in your home without any hassle, you just need to help it up and down the stairs.

Neato suggests that if you need to use the D7 on different floors, you should have a docking station on each floor.

This only makes sense since the robot can’t go up and down the stairs to get charged.

neato d7 vs roborock s5

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Features Unique To Roborock S5

Always Find Home

Almost every robot vacuum can find its way back to the docking station for a recharge. At least they can do that in theory. However, the reality might turn out different.

There are certain reasons that can affect a robot such that it won’t make it to its dock. If you read the instruction manual, you will find out how best to position the docking station and ensure it makes it home more often.

You won’t witness any issue of such with this Roborock though. This is because its docking station emits infrared that helps the robot locate home easily.

The reach of the signal is 180 degrees around the docking station and go out as far as 2 meters.

When the S5 needs to get back to base, it just needs to pick up the signal and it will follow it all the way. With this, the robot will not just make it home, it will on time.


Spring Loaded Wheels

Hold your horses, this does not mean that your robot vacuum can throw styles like those hydraulic cars.

What we are saying is the wheels on the S5 give it added dexterity as the height can adjust to certain conditions.

The springs serve as a sort of shock absorber similar to the ones in vehicles. This allows it to scale barriers of up to 2cm high. So, the ledges at your doorway will not stop it from making its way in and getting its job done.


Can Mop

roborock s5You will definitely get more than you paid for with the S5. There are quite a number of robot vacuums that cost more. However, not all of them can mop.

With this type of vacuum, you are essentially getting two types of robot vacuums for the price of one!

The mopping mode uses the biomimetic system which was inspired by the method plants use in getting water and nutrients from the soil.

The result of this innovative feature is that the perfect amount of water is let out onto the microfiber cloth it mops with.

The water tank is easy to refill as you won’t even need to turn the robot over. You can easily slide it out from underneath the robot.

It is a valid question if you are going to ask if the robot won’t try to mop your carpet. You can avoid this by simply setting up no-go zones around your carpets and you are good.

This feature will surely save a lot of time. So, feel free to add something else to your schedule.


Collision Avoidance Sensor

We mentioned a while earlier that we are going to talk more about this sensor; so, here we are.

Some robot vacuums still have to bump into something to know it is there.

If you have expensive furniture you don’t want to be scratched or knocked over, you probably will be setting barriers around them against your robot.

If you are using the Roborock S5, you won’t have to bother about that. The robot vacuum has a ring of sensor in its front side so it can tell when it is close to an obstacle and then slow down.

That’s not all, the front side is also a sort of spring-loaded bumper, a fender can be a fitting name.

This significantly reduces the number of times the robot bumps into anything. In the event that it does, the fender will reduce damage to both your furniture and the robot itself.

roborock s5 vs roomba 980

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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Unique Pros

Neato D7

i. It has a smart charging system that lets it resume unfinished jobs faster.

ii. Its unique shape helps it fit better into corners.

iii. Due to its shape, the brush roll is longer than conventional.


Roborock S5

i. The robot can vacuum and mop.

ii. It has sensors that help it prevent bumping into obstacles.

iii. The docking station uses infrared signals to help the robot always make it back home.

iv. It has advanced wheels that help the robot scale over obstacles of a certain height.

v. The robot can store up to 3 floor maps.



Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Unique Cons

Neato D7

i. Its price is on the high side.

ii. It can only vacuum which it does pretty well.


Roborock S5

i. The dust cup is quite small.



Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Pros Common To Both Products

Neato D7Roborock S5
The Neato D7 has a side brush as well as a brush roll underneath. However, due to its shape, its brush roll is quite wider than its counterpart.


This means that it can cover more cleaning path than the S5.

Same as the D7.


Even though it has a shorter brush roll, it still cleans effectively.

The Neato has a specialized brush roll that prevents hairs from tangling to it.


No one likes to cut off wads of pet hairs after vacuuming. So, this is a welcomed invention.

Same as the D7.
The Neato D7 has large wheels that help it climb over certain obstacles. From certain tests, the robot can scale ledges of up to 0.75 inches.Same as the D7.


However, this one uses spring-loaded wheels and it can cross over up to 0.78 inches of clearance.

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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Cons Common To Both Products

Neato D7Roborock S5
We couldn’t come up with cons that cut across both robots. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, these two are some of the best robot vacuum cleaners out there.Same as the D7.
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neato d7 vs roborock s5roborock s5 vs roomba 980
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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – General Feeling Among Users

Neato D7Roborock S5
Some users love the ease of use and the convenience that comes with the no-go line feature.


One user even says that it can be a money saver if you compare it to the Roomba that you still need to buy more of its virtual boundary devices.

Users love this robot for its price point, especially when you consider what it can do. They also love that it moves intelligently which makes it clean more efficiently.
A few users love that it can mop too. One of them said it does great with mopping and especially likes the app feature that lets you tell it to mop a certain area three times over.
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Neato D7 vs Roborock S5 – Bottom Line

Neato D7Roborock S5
The D7 is an undoubtedly solid robot vacuum and it is worth every penny you pay for it.


So, if you don’t mind the price, this is a good vacuum to go for.

If you want something top of the line that won’t bore a hole in your finances, this just might be what you have been looking for.


You have seen all the awesome things it can do. If it suits your need, don’t wait any longer, go for it.

Get the Neato D7 now!Go for the Roborock S5 now!













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