Samsung Vacuum Cleaners — Making The Best Choice

We place a bet that you have used a Samsung product before. Whether electronics, smartphone, home appliance, etc. We also wager that you like the product, whichever it is. But have you tried Samsung vacuum cleaners?

The awesome experience you had or are having with any other product of this brand surely reflects in its vacuum cleaners. The ingenious innovations are the most apparent.

Samsung vacuum cleaners are available in the usual popular types for home use. It is understandable that it does not have a wide range of vacuum cleaners like some other brands, but the few that carry its name, speaks excellence.

From the uprights to the robots, these vacuum cleaners will not lose suction power because they all use the cyclonic technology. They all also feature HEPA filtration system that keeps dust and allergens at bay.

The robot vacuums have sensors and wide area sight that lets them navigate properly and map your home for efficient cleaning.

The uprights and stick vacuums have swivel steering and wheels that help them move easily with less effort.

Samsung vacuum cleaners are also bagless which means that you will not be paying for replacement dust bags. The dirt canister these vacuums use is easy to empty and have good capacities.

As you continue to read, you will find out more cool features that you stand to enjoy with Samsung vacuum cleaners. You will also see some of the technologies the vacuums are equipped with.

Finally, as always, we leave you with suggestions on how you can choose the best Samsung vacuum cleaners for your need.


Samsung Jet VS90 Stick Vacuum with Spinning Sweeper in Titan ChroMetal



The Samsung Vacuuming Experience

If you do not know what Samsung is, we gladly welcome you to earth. We have some of the nicest things you will find in this galaxy. We hope you will enjoy your stay.

When it comes to home appliances, Samsung is a giant in that department and then some. It is one of the biggest brand names when it comes to everyday appliances that make our lives more enjoyable.

If you have not used any Samsung product before, congratulations, you just woke up to the most interesting times in human history.

Samsung is so tested and trusted that a lot of people will buy any of its numerous products without prior research. That is the precedence this brand has set and how much trust people have in it.

Samsung vacuum cleaners are a worthy reflection of what the brand stands for. They are of high quality and will stand the test of time. These vacuum cleaners are designed with functional innovation and that is one of the reasons it stands tall among its peers.

If you are not yet impressed with Samsung vacuum cleaners, you soon will. Just keep reading and we will explore some of the functional innovation we spoke about.



EZ Clean Technology

Samsung Jet VS90 Stick Vacuum with Spinning Sweeper in Titan ChroMetalSamsung vacuum cleaners have the EZ Clean technology that lets you clean different floor types of debris, dust, and hairs. Its advanced motor that produces a powerful suction makes this possible.

The amazing thing is that even on the cordless and robot models, you still get that much power.

With this technology, you won’t have any problems getting rid of pet or human hairs, long or short again.

Both the dustbin and the brush on the cordless models also use the EZ Clean technology. This means that the dust cup is as easy to empty as pulling on a lever. The brush too can be pulled out in a single move and thoroughly cleaned.




180 Degrees Swivel Steering and MotionSync

These two technologies are designed to make movement and maneuverability easy. With these, cleaning with Samsung vacuums become something fun to do, you will even find yourself sometimes looking forward to it.

The 180 degrees swivel, the stick joins with the motor head in an intelligent design that lets it move easily. You can now turn the vacuum in any angle within 180 degrees based on your needs.

This allows you snake around obstacles, get under furniture, and reach into areas you couldn’t before.

The cordless vacuum also sits on big wheels that give it balance and lets it glide easily on different floor types.

The MotionSync on another hand does the same thing. Only this time, you will find this technology on Samsung upright vacuums.

This piece of technology works with the use of a swivel brush that lets you make sharp turns and twists with the uprights. If you have been using an upright vacuum before, you will agree that this is a welcomed advancement.

That’s not all, the MotionSync technology also uses reversed cambered wheels which are big and hollow for a smoother transition from one floor type to another. These wheels also balance the movement of the vacuum while you perform only minimal effort.


