How to Clean a Black and Decker Hand Vacuum

By the time you’re done reading this, you will be able to clean Black and Decker hand vacuum and keep it in premium shape at all times.

If you’re a handy person, chances are that you’ve used or own a Black and Decker tool. This brand is one of the big names in the power tool industry.

It also manufactures home equipment that makes everyday activities easy and even enjoyable.

Your Black and Decker hand vacuum has always been there to help you clean. Today, we’re will share with you how best to clean your vacuum.

It’s only right to reciprocate after it has helped you do your own cleaning. If you’re pleased with your vacuum’s performance so far, you might want to check out an upright or a cordless vacuum from this brand.

If you want to know more about other handheld vacuums and which will work best for you, we have a guide just for you.

clean black and decker hand vacuum



Clean your Black and Decker hand vacuum

Before we continue to the process, black and decker hand vacuums come in two main designs: door and nozzle.

These two are differentiated by the way you access the filter. There is an entry on the side you need to open for the door design. The latter simply requires pulling off the nozzle.

That said, let’s get on with the process.

One of the biggest advantages of a handheld vacuum is its compact size. In this context, you don’t have much to clean.

Ideally, you should empty the dust cup after every use, even if it is not full.


The door design

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Grey (BDH2000PL) You only need to open the “door” on the side and turn the dirt in the cup into the trash can.

Accessing the filter will require you to press a button on the side to detach the dust cup and the suction entry as a single unit from the rest of the vacuum.

Pull out the pleated filter from the other half of the vacuum. Tap the filter firmly or use a soft brush to remove the dust.

Connect the parts back together and your Black and Decker Hand Vacuum is ready to resume work.

The nozzle design

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, 16V (CHV1410L) If you own a nozzle design, it’s even easier to deal with. You just need to press the buttons on the side and pull off the nozzle area.

The handle part is built with the dust cup so you’ll just pour out the dirt like water from a jug. You can tap the body a few times to get all the dirt out.

To access the filter in this design, push a button on the handle (it should be within the reach of your thumb) and pull the dust cup area to separate it.

This design has a plastic prefilter and a pleated one which are both reusable. Twist the prefilter to detach it and separate it from the pleated one. Use a soft brush to lightly remove dust from the filters.



It is good practice to wash the filters and dust cups in both designs periodically. Just run them under water and mild detergent. Let them air dry completely before reinstalling them.

Generally, after a period of 9 months, it is ideal to replace the filters to get maximum performance. This duration might be shorter if you use the hand vacuum often.


There you go, quick and easy ways to clean your Black and Decker Hand Vacuum. Reach out if you have more questions and we’ll surely find a way to help. Until then, enjoy vacuuming.



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