Carpet Cleaner Vacuums — How To Choose The Best One

Carpets add a beautiful dimension to homes. The lush ones are expensive but they are quite sweet to walk, or even lay on. When it comes to cleaning, regular vacuuming just might not be enough. When you need to wash it, carpet cleaner vacuums can do justice. You can see these types as vacuum cleaners … Read more

Steam Vacuum Cleaners — A Guide To Squeaky Clean Floors

If you still clean your floors the traditional way of using stick mop and a bucket, you need a time travel. Not one that will take you to the future, what you need is one that will bring you to the present. We use steam vacuum cleaners now in the 21st century. We are pretty … Read more

HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners — The Ultimate Guide

Do you sneeze or develop a running nose during or after you vacuum? Does your allergy or asthmatic attacks coincide with when you or someone else vacuums? If you answered “yes”, you need to choose one of the HEPA filter vacuum cleaners available. There are quite a lot of them from different brands so if … Read more

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners — Making The Right Choice

A powerful vacuum cleaner that won’t lose suction and last a long time is a good one. If that is what you want, Kenmore vacuum cleaners with dual motor are just that. These vacuum cleaners are available in uprights, canisters, sticks, and cordless. There are some uprights that have quick draw hose that allows you … Read more

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners — Guide To An Ideal Choice

You want to start a cleaning agency and need vacuums for the job. You can read our guide on commercial vacuum cleaners to choose great ones. But if you want a bang for your buck and vacuum your staffs will enjoy, backpack vacuum cleaners it is. These types of vacuum cleaners are different from the … Read more

Stick Vacuum Cleaners — The Ultimate Guide To The Best Choice

stick vacuum cleaner

It is not every time you need to clean your floor that you have to unleash your vacuuming arsenal. Sometimes, it could only be a spot clean and going all out takes away the fun. This is where stick vacuum cleaners comes in handy. These types of vacuums are quite easy to store. The cool … Read more

Central Vacuum Cleaner — Your Guide For The Best Fit

clean central vacuum pipes

Are you tired of pushing upright vacuums all over the place when you need to clean your floors? Cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight but the battery rarely lasts long enough. One solution that will solve both problems is a central vacuum cleaner. You won’t have to deal with pulling a canister behind you either. All … Read more

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner — How To Make The Best Coice

Sebo is one of the biggest names when it comes to floor cleaning in Europe. Sebo vacuum cleaner models are a popular choice in a lot of homes for good reasons. These vacuums are manufactured with sturdy commercial grade materials which make them capable of handling tough tasks. Sebo is quite confident about its products … Read more