Riccar Vacuum Cleaner — Choosing The Best One

Have you experienced vacuum cleaners that have suction power only as strong as your mouth? What about some that pretend to be powerful only for the first few months? And there are those that will just rest in peace without warning. Definitely, none of them is a Riccar vacuum cleaner.


It is from similar experiences that the Riccar brand was born. With such a premise, you can already rest assured the problems that led to the brand’s establishment will not be present in its vacuum cleaners.

While most other brands use plastic for most part of their vacuum, Riccar vacuum cleaner models have metals in their high wearing parts.

A Riccar vacuum cleaner is not just designed to provide exceptional vacuuming, it is designed to do so for years.

With its metallic parts and innovative designs, your Riccar will remain loyal to your vacuuming needs for years to come.

Whether it is upright, canister, or even central vacuums you need, Riccar has you covered on all fronts.

Keep reading to learn more about what Riccar has in store and what models are available. We will also tell you how to choose the best one for your need.


Riccar Type H Canister Vacuum HEPA Filtration Bags 6 Pack RHH-6 by Riccar



The Riccar Experience

It is okay for a business to be focused on making profit. But when that need takes away the focus on making an excellent product, that model becomes faulty.

This is the realization that prompted Riccar’s philosophy. While other manufacturers are obsessed and brag about how much vacuum they have been able to sell, Riccar’s effort is not going in such a direction. This brand is focused on manufacturing incredible vacuums!

It is “obsessed” with the performance of its vacuum cleaners. This is why the brand pays extreme attention to the parts it designs aiming to tweak everyone to perfection.

This is why the brand always comes up with unique designs and advanced vacuuming technology. Both its domestic and commercial (yes, it manufactures commercial vacuums too) vacuums incorporate Riccar’s ingenious designs and technology.

The following are some of the innovative benefits you stand to gain just by owning any of Riccar vacuum cleaner models.


Tandem Air Technology

In the world of vacuum cleaners, there are two types of cleaning technologies that these vacuums adopt. They are direct air technology and the clean air technology.

The direct air is great for deep cleaning carpets while the clean air has an advanced filtration system that traps in microscopic dirt.

It was observed that these cleaning technologies did not offer a holistic cleaning. So, the curious folks at Riccar dared enough to ask what happens when you combine the two technologies. The result was the Tandem Air technology.

If you are wondering how this approach creates an even better cleaning than before, keep reading, we will explain.

The patented Tandem Air Technology involves two motors working in sync. One is working like a Direct Air motor while the other is using the Clean Air technology.

The result of this pairing is powerful suction that takes in even the microscopic dirt and excellent carpet cleaning.

The agitation technology makes the carpet vibrate which causes the sand particles to move around. This makes it easier for the powerful suction caused by the Clean Air motor to lift the sand.

This approach makes it possible for the combination technology to take out all the dirt in your carpet.

This feat would have been impossible for either technology to pull off on its own. This is a vacuuming case of two heads are better than one.

The remarkable technology is present on Riccar’s Brilliance and Radiance upright models and some of its Prima canister models.


Dependable Quality

If you have ever used a product manufactured in America, you can attest to the level of quality of products. Riccar’s upright vacuums are designed and assembled in America which automatically assures you of its quality.

That’s not all, Riccar staffs are vacuum-using Americans too. So, whatever challenges you might be having with cleaning your home, you can rest assured you are not alone.

The folks at Riccar take their cleaning challenges to work and the designers and engineers brainstorm and come up with a solution.

It is no surprise that many Riccar vacuum cleaner users have admitted that their choice of Riccar was “heaven sent”.


HEPA Filtration

RICCAR SUPERLITE HEPA VACUUM BAGS, RLH-6Riccar vacuum cleaner models pull in a lot of debris and dust. Only a good filtration process can keep all that in without some sipping out. That is exactly what the Riccar filters do.

The filters trap in microscopic dirt with the use of its 100% sealed system. It also has a 7-layer filtration as well a HEPA media bag that is self-sealing.

Still on the filtration, some Riccar vacuum cleaner models have granulated charcoal filters which are known to control even odors.

With these, not only will you keep the atmosphere in your space clean, you will also keep it odor-free.




Types of Riccar Vacuum Cleaner


Riccar has a large collection of upright vacuum cleaner both in domestic and commercial types. The power of upright vacuum cleaners surely reflects in these vacuums, especially in the commercial variants.

Riccar uprights come in unique sleek designs that might cost you some time just staring at it due to its aesthetics. They have lights on the brush heads so you can see into corners to clean out the dirt in there.

Some of these upright models have the Tandem Air technology which is the perfect way to clean rugs and carpet. This technology gives you the assurance that you will get rid of all the dirt in there, even the microscopic ones.

Some of them have extendable hoses that let them clean like canisters can. That way you can do all sorts of above the floor cleaning with your upright vacuum.



Riccar’s collection of canister vacuums is specialized for cleaning multiple floor types. They were designed with the knowledge that the average American home has different types of flooring. This will pose certain cleaning challenges and, as always, Riccar rose to it.

Riccar Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Bags - Type F,6 countWhether you have bare floors, carpets, plush rugs, or a combination of them all, you don’t have to fret about cleaning anymore.

Riccar canister vacuum cleaners are well equipped to keep your floors clean.

