Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Which Should You Buy?

Dyson is one of the pioneer brands of cordless vacuums. A lot of cordless vacuum users will tell you it has some of the best cordless vacuums. This is why we are bringing you the Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 comparison.

You can call it the ‘Dyson Triple Threat’ if you want. Come to think of it, that would make a great headline.

These three Dyson cordless vacuums we are about to compare are the most advanced offerings from the V series.

Not only are they the best of cordless vacuums Dyson has to offer, they are also some of the best cordless vacuums in the industry as well.

The increment in the numbers assigned to each model is in accordance with the advancements in what they have to offer.

The V10 is an upgrade to the V8 while the V8 is an upgrade to the V7. As you can expect, their price tags also increase along with their model numbers.

Before we continue, we implore you to at least be clear on what you need a Dyson cordless vacuum for.

This is because it is only when you know how you intend to use it that you can truly know what features are most important to you.

When you know the features to pay extra attention to, then you will find it easy to choose which of the three is best for you.

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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Comparison Overview

If you don’t know much about Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, we are about to usher you into its world.

These three vacuums we are about to compare are the best Dyson has to offer in this category.

If power, ease of use, and versatility are what you are looking for in a cordless vacuum, you will find it in any of these three. All three vacuums can also get a power boost in an instant.

The V7 will clean great on hard floors and carpets and will allow you to use it for a good 30 minutes.

The V8 is great if you have allergies because it has dual HEPA filters. You will get 40 minutes out of the vacuum but you will wait a while to have it recharged.

The V10 is the ultimate in cordless vacuums as it offers a whopping 60 minutes of runtime! It is also powerful and has a larger dust cup so you won’t have to empty often.

By the time you get to the end, not only will you have known about these vacuums, you will also find it easy to choose which is best for you.


Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Comparison Table

 Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
Available ModelsMotorhead, Animal, Absolute, and HEPA


See our Dyson V7 review for more info

Absolute, Animal, and Motorhead


Check out our review of the Dyson V8 Animal to learn more about it.

Motorhead, Absolute, Animal
Battery Life Up to 30 minutesUp to 40 minutes60 minutes
Charge Time3 hours 30minutes5 hours3 hours 30 minutes
Power75% more powerful than the V6150% more powerful than the V620% more powerful than the V8
Filtration SystemCyclonic and WashableWhole machineWhole machine
Weight 5.45 lbs5.75 lbs5.9 lbs
Dimension8.2 x 9.8 x 49 inches9.8 x 8.8 x 49 inches9.8 x 10.1 x 49.2
Dust Cup0.4 liters0.54 liters0.77 liters
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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – What Situation Is Each Best For?

Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
The V7 which is more powerful than its predecessor the V6 and it does clean better.


Both on carpets and hard floors, this vacuum will pick up dirt and pet hairs.


If you have more of hard floors in your home, you might want to go for the model that includes the fluffy brush head.

The V8 is powerful. Its suction power is quite impressive which is why it works great on both carpets and hard floors.


Whatever your need is, you will find this vacuum quite useful.

The V10 is powerful and the best part is that you have it at your beck and call. It has 20% more suction than even the V8 which is, of course, more powerful than the V7.


So, if you have heavily trafficked areas in your home or you have mostly carpets, the V10 is what you need to cater to those needs.

How much runtime you can squeeze out of your cordless vacuum is quite important.


On the V7, you can get a maximum time of 30 minutes. Using it with a motorized tool or in the boost mode will reduce the time.

The runtime of the V8 is 40 minutes which is impressive by every right.


However, when that time is up, you will have to wait a blinding 5 hours before you can get a full charge.

If you need more time to vacuum your floors, the V10 will give all that time.


You will get 60 minutes out of it! That’s not all, you only have to wait for 3 hours 30 minutes to have it fully charged.

The filtration system of a vacuum cleaner is quite important. This is not something you want to skip on if you have allergies.


This vacuum uses the cyclonic system to handle dust and has a washable filter.


Some models of the Dyson V7 have 2 filters in them for an even better filtration process.

The HEPA filters in the V8 have lifetime longevity and are washable. The battery is said to last for about 2 years which then would need to be replaced.


