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The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum is one of the most highly rated vacuums from Bissell Inc. The brand name is so popular in the vacuuming industry such that if you have been using vacuums for a while, you would have heard of it.

With over 140 years of experience, Bissell has been able to create a prestigious heritage. Vacuum cleaner users have come to trust the name and the quality it has to offer.

The idea of manufacturing vacuum cleaners came out of necessity. Melville and Anna Bissell, the founders, always had to clean sawdust off the floors of their Michigan store.

As the issue continued, Melville Bissell decided to do something about it and he invented a sweeper. The invention started catching on, doing what it was expected to do.

This caught the attention of friends and families who later started placing orders for the sweeper. As they say, the rest was history.

A business was created around the invention and it took flight. Improvements were made and other products started joining the list. Melville later passed on and Anna took over the reins of the successful company. This succession is why Bissell Inc can boast about producing the first female CEO in America.

After all those years and you are still looking to buy a Bissell vacuum cleaner, it shows that you are aware of the brand’s prowess.

As you read on, you will find out about what the Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum has to offer. In case you are curious and want to know more about its vacuum cleaners, read our Bissell vacuum cleaners guide.


Who Needs The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

Do you have a problem with staying in a spot doing back and forth with your vacuum before you are satisfied it is clean? If that is a “yes”, you might need this vacuum cleaner. It has technologies that claim to clean a spot (at least most of it) in one pass.

This vacuum also uses a method that ensures you will not lose suction power over time. Quite a number of vacuum cleaner users suffer this especially when the dirtbag or canister is getting filled. Bissell is assuring us that its Clean View Upright is immune to that.

If you have a combination of floor types in your home, the Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum just might suit your need. It claims to have what it takes to clean on hard floors, carpets, and rugs.

Join us as we are about to find out if this vacuum is any good for all it claims. When you are done reading this review, you will be able to tell conclusively if you want it or you will keep searching for an upright vacuum.

bissell clean view upright vacuum

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Features Of The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

One Pass Technology

This is an advanced technology from Bissell. It aims to increase your productivity with vacuuming while it reduces your effort.

Imagine having to make about 5 to 6 passes on a portion of your floor before it is visually clean enough.

Now imagine going over that same portion only once and it is already satisfactorily clean.

Obviously, this saves you a lot of time while significantly reducing your workload. You will agree that this is a technology worth having.

What gives the Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum this advantage are 2 things. The suction power and the brush roll.

This vacuum has a strong suction power which can suck up dirt even from a plush carpet with ease. The brush roll which is designed with stiff bristles strategically positioned takes repeated combs over the floor to dislodge embedded dirt.

Multi-Cyclonic Design

This type of design became popular when bagless vacuums made their entry into the vacuuming industry.

This is the acclaimed vacuuming approach with bagless vacuums and it has proven to work well if applied correctly.

When a bagless vacuum suctions dirt, it goes into the dirt cup where the cyclonic action takes place.

This cyclonic design spins the incoming dirt in a circular motion at high speeds.

The effect of this is to separate the dust and the debris from the air in the dust cup. The purpose of this is to maintain optimal airflow. This is because optimal airflow is important for optimal suction.

This is one advantage of a bagless vacuum cleaner over a bagged one which might lose suction as the bag fills up.

Multi-Level Filtration

As you vacuum, you pick up dirt, allergens, and all sorts of air-borne contaminants. This is great especially if you have asthmatic or allergic occupants in your home. The last thing you want is for these contaminants to find their way into your home.

The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum ensures that does not happen. It does that with its multiple level filtration systems.

That way, as the dirt and dust pass through the process, all these air-borne stuff you do not want to inhale will be trapped in.

When air flows out of the vacuum, you can rest assured it is clean air. With this, your sensitive occupants can breathe deeply and easily again without fear of having their allergies triggered. This is also a great feature to look out for if one has a pet.

Another great feature of the filtration of this vacuum is that it has a washable filter. This will save you some money as you will not be buying replacement filters as often again.

All Surface Cleaner

The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum is capable of cleaning on different floor types.

Whether you have high, medium or low pile carpeted floors and rugs or it is just tiles, hardwood, marble, or sealed floors you are still in safe hands.

