Tesvor Robot Vacuum – Honest Review

There is a saying about focusing on one thing. If you do it right, there is a good chance of becoming a master at it. That is the path Tesvor seem to follow. It designs and manufactures robot vacuums. This is why we hope that the Tesvor Robot Vacuum is a real deal.

It has a team of scientists and engineers who come together to create robot vacuums that offer technologically advanced features but are still affordable.

That’s not all, Tesvor also manufactures accessories for its robot vacuums as well as replacement parts. If you need magnetic strips to create a boundary for your robot, you can get it from them too.



Who Might Want The Tesvor Robot Vacuum

Who wouldn’t want a clean home? If it so happened that you don’t have the time to consistently achieve that. We have good news for you.

Now you can always have your home spic and span without sacrificing any more of your time! Make the Tesvor Robot Vacuum your friend and there you go. It works autonomously and can clean your home before you wake up or get back.

With its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use its app anywhere to give it commands on where and when to clean.

Whether you have a combination of floor types or a single floor type, the Tesvor Robot Vacuum will still clean your floors as well as you want.

With its intelligent navigation system, you won’t need to worry if it is cleaning an upper floor. It can easily detect obstacles and falls to avoid them.

If what you have heard so far sounds good to you, then stay with us until the end. Now let’s go into details on what this robot has to offer.

When you’re done, you will be able to decide if this is the robot vacuum you want or you will read another of our reviews.

tesvor robot vacuum


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Features Of The Tesvor Robot Vacuum

Full Floor Coverage

How well a robot vacuum cleans your floor has to do with how it moves and finds its way around the house.

Though a lot of them have a good navigation sensor, some still leave some patches of the floor untouched.

This is often due to their not-so-purposeful movement. The Tesvor Robot Vacuum, however, does not have this problem.

The robot has a Smart Mapping System that lets it plan the way it moves around the floor.

It typically follows an S-shaped route which gives it the possibility of covering your entire floor while cleaning thoroughly.


Smart Navigation Sensors

Most people want their robot vacuum to be able to clean as much of their floors as they can.

If the robot cleans above stairs, it is at risk of falling off. We’re sure you don’t want that to happen to your prized helper.

That won’t be a problem; this vacuum can detect changes in floor height and avoid a fall.

Not only can it find its way around, but it can also tell if there is something on its path and avoid collision.

When it comes in contact with furniture, it won’t just avoid it like a plague. If it can get under it, it will clean the floor around the legs and move on. How’s that for an intelligent robot?


Effective Floor Cleaning System

The Tesvor Robot Vacuum has powerful suction, all thanks to its brushless motor. It picks up loose dirt, dust, and debris.

The Tesvor Robot also has V-shaped dual brushes that sweep dust and loosens dirt for the powerful suction to pick up.

The air duct also features a streamlined design which supports the suction and gives it up to 50% more pressure. You can rest assured that much power will pick up dirt and debris on hard floors and thin carpets.


Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Tesvor Robot Vacuum has Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you operate it via a dedicated smart app.

On this app, you can schedule when you want your robot to clean and where to clean. You can have it do a spot clean or edge clean.

Still on the app, you can see how long it has been cleaning, how much battery power remains, etc.

There is also a remote control that comes with the vacuum if you don’t want to use the app while at home.

The remote is well labeled so you won’t have any issues using it.

Furthermore, a third way to command the Tesvor Robot Vacuum is by using your voice. Yes, you heard right.

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, if you have the respective device, you can easily connect them and start voicing away.

It is important to note that if you want the app to work effectively, your Wi-Fi will have to be operating at a minimum of 2.4GHz.


Low Profile Design

If you have been using full-sized vacuums, you might have noticed that it is not easy getting under some furniture.

Even some cordless vacuums still won’t help you achieve that.

With the Tesvor Robot, it’s problem solved. It is designed to be low profiled enough to sneak underneath low furniture.

That way, you can be confident that you will get a far-reaching and thorough clean at all times.




tesvor robot vacuum

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User-friendliness Of The Tesvor Robot Vacuum

Now you must have figured out how much time the Tesvor Robot Vacuum is going to save you from cleaning.

This little robot is going to clean your floors really good and won’t miss a spot. Will you call that user-friendly?

If you can’t answer that straight away yet, let us tell you some more.

Firstly, this thing helps you handle your dirt, so you can expect it to become dirty. Hold your horses, it cannot clean itself. That you will have to do.

However, it is easy to clean. Taking it apart is pretty much straightforward so it is not going to be any form of hard or technical work.

Secondly, it is easy to use. Get it charged, fix the brushes, and let it roam and do its thing. That’s easy, isn’t it?

Thirdly, the battery life is impressive. This is not the type of robot vacuum that will clean up half of a room and die off on its way to its dock.

This one lasts for a whopping 100 minutes! That is long enough time to clean multiple rooms. In fact, depending on how big your home is, it will clean an entire floor before it needs to recharge.

That’s not all when it runs low on juice, it will automatically find its docking station and set itself up for recharge.

One more thing, its dust cup is sizable. So, you won’t have to empty the dust cup often enough to get frustrated.