It is one thing to be able to clean multiple floor types, it is another to do it easily.

Riccar canisters bring out the easy in this complex operation. You can go from hard floors to carpets and back without hassles.

That’s not all, as you already know, these canister vacuums can help you do all sorts of above ground cleaning with the many attachments available.

If the Tandem Air technology we mentioned earlier excites you, you will find a Riccar’s Prima Power Canister vacuum that sports this piece of advanced tech.



Central vacuum systems are a convenient way to keep your home clean. Not anymore would you have to push uprights or pull canisters.

Central vacuums have a large canister remotely located. In homes, it is usually the garage or the basement. There are plastic pipes that run through the house leading to outlets in strategic locations in your home.

Think about this like the plumbing or electrical wiring in your home that leads to taps and electric sockets.

It is in these outlets that you plug in the hose and brush heads. This approach allows you to vacuum every part of your home by carrying just the hose and plugging it into the nearest vacuum socket.

Everything you vacuum goes through the plastic pipes within the wall straight into the canister wherever it is located.

One great advantage of this is that you significantly reduce the risk of inhaling the dust you are trying to get rid of.

Since the canister is nowhere near, the chances of those contaminants getting back out are eliminated.

Riccar has this sort of system that you can install in your home and experience a new dimension of vacuum cleaning.

Riccar’s central vacuums are hybrid vacuums which means that you can decide to use HEPA media bags with the canister or choose to go bagless. Whichever style you opt for, you will get a good result so it mostly comes down to preference.

There is an entire toolkit that goes with a central vacuum cleaner. This allows you to vacuum just as you would with any other type. You can do all sorts of cleaning tasks with the available attachments.


Specialty Vacuums

Riccar has some vacuums it classifies as specialty vacuums. These vacuums have portable designs and are meant for the smaller jobs.

They have powerful motors which make them tough on dirt. From powdery mess to larger debris, these vacuums are ready to eat dirt.

There are some models designed as uprights which Riccar calls “broom”. One of them is cordless and can work for up to 40 minutes per charge while the other is corded. There is also the portable canister which has a shoulder strap.

The brush heads on the broom have a brush roll, polishing strip, and squeegee which make it need only one pass to clear up dirt.

These broom vacuums have a swivel that makes them move around furniture easily and get in and out of corners. This quick and convenient maneuverability helps to cut down the time you spend cleaning.

They also have a large capacity dust canister which means you won’t have to empty every now and then.

The portable canister is great for cleaning car interiors, rugs, stairs, etc. This vacuum comes with some attachments that extend its cleaning applications.



Riccar features its handheld vacuums under its specialty category but we chose to separate it here for the sake of clarity.

There is the Squire Hand Vacuum and the Gem Handheld Vacuum. The Squire is a powerful handheld vacuum that features a 2-speed motor. This provides it with high suction to take in dirt with fewer passes.

It has a brush roll that spins which makes it able to pick up pet hair off upholstery and stairs. It features a detachable hose that has natural bristles to clean dust from tabletops and other furniture surfaces.

Weighing in at just 5 pounds makes it quite easy to carry around. Its 23-foot cord also gives you the freedom to roam without having to change sockets every time.

The Gem handheld, on the other hand, is even smaller and lighter which makes it a lot handier. You can use it for vacuuming your car and other tight areas in your house.

The Gem handheld comes with attachments that let you use it for more specific cleaning tasks.



How To Choose The Best Riccar Vacuum Cleaner For Your Needs

You now know what Riccar vacuum cleaner models are available to you. It is time to choose the one that best suits you. But first, you have to get some things covered.

You need to know what type of cleaning you will mainly be doing and how you prefer to use your vacuum cleaner. With all that in the bag, making a choice will become easier. But, if otherwise, we are here to offer you some guidance.

How much floor space do you need to clean?

Some live in small apartments while others live in a mansion but wherever you live, you need to do some cleaning. Not all vacuum cleaners will be ideal for all home sizes.

For instance, if you have a large house, you will be better off with the bigger vacuums that have the powerful motors. In some cases, some homes might need a commercial vacuum cleaner to cope with that much work.

Another vacuum type that is great for large homes is the central vacuum system.

This one makes it really easy as you only need to plug in the hose into a vacuum socket and do your cleaning.

That way you are relieved of the stress of lugging the vacuum around.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller place, the canister models or the Riccar broom are an ideal choice. They are great options because of their maneuverability and cleaning options.



What floor types do you have?

If you have mainly carpets in your home, Riccar uprights are your best bet. If you are not a fan of uprights, there is still hope. You can go for one of Riccar’s canister vacuum that has the Tandem Air technology.

If you happened to live in a home with different floor types, your choices are not limited. Riccar canister vacuums have everything it takes to tackle dirt on any type of floor.


Do you prefer cordless?

Riccar has a cordless vacuum cleaner among its specialty collections. You can opt for that one to spare yourself the hassles involved in using a corded vacuum.

The Riccar broom is easily maneuverable and will help make your vacuuming a lot faster. It has a good run time and is especially great on hard floors.


Well done for getting to the end of this guide. We hope that you now have all the information you need to confidently decide on which vacuum to buy. Once you are done deciding, go ahead and make the purchase and start enjoying your Riccar vacuum cleaner.