Visionary Mapping Plus

This is one of the cool technologies that make Samsung robot vacuums so cool. The vacuums will map every room in your home so that every time it cleans it, it covers the ground better. It is more like, the vacuum is learning its way around your home.

With this capability, you can rest assured your home will be kept clean at all times while you focus on other things.


Edge Clean Master

Samsung Electronics R7070 Robot Vacuum Self-cleaning Brush for Pet Hair, Ideal for Carpets & Hard Floors with 5160Pa Strong Performance, Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google AssistantImagine a circular robot vacuum trying to reach into a corner of your living room. It will find it impossible because of its shape.

Samsung robots have a D-shape which helps them to reach into corners for cleaning.

Not just that, there are corners that might be hard to reach for them also but these robots have that covered. They have drop-down shutters that will scoop off dust and dirt from corners and wall edges.

With this technology, your autonomous cleaning machine will help you get rid of the debris and dust hiding around your home. The best part yet, all you have to do is give it instructions.





Fullview Sensor 2.0

This is another one of the awesome features you will find on Samsung robot vacuum cleaners. This is like the eyes of the vacuum and it surely works like the eye.

It has a wide view that lets it see more at a time. This makes it easy for the vacuum to detect obstacles, ledges, falls, etc. and maneuver around them.

This Fullview Sensor allows your robot vacuum clean around obstacles and not just avoid them completely. You also won’t need to bother about the robot vacuum falling off the stairs or bumping into you.


EasyPass Wheels

Samsung POWERbot 	R9350 POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum,	Large Dust Bin Ideal for Carpets & Hard Floors with 8300Pa Strong Performance,	Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google AssistantWe are not done with some of the best technologies you will find on a Samsung robot vacuums yet.

They have big wheels underneath them to support smooth movement. These wheels are retractable and only deploys when they are needed.

For instance, when you go from hard floors to carpets, the wheels come down or stay up as required.

This ensures that the robot delivers an optimum clean at all times on all floors. The wheels are also useful for letting the robot vacuum climb over obstacles.


Cyclone Force Technology

Samsung POWERbot 	R9350 POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum,	Large Dust Bin Ideal for Carpets & Hard Floors with 8300Pa Strong Performance,	Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google AssistantThe cyclone technology in vacuum cleaners is one that is quite popular among bagless vacuum cleaners. This is an advanced technology that ensures that your vacuum does not lose suction power as it fills up.

The cyclone chamber uses centrifugal force to separate dirt and dust from the airflow. This gives more room for the airflow to continue to support a strong suction.

We have talked about this technology a few times on this site. If you want to know more about it, check out our vacuum cleaners guide.



Washable HEPA Filters

Samsung VCA-VM50P/XAA Sponge Filter, BlueYou probably know how important the HEPA filter is in a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t, you can read all about it in our guide on HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.

These filters help your vacuum to trap microscopic dust from getting back into your home. This is a useful process as it helps to purify the air in your home to protect the allergic ones.

Normally, HEPA filters need to be changed after a while to maintain optimal performance. In this case with Samsung vacuum cleaners, its HEPA filters are washable. This means that you will save some money on buying replacement filters every now and then.

These filters are so easy to clean, they do not require any special process. All you have to do is put it under running water and when it is clean, just squeeze out the excess water and air dry. That’s it; the filter is ready to get back to work.


Self Cleaning Brush and Anti-Tangle

The Samsung robot vacuums have a self-cleaning brush. When the suction pulls in hair, it follows a certain path to the dust cup.

Somewhere on this part is a blade that cuts long hairs into smaller fragments. This process removes any tangled hair on the brush or in the pathway. That way, the robot’s powerful suction is not affected.

The larger Samsung vacuums too use something similar in the Anti-Tangle motor. This is a motorized brush head that self-cleans the brush.

It prevents the brush from clogging up with dirt, especially hair. If that happens, the bristles won’t be able to pick up dirt as well anymore. So, to prevent this, debris and hair are cut into bits to maintain optimum dirt dislodgement and pick up.



