How to Clean a Tankless Water Heater

clean a tankless water heater

Water heaters make our lives pleasurable in their own way. However, over time, mineral and corrosion can build up inside the heating chambers. When that happens, you will be glad you learned how to clean a tankless water heater.   If you already have that issue, well, it’s your lucky day! Today, Vacuum Cleaners Advisor … Read more

How to Clean the Thermocouple on a Water Heater

how to clean the thermocouple in a water heater

To clean the thermocouple in a water heater is an important maintenance procedure. If you don’t, it will eventually prevent the water from heating up. Hence, hot water supply will cease.Today we’ll show you how to clean the thermocouple on your water heater to avoid this inconvenience.   What is a Thermocouple? Sparing you the … Read more