However, you are covered by warranty within those 2 years.

This one too has lifetime washable filters so, you won’t be spending a dime on replacement filters.


However, the battery on the V10 will last a whopping 15 years! That way, before you need to replace anything on it, you probably would have moved on to a more advanced vacuum.

This vacuum is good with cleaning generally. However, it runs into problems when it comes to dealing with large debris on hard floors.


From what we noticed in certain cleaning tests, it just pushes the debris around as the brush head cannot get on top of it.


However, if you use the fluffy brush head that comes with the Absolute model, it performs well because the microfiber roller can easily climb over the cereal.

The Dyson V8 also cleans great on all floor types. Since it has better suction than the V7 it only makes sense to believe that it cleans better, especially on hard floors.


However, the direct drive brush head of the V8 still has the same issue with handling cereal on hard floors as the V7.


But if you switch the head to the fluffy brush roll, you will get an amazing effect on your hard floors.

The V10 is exceptional on hard floors with debris of different sizes if you use the torque drive brush head.


This is so because the brush head has openings in front of it that lets it get on top of the debris.


If you want the best results on hard floors, we advise that you use the fluffy brush head. The soft microfiber will also wipe your floors cleaning any stuck-on dust.

The V7 cost the least of the three vacuums we are featuring. Of course, it is the least advanced.


However, if what it has to offer covers your needs, there is no reason to pay more.

The Dyson V8 is more expensive than the V7 and it also has more to offer.


Knowing which to choose in this case is the reason we asked earlier that you should be sure of what you want from the vacuum.

This is the most expensive of the three. It is probably also the most expensive cordless vacuum.


To be fair to the V10, it is arguably the best cordless vacuum out there. In all honesty, it compares to some upright vacuums.


Before you dig into your pocket, be sure that you need all it has to offer.

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dyson v7 vs v8 vs v10

Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Which features do they have in common?

Dyson has a general theme it follows with the design of its cordless vacuums. This theme is apparent in all its V series model.

The theme is so consistent that you will recognize the Dyson in the vacuum just by sight.

This consistency is not only reflected in the vacuum’s appearance. You will also find similarities in the features they have to offer. Below, we discuss these similarities.


You can easily tell that the V7, V8, and V10 are all from the same brand. This is because Dyson maintains certain elements about their aesthetics.

However, you will also be able to spot a notable difference in the handle area of the V10. Both the V7 and V8 look just alike but the V10 has a structure slightly different. Asides the motor area, all three vacuums are similar.

The 2-Tier cyclone is also present on these vacuums. However, their positioning is a bit different.


Power is something Dyson vacuums are known for. This can be attributed to the brand’s commitment to engineering expertise.

These three vacuums are the top models of the Dyson cordless vacuum series. The power these vacuums output make them stand out among their peers.

The V7 is 75% more powerful than the V6 while the V8 is also 75% more powerful than the V7. The V10, on another hand, is 20% more powerful than the V8.

Even though the V7 does not have as much power as its upgrades, it will still do a great job cleaning your floors and delivering on its other duties.

When it comes to cleaning performance, which is where the value lies, all three vacuums will give you a bang for your buck.


These vacuums all use Lithium-ion battery types. Why this is a good choice is because of how it manages power.

A lithium-ion battery will discharge a steady flow of current throughout its runtime. Because of this, the appliance it powers will not lose performance till the battery runs out.

When it comes to runtime, these vacuums will give you a decent amount of vacuuming time. You will cover a substantial amount of floor space before you will need to recharge.


The V7, V8, and V10 can easily transform into a handheld vacuum. The transformation is pretty straightforward. All it takes is to pull out the wand on both ends and attach any tool you need to use.

You will vacuum more precisely as the handheld gets you closer to the dirt.

That’s not all, this feature gives you the freedom to take vacuuming wherever you want.

You can also choose to use this vacuum for cleaning the interior of your car! You are no more tethered by a cord so you can enjoy your freedom to roam.

Washable Filter

We all know how important filters are in vacuum cleaners. They are responsible for preventing dust and allergens from getting back into our home’s atmosphere.

