Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright – The Review

Bissell is one of the most popular brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It is also one of the oldest and respected vacuum cleaner brands. We hope that the Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright will live up to the expectations of this brand.

The invention of the founding father, Melville Bissell is one of those that made vacuum cleaners a thing in the homes of millions of people today.

It all started when Bissell needed a new way to properly clean the sawdust that was always littering the carpeted floor of their store. His invention quickly got attention and soon became a business.

Bissell manufactures more than just vacuum cleaners; it makes steam mops, carpet cleaners, sweepers, etc. These cleaning product categories have a wide variety of selections you can choose from. Whatever your need in floor cleaning, Bissell has something suitable for you.

With over a century of experience, you can rest assured this brand knows exactly what it is doing. We have a guide on Bissell vacuum cleaners, you should check it out if you want to know more about them.


Who Should Go For The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright?

If you want a vacuum that will deliver good suction from start to finish, this one might be what you need. It has a technology that lets it not only suction well but won’t lose suction power over time.

Versatility is an important part of a vacuum cleaner. If it is to you, you might want to consider this vacuum as well. It has what it takes to help you vacuum beyond floors. With the Bissell Aeroswift, you can vacuum almost any part of your home.

It is also lightweight and has a compact design. This makes it quite easy to store as it does not require much space. It has a large dust cup and a good filtration system.

You can use this vacuum on different floor types and it can easily be adjusted based on the floor you’re dealing with.

If you are interested in knowing more about this vacuum, stay with us. We are about to go into details of what the Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright has to offer.

By the time you are done with this review, you will be able to tell if this is the vacuum you need or you will read another of our reviews.

bissell aeroswift compact upright

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Features Of The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright

Cyclonic Technology

This is by far the most important technology you will find in bagless vacuum cleaners. If you pay attention to the adverts of these types of vacuums, you would have come across it often.

One of the reasons the technology is so popular is because it is effective and a lot of these brands get the application right.

The Cyclonic technology is what handles the dirt you vacuum. In a bagless vacuum cleaner, the airflow in the dust cup supports the suction power the motor creates. If the airflow drops, so does the suction.

What this technology does is to ensure that the airflow in the dust cup is optimal so that the suction power remains the same.

Here is how it does it. When you vacuum dust and debris, the cyclonic technology spins them in a circular motion at high speeds. This is similar to the centrifugal motion. What this motion does is to make the dust and debris settle at the bottom of the dust cup leaving only air at the top.

This air is what ensures that the suction power never drops. Loss of suction used to be the biggest problem of bagless vacuum when they first hit the market.

So, with the cyclonic technology in the Bissell Aeroswift, you can rest assured the suction performance you get when you started vacuuming will remain the same till you are done.


5 Height Adjustments

Most vacuums can clean on multiple floor types but not all of them can do it well. The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright, for instance, will clean low pile or high pile rugs and carpets. If you also have hard floors in your home, it will clean tiles, ceramics, laminates, hardwood, etc. floors.

You won’t even need to do much to switch from one floor type to another. All you have to do is to turn the knob on the brush head depending on the floor type you are trying to clean.

The brush roll on this vacuum will comb through the fibers of your carpet to dislodge embedded dirt and then suck it up. If you are working on a hard floor, be sure to get the setting right so that the bristles will not leave scratch marks on your prized flooring.


Great Filtration

We are pretty sure that you already know what filters do in a vacuum cleaner. The filter in this one is pretty decent and will stop allergens from making their way back into your home. With this, you can rest assured your vacuum will not be responsible for triggering your allergies.

Bissell seems to have a thing with Febreeze because some of its vacuums use Febreeze filters. The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright is one of such vacuums. You will get a free sample of Febreeze filter along with this vacuum and you will like it.

The purpose of this filter is to make your home smell better. Febreeze is a brand of air freshener from Procter and Gamble. As you vacuum, the Febreeze filter releases a refreshing smell to neutralize any unwanted odor. This makes this vacuum great if you have pets.


Large Capacity Dust Cup

If you have ever used a vacuum with a small dust cup before, you will surely appreciate one with a large dust cup.

Small dust cups mean frequent trips to the trash bag to empty. This can be annoying and tiring especially if you have a lot of vacuuming to do.

With the Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright, you are well covered from such hassle.

The dust cup is large enough to accommodate a significant amount of dirt before you need to empty it.