We are sure you won’t be surprised that Samsung vacuum cleaners have transformers too. The cordless vacuums can transform into handhelds like quite a number of other cordless vacuum cleaners can.

Samsung Jet VS90 Stick Vacuum with Spinning Sweeper in Titan ChroMetal

You must have seen some upright vacuums that have hoses that let them vacuum like a canister. The Shark Navigator 

Lift-Away even completely transforms from an upright into a canister vacuum. That was a classy move on its own.

Samsung would not be placed in the back seat when it comes to exhibiting class so, it came up with a transformer of its own. This one goes from an upright to a handheld, a never before seen feat in the world of vacuum cleaners.



What is a vacuum cleaner without accessories? We have mentioned on this site, countless times, that accessories open up the versatility of vacuum cleaners.

They allow you to do all sorts of cleaning from dusting furniture to cleaning drapes, crevices, cobwebs, etc.

Samsung vacuum cleaners come with some basic accessories that let you clean more than floors. Now you can vacuum your home from floors to ceiling and everything in between.



Types of Samsung Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung vacuum cleaners come in a variety of ways. The brand knows that people have different preferences and needs so the same type of vacuum will not work for all.

With the variety of vacuums carrying its prestigious name, you can rest assured that whichever one you choose, you have made a good choice.



Samsung MotionSync Bagless Slim Design Upright Vacuum with Long Lasting Suction - Spring GreenThe Samsung upright vacuum is what you need if you are looking for endless suction power. It uses the cyclone technology to handle dirt and debris.

This method helps the vacuum maintain a good airflow which is what keeps the suction power at optimum.

The Samsung UV7000 is the upright vacuum that has a detachable handheld. This vacuum has 3 separate motors! Do we even need to tell you what that means?

The brush head has a motor of its own which gives the bristles superior power to comb through carpets and dislodge dirt.

The second motor is the main one which creates the suction that pulls in the dirt raised by the brush head. Remember when we said the cyclone technology handles dirt and maintains suction? That means this motor is not forced to work harder to suck in dirt. That translates to durability.

The third motor is the one used by the detachable handheld. With this vacuum, hard to reach areas stop being a thing. If you can reach anywhere with the full upright vacuum, just detach the handheld and shock the dirt that’s hiding away.



Samsung MotionSync Bagless Canister Vacuum with Superior Swivel Steering for Multiple Surfaces and Built-in Accessories - Titanium SilverThe first thing you will notice when you see Samsung canister vacuum cleaners is that they are small. That instantly eliminates one of the biggest problems canister vacuum cleaners have, storage. These ones are easy to store since they are compact.

Their telescopic wands too help with their storage as you can just adjust it to its shortest and easily put it away.

That’s not all, the fact that the wand is telescopic means that it can get longer too. With that, you can cover a wider area without much movement. You will have a good reach with this canister vacuums.

Maneuverability is another cool thing about these Samsung canister vacuums. They have large wheels that glide effortlessly on different surfaces. This makes your mobility smooth and easy. Now you can cover your entire home without the difficulty involved in dragging a canister behind you.

These vacuums too use the cyclonic technology which means you won’t lose suction. Furthermore, the use of this technology means that the vacuum is bagless. That way, you will not be spending money buying replacement dust bags when full.

With these ones, all you need to do is detach the dust canister, open it and pour its contents into the bin. These vacuums are also lightweight which is understandable given their size. Carrying it around and up the stairs won’t be a hassle for anyone, not even your kid.



Samsung Jet VS90 Stick Vacuum with Spinning Sweeper in Titan ChroMetalThese cordless stick vacuums too also use the cyclonic technology. This means that you won’t have to bother about losing suction power.

It uses a 21.6V lithium-ion battery that runs for 30 minutes depending on how you use it.

The detachable handheld makes it versatile to be used in different areas and ways.  It also comes with some attachments that let you clean hard to reach areas.