Pros Of The Tesvor Robot Vacuum

i. It has powerful suction and a streamlined air duct.

ii. It has dual brushes for sweeping.

iii. The vacuum can clean on both hard floors and carpets.

iv. It works great at picking up hairs.

v. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

vi. The vacuum has advanced navigation sensors.

vii. It is great for edge cleaning.

viii. It has a low profile design that lets it easily get under furniture.

ix. The vacuum automatically docks itself to recharge.

x. There is an online service where you can easily contact after sales support.

xi. The vacuum comes with a 30-day return policy and a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


tesvor robot vacuum

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Cons Of The Tesvor Robot Vacuum

i. The vacuum does not come with virtual boundary stips.

ii. It does not resume from where it stopped after it goes home to recharge.




Alternative Solutions To The Tesvor Robot Vacuum


More Affordable Option – ILIFE V3 Pro Robotic Vacuum

ilife V3s pro

If you are on a stiff budget and still want a robot vacuum that can do its job, this one is a good option. It is inexpensive and has great features that make it do an excellent job.

Firstly, it cleans well because it has good suction. The suction is powerful enough to pick up even pet hairs. It is low profile, so getting underneath furniture to clean is not a problem for it.

It is best for hard floors but it can clean on thin carpets too. If you have heard of how well ILIFE robot vacuums perform, you can check out our review on the ILIFE A4s and ILIFE V5s.


High-End Option – Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum

hoover rogue 970If you want a robot vacuum from a tried and tested brand, this is a good choice. It has all the bells and whistles you might expect from a good robot vacuum.

You can also give it commands from your smartphone. For instance, if there are parts of your home you don’t want the robot vacuum to go, you can do that from your phone. You can also give it voice commands as it works great with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


User-Friendly Option – iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

irobot braava 380t

If you have mainly hard floors at home, you know vacuuming alone won’t be enough. You will have to mop the floor at some point. That is where this robot comes into play.

Instead of you spending time and effort moving mops back and forth, you can just deploy this robot whenever you need to mop.

Robot mops work basically the same way as a robot vacuum. The only difference is that they do not vacuum dirt, they mop. However, what makes this one spectacular is that you can put it in a dry mode to sweep or the wet mode to mop.

It also has an advanced navigation system to help it map its route and detect collisions and falls. The robot mop is compatible with reusable microfiber cloths and disposable cleaning cloths.

It also has a long-lasting battery life so, it will mop a lot of ground before it needs to recharge.


Opposite Spectrum – Hoover Air Steerable Upright Vacuum

hoover air steerble upright

The Hoover Air Steerable sports the Wind Tunnel 3! So, you can rest assured you will be getting some powerful suction out of this.

Of course, you can use this vacuum to clean on both hard floors and carpets. We can go on and on but we will stop here. The best part yet? The vacuum is quite affordable! If you want some details about it, check out our review on it.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum

tesvor robot vacuum

Tesvor Robot Vacuum



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ilife V3s pro

ILIFE V3 Pro Robotic Vacuum


Click here for more details

hoover rogue 970

Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vacuum

Click here for more details

irobot braava 380t

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

Click here for more details

hoover air steerble upright

Hoover Air Steerable Upright Vacuum

Click here for more details

Dimension13 x 13 x 2.9 inches11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches13.6 x 13.6 x 3.8 inches9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1 inches13.7 x 11.6 x 37.4 inches
Weight10.6 lbs4.5 lbs7.5 lbs8.05 lbs13.05 lbs
Mode of Control / AttachmentsRemote control, smart app, voice controlRemote controlApp and Voice controlManual2-in-1 crevice and brush tool
Runtime100 minutes90 minutesUp to 120 minutesUp to 150 minutes30 feet
Special FeatureIt has multiple cleaning modesIt automatically docks when the battery is running lowThe vacuum can be operated with voice commandsIt can operate in 2 cleaning modesIt uses the Wind Tunnel 3 technology for suction



General Feeling Among Users

It does not come as a surprise that a lot of the users like the Tesvor Robot Vacuum. The vacuum got a lot of things right and it even comes at a good price.

Firstly, users like how easy it was to set things up. Once you put the parts (which are not much) together, you just need to charge and it is ready to go.

Secondly, quite a number of users, especially the ones with pets like that the vacuum can deal with pet hairs.

A certain user who does not have pets said that his wife sheds long hairs a lot. The vacuum cleans it but he has to cut off the long hair tangled on the brush roll.

Quite a number of users like that you have different ways of controlling the robot. They love how they can schedule it and make it clean in different modes.

A lot of the users love how long the battery lasts. They say that it covers a lot of grounds before it needs to recharge.

Some Complaints…

Of course, there were people who had issues with the vacuum. Most of the issues are not general so, these should not discourage you.

Someone complained about the battery not lasting as long it should. Another person said it stopped working after two months. However, she contacted customer support and it was replaced. In fact, she praised the brand for their ‘support’.

Some other people complained about connecting to the smart app via Wi-Fi. Others said that the app is basic or not user-friendly.


Our Verdict

We know you want to know what we think about the Tesvor Robot Vacuum and we will tell you. We love this vacuum.

If you want to know why, it is simply because it does quite well what a robot vacuum should do, clean. Not only does it clean well, but it also covers the floor space effectively. It has good battery life and comes at a good price.

You have read all we have to say. Now is the time for you to decide for yourself. If you are not impressed with the vacuum, you can read our other reviews on robot vacuum cleaners.

On the other hand, if you are happy with what you have read, then don’t wait any longer. Go get yours now!

tesvor robot vacuum

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