You will be able to vacuum multiple rooms without needing to empty. However, that will depend on the size of your home.

Even when it is time to empty, you will find the process pretty much easy. The dust cup is easy to detach from the vacuum and it opens at the base. This means that the contents will fall out of the dust cup on its own without you touching it.


Useful Accessories

We told you earlier that this vacuum is capable of cleaning beyond floors. You can easily pull off the handle and attach it to the extension hose. This will let you reach as high as the ceiling to tackle dirt there too.

There is an extension wand that gives you even more reach. You can attach this to the handle so you can reach further.

The vacuum comes with a turbo tool that you can use for vacuuming stairs. You can use this tool for upholstery too.

It also has a crevice tool that lets you reach into tight corners such as baseboards and crevices.



User-friendliness Of The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright

This is a very simplistic vacuum in the sense that there are no complicated controls to deal with. The buttons you will work with are quite clear that you know exactly what each does.

Most of the things you need to do with this vacuum are straightforward enough so there is no chance of confusion.

We mentioned earlier that the Bissell Aeroswift Compact is lightweight. This makes it easy to move around.

Pushing it on the floor is also effortless as the two wheels behind the brush head help it glide along the floor effortlessly. Whether carpets or hard floors, the movement is easy.

Switching from one floor type to another is also simple. You only need to take a second to turn the knob to the right setting for the floor type you want to clean.

The Bissell Aeroswift has a quick release handle to make switching from floors to above the floor as smooth as possible.

The vacuum has a long power cord. This lets you move around freely and cover more ground without frequently changing sockets. Now you won’t feel so tethered to the wall anymore.

The vacuum is also easy to assemble. Just bring out all the parts and snap them in place to get the vacuum ready to eat dirt. You won’t even need any tool to complete the assembly.



Pros Of The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright

i. The vacuum has a powerful suction.

ii. It uses cyclonic technology for a no loss of suction performance.

iii. The vacuum works great on pet hairs.

iv. The quick release wand makes it easy to switch from floors to ceiling.

v. It can clean on both hard floors and carpets.

vi. The vacuum has 5 adjustment settings.

vii. It comes with useful attachment tools.

viii. The vacuum has a large dust cup and it empties easily.

ix. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

x. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

xi. It is available in Blue, Lime, and Purple colors.

xii. It is also available with an extra Febreeze filter.


bissell aeroswift compact upright

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Cons Of The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright

i. We understand that the plastic body is what makes it lightweight but then it makes you wonder how long it would last.

ii. The brush roll does not stop spinning.



Alternatives To The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright

More Affordable Option – Dirt Devil Endura Reach Upright Vacuum

dirt devil endura reach upright

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If you are on a budget and are keen on an upright vacuum that will not lose suction, you won’t miss out, this one is a good fit. It uses the same vacuuming technology as the Bissell we are featuring so you can rest assured the suction power will remain consistent.

The brush roll cleans effectively on both carpets and hard floors. It also has a large dust cup to spare you the hassle of having to take frequent trips to the trash can for emptying.

When it eventually is time to empty the dust cup, it is as easy as releasing a latch and watch the dirt pour out. The vacuum is also lightweight and comes with useful attachment tools.


High-End Option – Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

bissell pet hair eraser

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This is a Bissell upright vacuum with a high-end performance. The vacuum is specifically designed for users with pets. Hairs are a menace to vacuum, but with this one, you stand a better chance. This one too is a bagless vacuum and has a powerful suction.

The brush roll is designed in such a way that hair cannot tangle on it. It also uses the Smart Seal Allergy System with Febreeze Filter. This traps the allergens that pass through so they do not make it back into the air where you can inhale them.

The Febreeze filters perform an extra function of neutralizing pet odors and leave your home smelling fresh.

If you need more details on this pet vacuum, you can read our honest review on it.


User-Friendly Option – Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

bissell clean view upright vacuum

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Most people want to get their vacuuming done and over with in the shortest amount of time. If you are one of those people, this is the vacuum for you.

It has the One Pass technology; this lets you deep clean carpets by running the vacuum over it only once. This is possible thanks to its powerful suction and advance brush roll design.

The filtration system is another feature that will catch your eye in this vacuum. It operates at multiple levels which mean that no dust or allergens will make it through back into your home. Now the sensitive users can breathe deeply and easily.