In most cases, homes with those expensive hard floors are concerned about scratches on their floors. This vacuum obviously considered that as it can avoid the issues.

There is a knob on the brush head that you can use to adjust the brush roll depending on the floor type you are cleaning.

There are 5 settings you can choose from which caters to all floor types. All you need to do is to turn the knob to the right setting and you are good to go. This raises and lowers the brush head which influences the type of contact the brush roll makes with the floor.


The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum goes a little beyond being an upright. You can clean with this vacuum like it is a canister vacuum. This is possible because of the hose incorporated into the design.

The hose is 6 feet long and it can accommodate an attachment tool which lets you do some above the floor cleaning.

Now, with an upright vacuum, you can dust furniture and drapes and clean the ceiling with an extension wand. You can also tackle baseboards and tight spaces with the crevice tool and take on upholstery with a mini motorized tool. All these attachments come with the vacuum to reduce your expenses.

Large Dust Cup Capacity

It is almost sickening to have to take a trip to the trash can after every room you vacuum. This is why a large capacity dust cup is an ideal feature.

That is one that the Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum has. Its dust cup can handle up to 2 liters of dust and debris.

That is about enough dirt space to clean your whole house. We are assuming you don’t live in a highly trafficked mansion (LOL).



User-friendliness Of The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

We have not said a word about the weight of this vacuum since we started. If you have been getting worried it might be heavy, well, it is not!

Okay, just so that statement does not turn out to be misleading, you know weight is relative, right? In that vein, kindly do not expect it to be as light as a cordless vacuum but it is light enough for a powerful upright. You can even carry up the stair in one hand.

This Bissell Clean View Upright has wheels that bear most of the weight of the vacuum. That way, its operational weight is even lighter.

The wheels also make it easier to push the vacuum around. On hard floors or carpets, the vacuum will glide to whatever direction you want it to.

This vacuum does not come assembled, like most others, but don’t worry, it is easy to assemble. Putting it together requires you to just snap things in place. Only in one or two areas will you need to screw.

Switching attachments is also easy peasy. All you have to do is to hook the desired attachment to the hose and you are ready to clean.

We already spoke about the height adjustment which takes just the turning of a knob. The dust cup opens at the base so you just need to push a button and down goes the dirt into the trash.

Usually, the cord poses a bit of a problem since an upright vacuum user is tethered to a socket. With this vacuum, you necessarily do not need to feel tied in place. Its cord is 25 feet in length.

This gives you some level of freedom to roam and vacuum as you want. Understandably, it is not like the freedom you get from a cordless variant, but this much freedom surely is something.


Pros Of The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

i. The vacuum is lightweight.

ii. The wheels underneath make it easy to push on carpets and hard floors.

iii. It has multi-level filters.

iv. It uses the cyclonic technology.

v. The brush roll is designed to prevent hair tangles.

vi. It comes with useful accessories.

vii. The dust cup has a large capacity.

viii. It has a powerful suction.

ix. The flexible hose makes it versatile like a canister vacuum.

x. The vacuum can clean on different surfaces.

xi. It operates relatively silent.

bissell clean view upright vacuum

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Cons Of The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

i. The hose connection to the vacuum is not sturdy. It often comes off when in use.



Alternatives To The Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum

More Affordable Option – Black and Decker Air Swivel Upright Vacuum

black and decker air swivel

Click here for more details


This is an even lighter upright vacuum. It weighs in at just a little over 9 pounds. The lightweight and its wheels make it even more maneuverable. Whether on carpet or on hard floors, the vacuum will glide on gently in any direction you push it. Its swivel steering also contributes to its ease of use

The filtration system is impressive as it can trap the dust and allergens that you vacuum from your floors and ensures they do not come back out.

It also has a large capacity dust cup that is easy to empty at the touch of a button.

High-End Option – Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

bissell pet eraser

Click here for more details


This is a Bissell upright vacuum with a high-end performance. The vacuum is specifically designed for users with pets. Hairs are a menace to vacuum, but with this one, you stand a better chance. This one too is a bagless vacuum and has a powerful suction.

The brush roll is designed in such a way that hair cannot tangle on it. This keeps it efficient and effective for picking pet hairs. The cyclonic design this vacuum use also keeps the suction power at optimum all through its usage.

