Bosch Vacuum Cleaners — The Ultimate Guide

You probably only know Bosch for its functional power tools. If that is what you know it for, you also know how reliable the brand is. The brand manufacture home appliances too and they all have exceptional value. You can say just that about Bosch vacuum cleaners as well.

These vacuum cleaners might not be popular, but those who have used them are in awe of their performance. These vacuums are a true representation of German engineering as they are full of functionality and innovation.

Bosch vacuum cleaners are available in bagged and bagless canister as well as cordless and sticks. There are no uprights vacuums as the brand considers the cordless as uprights.

If you are looking for the power of upright vacuums, you will find plenty of it in these available types. The innovative design of these vacuums gives them powerful suction that does not waver over time.

Vacuums are known to lose suction when as they fill up. Bosch vacuum cleaners, whether bagged or bagless, are immune to this weakness. They maintain suction power all the time, every time.

The cordless ones have a long battery life and will continue to work tirelessly until they need to be recharged.

As you continue to read, you will learn more exciting things about Bosch vacuum cleaners. Whatever you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner, you will find in one of the varieties of vacuum cleaners from the stables of Bosch.

Bosch GAS18V-3N 18V 1.6 gallon Vacuum Bare Tool



Experience Bosch

Have you ever heard the phrase “German machines”? That is a general expression to indicate how good the Germans are with machines. You will probably agree when you consider the brands of cars the Germans are responsible for.

Cars are not our business here but we hope you get the point. Bosch vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the same German engineering culture of innovation and performance.

From the motor to the aesthetics, and then the technologies in these vacuums, they are something you will want to experience.

Join us as we take you through the innovative features that come with using Bosch vacuum cleaners.


Thoroughly Tested

To be sure that any Bosch vacuum cleaner you have will do what it says, the brand puts its vacuum cleaners through rigorous tests. For instance, the Bosch canister vacuums go through fatigue tests where they are kept in use over kilometers.

Another unforgiving test they put the canisters through is the on and off test. In this one, they switch the vacuum on and off a whopping 45,000 times!

With this much endurance in a domestic vacuum cleaner, you most likely will not change it because it broke down. It also won’t be because it stopped performing as well. Perhaps it will be because there is an entirely new way to clean dirt.

Bosch 9 Gallon Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean and HEPA Filter VAC090AH


Efficient Energy Consumption

In some cases, vacuum cleaners consume a lot of energy. If that same vacuum happens to be fun to use, you might want to vacuum unnecessarily often. In reality, that is a lot more money to pay in electricity bill.

Bosch vacuum cleaners are quite efficient with power consumption. This does not even compromise their delivery in performance. For a vacuum to do its job well, it does not need to cost you in utility bills.

Bosch vacuum cleaners find a balance between energy consumption and optimum vacuuming experience. Bosch’s vacuums are designed in accordance with the new EU energy legislation. This is to minimize power consumption while protecting the environment.


Digital Spin Motor

This is the technology the motor on the Bosch cordless vacuum is built with. It sports blades that are aerodynamically calibrated to spin fast. Bosch even claims that these blades rotate faster than a Formula One motor.

This rotation is used to direct the dirt and dust that is sucked in. The purpose of this is to make sure that the airflow in the canister remains optimum. That way, the vacuum cleaner will not lose suction power so you can enjoy deep cleaning at all times.


Bosch GAS18V-3N 18V 1.6 gallon Vacuum Bare Tool


Quattro Power

This is the technology Bosch uses on its motors that make them perform efficiently. The Quattro power makes Bosch vacuum cleaners suction well so you can have a deep clean all the time. The motor does this quite efficiently by not consuming too much power.


Power Protect Dust Bags

Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Bare Tool) GAS18V-02NMost bagged vacuum cleaners lose suction power when the dust bag is getting filled up.

That is not the case with the Power Protect dust bags on Bosch vacuum cleaners.

These bags help the vacuum maintain suction power as it fills up.

They’re are designed to filter 99.9% of dust particles and other microscopic contaminants. In doing this, the motor of your vacuum cleaner is well protected as only clean air will be used to cool it. This also ensures a long life expectancy of the motor.