Another thing that might interest you is that the vacuum is available in different bundles. You can buy with a handheld vacuum, with a pet tool bundle, with Febreeze filter, etc. The best part of it is that you will find this vacuum affordable!

Want to see more on this vacuum, check out our in-depth review on it.


Opposite Spectrum – Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner

hoover turbo scrub carpet washer

Click here for more details


First things first, this is not a vacuum. In fact, you will also use it pretty much the same way as a vacuum. It is actually a carpet washer, as the name implies, and you know that involves the use of water which you can’t use with a regular vacuum.

You won’t need to wash your carpets as often as you vacuum it but you need to wash it regularly all the same.

It uses the Spin Scrub Brush technology which involves 360 counter rotating, removable brushes. These brushes gently wash your carpets and scrub off stains on it. The good part is that it is not limited to carpets alone; you can use it on hard floors as well.

It has an attachment tool that you can use on stairs, upholstery, and you can even use it to clean the seats in your car! The carpet cleaner weighs in less than 20 pounds so you can even carry it up and down the stairs.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum
Products bissell aeroswift compact upright

Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright


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dirt devil endura reach upright

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Upright Vacuum

Click here for more details

bissell pet hair eraser

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo


Click here for more details

bissell clean view upright vacuum

Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum


Click here for more details

hoover turbo scrub carpet washer

Hoover Turbo Scrub Carpet Cleaner


Click here for more details

Dimension12 x 13.5 x 29.2 inches10 x 11 x 36 inches13 x 15.8 x 44.5 inches13.2 x 13.5 x 44 inches17.2 x 11.5 x 43.2 inches
Weight12 lbs10 lbs14.2 lbs15.4 lbs18.1 lbs
AttachmentsTurbo brush tool, extension wand, and crevice toolPet turbo tool and 2-in-1 crevice toolEraser tool and pet dusting brushTurbo pet tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, and extension wandUpholstery tool
Runtime30 feet25 feet30 ft25 feet20 feet
Special FeatureIt comes with a Febreeze filterThe vacuum uses the Endura technologyIt uses a tangle-free brush rollThe vacuum uses the Bissell One Pass technologyIt uses the SpinScrub 360 technology



General Feeling Among Users

Generally speaking, a lot more people like this vacuum than those who have a problem with it. They like the Aeroswift Compact because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Right out of the box, the ease begins. A lot of them found it easy to assemble especially since you don’t need any tool. When it comes to the operation, they said that the control is pretty straightforward.

The dust cup will detach at the push of a button and it opens at the base for easy emptying as well.

They found it easy to switch from vacuuming floors to above the floor cleaning. This is due to how easy it is releasing the wand.

Of course, it has a powerful suction. A certain user even said that her cleaning lady loves the vacuum.

Another one said that he bought it as a gift for his cleaning lady. When it comes to cleaning, this vacuum seems to be the real deal.

Users who have carpets of different types like how you can easily adjust the vacuum settings for the carpets. From plush rugs to low pile carpets, you will get the type of deep cleaning you want. Those with hard floors too love how well it performs on them.

Users, especially those with pets like that it came with a Febreeze filter to keep your place smelling fresh. So, the Bissell Aeroswift Compact Upright will not just pick up pet hair, it will also neutralize their odor.

Some Complaints…

The brush roll on this vacuum does not stop rolling, even if you keep it upright. This might be of concern especially when you are only using the attachment tools. In this case, you can raise the brush head to the highest so that the brush roll won’t scratch your floor.

We noticed that some of the users who were bitter about the product used to like it. A lot of them said that they like the vacuum at first, but then… They say that after a few months, the vacuum started losing performance.

Some also complained that it spews back dust which is a huge no-no for a vacuum. Others complained that the handle does not stay in place. They claim that it detaches when you don’t want it to.


Our Verdict

Honestly, we really want to love this vacuum for how lightweight it is and how well it suctions. But then, the complaints are kind of consistent among the complainants.

Even though a lot more users love this vacuum, we are still lukewarm about it. We are skeptical about how long it would last and continue to be awesome. Though the price is great for what it offers but the possibility that things might go south bothers us.

Remember, this is what we think. It might not necessarily be your opinion. We have given you all the information you need on this vacuum so the decision is up to you.

If your place isn’t big and you won’t be using it a lot, you might not experience any of those troubles. In that case, you can go for it now!

bissell aeroswift compact upright

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