All three vacuums use a HEPA filter. However, only certain models of the V7 have this advanced filter.

This is a highly efficient filter that traps 99.97% of dust and allergens present in the air that passes through it.

That’s not all, this filter can trap contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. If you don’t know how small a micron is, we will tell you today. To make it all easier to understand, let us use an example.

The diameter of an average human hair is about 50 microns. Now imagine how small 0.3 microns will be.

You can rest assured that whichever of these vacuums you go for, it will fight battles you cannot see on your behalf. This feature is especially important to those who have allergies.

All models of the V8 have a post-motor HEPA filter which does a second level purification of the air that passes through it. This is also true for the V10.

Another thing the filters in these vacuums have going for them is that they are washable. This simply means that you can wash it clean when it is clogged, let it air dry, and then use it again.

The benefit that comes with this is that you will not need to buy filters as often as you would if it were not reusable.  What this interprets to is the fact that you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.


All three vacuums are lightweight which makes them easy to carry around and up and down the stairs.

They also both have a swivel cleaning head. This makes it easy for them to turn on a dime. In fact, these vacuums can turn 90 degrees.

This allows you to maneuver around obstacles and furniture easily making your vacuuming experience a lot more convenient. Both vacuums can also tilt almost flat on the floor so you can get underneath furniture.

Max Mode

The Dyson V7, V8, and V10 vacuums can switch to Max Mode. This is a mode that increases the suction power of the vacuums. As you can guess, the higher the suction the deeper the clean.

The increase in power is quite significant. It gives off almost more than 4 times the suction when in normal mode.

The Dyson V7 can reach as high as 100 Air Watts while the V8 can get to 115 Air Watts of suction when you switch to the Max mode.

The V10, on another hand, has a medium and max mode. In the max mode, it reaches an impressive 151 Air Watts.

All three vacuums become equal considering they all last about 6 minutes in the Max mode.

Trigger Button

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have a unique design for the way they are powered up.

Rather than using a switch or press button, their power button is a trigger that you need to hold down to keep them on. That is how Dyson cordless vacuums have been since the V6.

The reason for this is to help you save energy and get as much time as possible from the vacuum.

You only need to release your finger on the trigger button to have it go off. You will agree that this is faster and more convenient

In all honesty, this design is a great idea and it serves its purpose very well. However, you will begin to feel the strain on your finger when you use it over an extended period of time.

This is because you will most likely subconsciously exert more that necessary pressure on the button. This is so because it is the same hand that is carrying the vacuum.


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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Dyson V7

Brush Head

The brush head on the V7 is slightly smaller than the one on the V8 and is about the same size as the one on the V6.

However, in some tests, the V7 brush head proved to be more efficient at picking up dirt than even the V8! But in truth, the difference was only marginal.

The V7, with its brush head that is 75% more powerful than that of the V6, combined with its powerful suction makes it perform well.

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Features Unique To Dyson V8


The motor in the V8 is not only an improvement to that in the V7, but it is also completely different.

The motor is Dyson’s exclusive V8 engine (as they call it). It is this motor that makes the V8 75% stronger in agitation than the V7.

What this interprets to in terms of performance is an outstanding suction power. Few cordless vacuums have suction power as impressive as this one.

With this kind of power, you can vacuum on all floor type and pick up all sorts of dust and debris. Your high pile carpets and shag rugs are not left out.

Dual Filter

The Dyson V8 models have double HEPA filters. There is one located in the center of the radial cyclones and the other is at the rear of the motor.

This technically means that the Dyson V8 filters better than the V10. The reason for that is pretty much straightforward, two filters are better than one.

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Features Unique To Dyson V10

Torque Drive Brush Head

This is a more advanced brush head compared to the one on its predecessors. The manufacturer said that this brush head has 25% more agitation that the Direct Drive brush head.

What this means is that it will pick up more dirt and debris on both hard floors and carpets better. This is one of the upgrades the V10 has on offer.

Furthermore, the Torque Drive brush head also has openings underneath it. You can adjust how much you want it to open. This makes it pick up large debris on hard floors a lot more efficiently than the one on the V8.

In-line Design

One of the most notable differences between these three vacuums is the way the motor area is designed.

