How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

When your sliding glass doors or windows become a struggle to open, perhaps it’s time to clean the tracks. To clean sliding glass door tracks can be an easy task if you know what we know.

how to clean sliding glass door tracks


Welcome to Vacuum Cleaners Advisor, your guide to a valuable choice. Today, we bring you easy ways to make your sliding doors and windows open and close easily.

That’s not all, these are expert tips you can do by yourself. The best part is that you probably have the things you will need at home. Even if you don’t, they are readily available at convenient prices.

Dirt and grime are mostly the reason your sliding doors are difficult to use. So, we’ll show you how to get rid of the dirt on the tracks. When the tracks are clean, you will learn how to lubricate them so your sliding glass doors open and close smoothly.



The Simple Method

Everyone likes the easy way of doing things. However, this method might not be best for you if the dirt on your sliding glass tracks is much (the next method will do). This will suffice for small dirt buildup.


  • First, clean up the dirt. The easiest method to clean sliding glass door tracks is to use a vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum cleaner that uses attachment tools can do this job. Just connect the crevice tool to the nozzle of an upright vacuum. Convert a stick vacuum to a handheld and attach the crevice tool.
  • Apply a cleaning solution to the tracks. Add a few drops of a non-abrasive cleaner like this one or this denatured alcohol to a cup of water.
  • Scrub the tracks. You can use a wire brush or an old toothbrush to remove stuck-in dirt from the surface of the tracks.
  • Dry the tracks. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels to wipe the water off the track and dry it up.
  • Clean the other sliding glass door track. Slide the door or window over the track you just cleaned to expose the other side. Repeat the cleaning process there too. Dario Ragnolo, cleaning expert and owner of Tidy Town Cleaning, suggests you remove the window or door to access the full track at once.
  • Have a routine. You should clean the sliding door tracks every week or two to avoid a buildup of dirt.


Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks: Method for Buildup Dirt

If you’re the type that does not have time for this kind of cleaning, there’s likely a buildup of stuck-in dirt in the tracks. If the door or window is difficult to slide, this may be the problem.

Now, let’s dive into the solution.


  • Create your cleaning solution. A vacuum will not do justice to these types of stubborn dirt. We have to get creative. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Apply baking soda. This is where you visit your pantry. If you don’t have at home, get this one. Pour the baking soda over the dirt. Be liberal and let it cover the dirt well.
  • Use your cleaning solution. Spray the vinegar and water mixture over the dirt and baking soda. Leave it to fizz for a full 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the track. The solution will have loosened the dirt so it should be easy. Use a wire brush, so you can further loosen stuck-in dirt. If all the dirt has not gone, spray some more of the solution and scrub again.
  • Wipe clean the tracks. Use a rag or paper towel to dry the wetness. You might need to do this repeatedly to completely dry it up.
  • Slide the door to expose the other side. You will repeat the cleaning process for the other side of the track. Better still, if you can, remove the door or window to clean the entire track at once as our expert suggested.



Lubricate the Tracks

In most cases, it is not enough to just clean sliding glass door tracks. You need to lubricate the tracks so the doors and windows can move easily without effort.

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  • Apply lubricant on the tracks. Of course, you would have cleaned the track following the process we showed you. You can get this silicone lubricant It comes with a smart straw for precise application.
  • Spread the lubricant. Use a paper towel or a cotton ball to spread the lube evenly over the tracks.
  • Apply the lubricant to the doors too. If you look closely at the sliding doors or windows, you will notice a hole somewhere at the base. Put the straw of the lubricant into the hole to apply it on the wheels of the sliding door.
  • Move the door back and forth to break it in. This process will help the lubricant spread over the tracks and the wheels evenly.
  • Have a routine. Asides the cleaning routine, it is important to lubricate your sliding glass door tracks every 2 months or so. This will make it work smoother with less friction.


We hope you found this information useful. This is all you need to clean sliding glass door tracks and have them function smoothly at all times. Share this value with friends and family; they will love you for it. For more cleaning tips and reviews, kindly explore the site.











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