It also uses the Smart Seal Allergy System with Febreeze Filter. This traps the allergens that pass through so they do not make it back into the air where you can inhale them.

The Febreeze filters perform an extra function of neutralizing pet odors and leave your home smelling fresh. It also has a swivel head that lets you maneuver the vacuum easily so you can reach under furniture for further cleaning.

User-Friendly Option – Dirt Devil Razor Upright Vacuum

dirt devil razor

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This is another vacuum that is optimized to remove pet hairs. This is a type of vacuum that a pet owner needs in their home. It will help you get rid of pet hairs on all floor types and even on upholstery.

It even has a 10-foot cleaning wan that lets you reach even further. With this vacuum, you can clean floors, ceilings, and everything else in between.

The brush head contains the Spin4Pro premium brush roll which will provide you a great clean on both hard floors and carpets. Behind the brush head are two wheels that make movement easy so, you can glide from floor to floor.

With these, you can vacuum like you want to keep your home clean. Its swivel steering also lets you get under furniture easily rather than move the furniture around.

Opposite Spectrum – Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum

oregon robotic vacuum

Click here for more details


This one has a distance sensing technology that lets it find its way around your home. It also has an auto-detect mechanism that prevents it from bumping into you or other obstacles.

It has a powerful suction with about 2 hours of battery life. Once the battery is running too low, it will dock itself at its station to recharge. This robot will clean all floor types and will do it well without your help.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum
Products bissell clean view upright vacuum Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum


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black and decker air swivelBlack and Decker Air Swivel


Click here for more details

bissell pet eraserBissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo


Click here for more details

dirt devil razorDirt Devil Razor Upright


Click here for more details

oregon robotic vacuumOregon Scientific Robot


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Dimension13.2 x 13.5 x 44 inches12.2 x 12.2 x 41.7 inches13 x 15.8 x 44.5 inches11.5 x 10.5 x 45 inches12.8 x 2.9 x 12.8 inches
Weight15.4 lbs9.1 lbs14.2 lbs10.8 lbs9.05 lbs
AttachmentsExtension wand, turbo brush, crevice tool, dusting brushCrevice tool, small brush, upholstery toolEraser tool and pet dusting brush2-in-1 crevice tool, dusting brush, motorized upholstery toolNone
Cord Length25 ft30 ftThirty  feet30 ftCordless
Special FeatureIt uses the One Pass technologyIt uses an extension hose for better coverageThe vacuum uses a tangle-free brush rollIt uses an odor trapping filterIt vacuums all by itself


General Feeling Among Users

The users of the Bissell Clean View Upright are quite excited about it. Most of them praise how easy it is to assemble. The silent operation is another aspect they seemed to love.

It is not cool at all to have a vacuum in your home and need ear protection. Cleaning out the vacuum itself is also another thing they found easy. So, we can say the ease of use of this vacuum is spot on.

The suction power is another point of praise for this vacuum, and so is the lightweight. Let us make the weight a relative thing as one or two people said it is a bit heavy.

For your consideration, how easy is 15 pounds weight for you to manage? In that vein, it is also easy to move around for them. However, some people complained that the hose is not so flexible.

Pet lovers love this vacuum because they all said it picked hair quite well. A particular user even said it picked up her pet’s hair in one pass.

Talking about that, the One Pass technology got some personal praise of its own. Apparently, the technology did what it promised. Some users also mentioned the fact that the dust cup is easy to empty.

There were a few complaints here and there but honestly, most of them are rather relative. For instance, someone complained that the vacuum sounds like the “gates of hell were opened”! Those were the user’s words. We mentioned earlier how a lot of other users think the vacuum operates silently.


Our Verdict

You have read all we had to say about the Bissell Clean View Upright. You also read what the users of the vacuum had to say. From the review, you can tell there are a lot more good that carries weight than the bad. If you ask us, there really aren’t that much bad about this vacuum.

Even users who had complaints ended up saying that they still love the Bissell Clean View Upright Vacuum. As for our verdict, we love this vacuum too. We are by no means asking you to love it as well. We have played our part by telling you all about the vacuum. It is up to you to decide if you want to invest in it or not. If you like it too, go get yours today!

bissell clean view upright vacuum

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