Another important feature of this dust bag is that it self-seals when you are trying to dispose of it.

This protects you from coming in contact with its contents. That way, asthmatic and allergy sufferers are safe from attacks and triggers.


Charge Less and ALL System

Bosch cordless vacuum uses a battery technology that lets them charge in lesser time. Its quick charge will juice up your vacuum’s battery in less than 60 minutes.

The premium model of the cordless vacuum comes with 2 batteries. That way, you can have a non-stop Bosch experience. As you vacuum with one the other is charging.

That’s not all, there is a special feature of the battery. The 18-volt battery this cordless vacuum uses is part of Bosch’s ALL series.

This means that the battery can also work with some of the brand’s power tools. Now, you will probably never lack runtime with a Bosch product.


Silent Operation

It is popular knowledge that vacuum cleaners can cause noise. It is also true that some make more noise than others. Bosch vacuum cleaners are some of those that do not cause so much noise for inconvenience.

As powerful as these vacuums are, you would have expected them to be one of those noisemaker vacuums. Some Bosch vacuum cleaners are as quiet as 59 decibels. To put that in perspective, a normal conversation is about 55 decibels.



Types of Bosch Vacuum Cleaners


Bosch has quite a number of bagged and bagless vacuums. Considering the innovative features these vacuums have, whichever you go for is a good choice.

Bosch GAS18V-3N 18V 1.6 gallon Vacuum Bare ToolSome people prefer the bagged vacuums because of the extra precaution they take in keeping you away from dust. Most bagged vacuums are self-sealing so you won’t come in contact with dust and allergens.

On the other hand, some users prefer to use a bagless vacuum. This is because it saves them money since they won’t be buying replacement dust bags.

In the end, vacuum cleaner brands do everything they can to make sure that the dirt and dust you clean up does not get back at you. In all honesty, though, some brands get it right better than others.

When it comes to Bosch vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured they get it right on both the bagged and bagless canister vacuums. This is why we said that whichever you go for based on your preference will still be a good choice.

Some of the canister vacuums by Bosch have washable HEPA filter. If you have been with us for a while you will know by now how good a thing that is.

This type of filter means that they are reusable which translates into saving money. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Some of them also have a filter at their exhaust. This is used to filter the air that gets back into your home to ensure it is clean enough.

That way asthmatic and allergy sufferers can breathe deeply and easy again. Most of these vacuums have a high rating on dust re-emission.



Bosch has a wide variety of cordless and stick vacuums. That they are cordless does not take anything away from their power. If you have been looking for a cordless vacuum with the power of a conventional one, you will find some from Bosch.

Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Bare Tool) GAS18V-02NThe concept of “German machine” is well expressed here. From carpets and rugs to tiles, marble, hardwood, etc. These cordless vacuums will perform well on any floor type.

Some of these cordless vacuums have Unique Sensor Bagless technology that relieves you of the need for maintenance.

Another thing this piece of tech does is to ensure that the cordless vacuum does not lose suction power. So you can effectively clean throughout.

The Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum uses an 18-volt Lithium-ion battery that is said to last for up to 75 minutes. That is impressive when you consider that it is cordless.

That’s not all, this battery is part of the Bosch ALL System. This means that the battery does not only work for the Unlimited vacuum cleaner, it also works for other Bosch small power tools.

This cordless vacuum can also transform into a handheld. As you can guess, this suddenly opens up a new variety of ways you can use the vacuum. Now you can clean furniture, upholstery, drapes, mattresses, etc.

If you attach the crevice tool, you can even take your vacuuming to the ceiling! Those hard to reach areas that you couldn’t clean like you want will become accessible. You can now even vacuum the interior of your car. Look ma! No cords.



How to Choose The Best Bosch Vacuum Cleaners For You

It is understandable if the cool and functional features of Bosch vacuum cleaners have excited you. Trust us, it was exciting writing this post too.