You can go from stairs to furniture, upholstery, crevices, etc. All you need to do is switch accessories and you are good to go. The EZ Clean brush head we talked about earlier self-cleans so you don’t have to worry about tangles.



Samsung POWERbot 	R9350 POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum,	Large Dust Bin Ideal for Carpets & Hard Floors with 8300Pa Strong Performance,	Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google AssistantSamsung robot vacuum cleaners are arguably some of the best robot vacuum cleaners around. From their ingenious designs to powerful suction, they top many charts. The self-cleaning brush is also an important feature you will find on this vacuum cleaner.

If you are looking for an advanced autonomous vacuum cleaner, you don’t need to go farther, Samsung robots are what you need.

They have advanced sensors that help them map their surrounding area for efficient navigation and effective cleaning. The Fullview technology they use as eyes too lets them capture more area at a time which further helps their navigation and movement.





Choosing Samsung Vacuum Cleaners For Your Need

Now you know what you stand to get from using Samsung vacuum cleaners and what types are available. Are you contemplating on which to go for?

We are here to help you with that. We will consider the most common vacuuming needs and suggest the best Samsung vacuum cleaners to meet them.


Do you have a large home or a small one?

If you have a large home, then you probably have a lot of open spaces. In that case, the Samsung upright is a great option. It will help you cover a lot of grounds and you will do that quite fast. Its MotionSync technology makes maneuvering obstacles easier which will make work a lot more efficient.

If you live in a small apartment, the Samsung cordless is a good choice to keep everywhere spick and span. Gliding around tight corners and avoiding obstacles will not be a problem with the stick vacuum.

The 180 degrees swivel steering makes all that possible. Now you can easily reach under furniture at different angles. This makes cleaning faster and effective.


Are you often busy?

That you are busy does not mean your home has to be dirty nor do you have to pay cleaners. Samsung robot vacuums can keep your home clean while you do your thing.

Since they do not need your attention, or even your presence, you can rest assured they will keep your place clean always.

The autonomy of these robot vacuums is what makes them truly a helper. They give you the chance to be more productive and to focus on what is important to you.

Samsung POWERbot 	R9350 POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum,	Large Dust Bin Ideal for Carpets & Hard Floors with 8300Pa Strong Performance,	Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant


Do you have more carpets or hard floors?

Samsung vacuum cleaners can work well on different floor types but then it is widely known that some vacuum types have their specialty.

If you have more of carpets in your home, then an upright vacuum can be a better choice for keeping them clean always. On the other hand, if more of your floors are bare, the canister variants will be a better choice.

Like we mentioned earlier, you will still get a good clean with any of Samsung vacuum cleaners on any floor type.


Do you have allergies?

Allergic and asthmatic sufferers are prone to attacks if they are exposed to dust. Vacuuming can be a dusty business if you use the wrong vacuum. Luckily enough, any Samsung vacuum cleaner you use is the right one to protect yourself against contaminants.

The reason is simple; all Samsung vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters. These filters trap even the tiniest dust and allergens from getting back into the atmosphere in your home. That way, the dust that gets vacuumed is never coming back out except into the bin.

Most of these vacuums are even capable of cleaning hairs. So, pet hair and dander will not be a thing to worry about.



Samsung Jet VS90 Stick Vacuum with Spinning Sweeper in Titan ChroMetalWhichever vacuum you go for, whatever type of cleaning it cannot do, changing the attachment tool might solve the problem.

Different tools let you clean in different ways. Your Samsung upright vacuum might not be able to clean your baseboards but if you detach the handheld and attach a crevice tool, there you go!

There are different attachments you can get for your Samsung vacuum cleaners and they will greatly help you achieve better cleaning.



Great job you have done getting this far with us. We do hope that you now have all the information that you need to confidently decide which of the Samsung vacuum cleaners is best for you. When you make up your mind, just go ahead and make the purchase and start cleaning the classy way.