Now you are considering which of the Bosch vacuum cleaner that will be ideal for your needs. We come in handy in this situation too. We will do our best to analyze your needs and recommend which of the Bosch vacuum cleaners will work best for you.


Do you have carpet or hard floors?

You must have noticed by now that we did not include upright vacuums in the types of Bosch vacuum cleaners. This is because the brand considers some of the stick vacuums as uprights, they even call it so.

Regardless of that, whether you have carpeted floors or bare floors, you will still find Bosch vacuum cleaners that will serve the purpose you need them for.

It is popular knowledge that uprights are considered best for carpeted floors but some Bosch canisters will do just fine. You will be better off going for those Bosch canisters that have a turbo brush (see picture).

The brush head is specially designed for vacuuming carpets and is also great for picking pet hairs. The powerful suction of these canister vacuums makes them even more suitable for carpets and rugs.

This does not mean that you cannot use this vacuum on hard floors too. As you already know, canister vacuums are especially better on hard floors. Bosch vacuum cleaners do not compromise on what they are known for because they got versatile.


Is your place large or small?

Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Bare Tool) GAS18V-02NIf you have a big home with a lot of grounds to cover, you will be better off with any of the canister vacuums from Bosch.

Their long wand and hose help you cover good grounds with minimal movement. This does not only make the vacuuming process less tiring, it makes it faster as well.

Since you will be covering more grounds in a larger home, you don’t need to worry about power consumption.

Bosch canister vacuums, the bagged ones, also have large dirtbags often up to 4 liters of dust capacity. That way, you can vacuum your home over and over without needing to buy replacement bags.

Remember that these dust bags have the Power Protect technology so the vacuum won’t lose suction as the bag fills up.

If you live in a small place, you can still enjoy the Bosch experience. You will save storage space and some hard earned money by going for one the cordless and stick Bosch vacuum cleaners.

Since you don’t have much ground to cover, the runtime would be enough for you to clean up good. These cordless vacuums have long-lasting batteries so you might vacuum all your floors before you need to recharge.


If you don’t like cords

You can now have your freedom from dealing cords and tripping over them while vacuuming. Bosch has a wide variety of cordless and stick vacuums you can choose from.

If you live in a small place, any of these cordless vacuums can easily be your only vacuum. They all have great runtime so you can do your cleaning without interruption. You can even go for a variant that comes with double batteries for a truly unlimited vacuuming experience.

The motorized brush head of the Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum makes it ideal for all floors. So, whether your small home is full of carpets or hard floors, a Bosch cordless will work just fine for you. It is lightweight and comes with some useful accessories.


Do you have pets?

We all know that pet hair is a menace to deal with. Our beloved pets often shed fur all over the house and cleaning them often makes vacuuming a difficult task.

In a situation like this, any of the Bosch vacuum cleaners will easily do a good job. Like we mentioned earlier, they all have a powerful suction that won’t falter.

This helps them to easily pick up dirt, dust, and hairs. With the right accessories, you can even clean up hairs on almost any surface.



Bosch 18V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (Bare Tool) GAS18V-02NBosch vacuum cleaners mostly come with some attachment that let you vacuum in different ways.

The more attachment tools you have, the more ways you can vacuum.

Some cordless vacuums come with upholstery tools, crevice tools, dusting tools that you can use for cleaning furniture, etc. You can even use the crevice tool to clean cobwebs and dust from your ceiling.

Accessories take vacuuming from the floors to the ceiling and to everything in between. If your choice of Bosch vacuum cleaner does not come with all the accessories you want, you can easily buy standalone accessories to attach to your vacuum.


Now you have all you need to know about Bosch vacuum cleaners. You know the technology they feature and what they can do for you. You also have learned that these vacuums are durable and are energy efficient.

We also introduced you to the types of Bosch vacuum cleaners that are available. Finally, we considered some common factors people need to consider before deciding on which vacuum cleaner to go for.

It is important to be clear about your needs before making this decision. This is because it will affect whether the Bosch vacuum cleaner of your choice is best for you or not.

Now, when you have confidently decided on the best option, for you, go ahead and make the purchase. You are now a proud owner of a German machine.