The V10 engine area is more streamlined to the wand as against the previous versions that are somewhat perpendicular to it.

This streamlined designed is not just there to make the V10 look different it is actually an innovation.

The re-design is meant to increase the airflow in the vacuum. You can tell that this approach paid off as we have stated earlier that the V10 has more suction power than the V8.

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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Unique Pros

Dyson V7

i. The brush head is more powerful than the one on the V6 and a bit more efficient than the one on the V8 on carpets.

Dyson V8

i. The V8 has double filters.

ii. It has more power than the V7

iii. The V8 is significantly less expensive than the V10.

Dyson V10

i. It has the strongest suction power among the three.

ii. The battery lasts longer than the other two.

iii. It has a more advanced brush head.

iv. The maintenance cost is almost nothing.


Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Unique Cons

Dyson V7

i. It has the least runtime and power among the three.

Dyson V8

i. It takes a whopping 5 hours for the battery to recharge.

Dyson V10

i. It is quite expensive.


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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Pros Common To The Three Products

Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
Useful accessories accompany this vacuum cleaner. However, you need to find out which model of the V7 you go for as they come with different attachment tools.


Do note that the attachment tools you get will depend on the model you go for.

Whichever model of the V8 you go for, you will still get almost every available attachment tool.The V10 is also accompanied with useful accessories.


However, it is important that you know which accessories come with each model so you can get the best value for your money.

The dust cup on the V7 is the same as the one on the V8. It is a correction to the complaints the duct cup on the V6 got. Dyson listened to feedback there.The dust cup is well designed and easy to empty. The process does not require you to come in contact with the dirt.The dust cup on the V10 is as good as the others but it has a different design.


For one thing, it is significantly larger than the V7 and V8. It also has a sort of mechanism that lets you shoot out the dirt into the trash can.

It has a good filter that is washable. However, with certain models, you can get double and washable filters.All models come with double filters and are both washable.The V10 does not come with double filters but the filter in it is HEPA.
First of all, the vacuum is lightweight which makes it easy to maneuver. It can also swivel 90 degrees.


Switching from one accessory tool to another is as easy as pulling it out and snapping it back in.

Same as the V7Same as the V7
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Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Cons Common To Both Products

Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
It is typical of Dyson vacuum cleaners, they are highly priced.Costs more than the V7Costs more than the V8



Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – General Feeling Among Users

Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
The attachments that come with it are also a point of praise for the Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum.


Depending on which version you buy, you have sufficient attachment tools to do different types of cleaning.

The attachment tools on the V8 works basically like the other two.


They all have the pull and snap approach to using them and work well.


So, it is safe to assume that users enjoy this part of the vacuum, though few of them mentioned this.

The Dyson V10 also comes with useful attachments regardless of the model you buy.


In that vein, it only makes sense to assume that users who own this model will like it too.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the users loved how powerful the suction is.


Consequently, they also love how well it picks up dirt and hairs on both hard floors and carpets.

Users applaud the V8 for how well it deals with pet hairs.


A particular user who has pets in her house mentioned how much hair the V8 still picked off her carpet after a robot vacuum had already gone over it. She is quite excited about the result she is getting.

Pet owners applauded the V10 for how easily it cleans pet hairs on both hard floors and carpets.


Asides hairs, it also said to work great at cleaning dirt and dust.

Users were generally okay with the battery life. Some mentioned that it lasts as long as the manufacturer claimed while others think otherwise.


In truth, some people do not know how to manage batteries to get the best out of them and have them last longer. Therefore, don’t be quick to judge the battery.

Most users who had something to say about the battery were mainly positive about it.


They claim that it usually lasts them long enough to get their vacuuming done.


There were also a few complaints about how long you have to wait for the battery to recharge.

Anyone would agree that 60 minutes is a long time to get out of a cordless vacuum.


Some users were truly happy to have this vacuum even though some indicated shock that they paid so much for it.

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Get the Dyson V7 now!Get the Dyson V8 now!Get the Dyson V10 now!


Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 – Our Verdict

Dyson V7Dyson V8Dyson V10
The Dyson V7 offers what you need to keep your floors clean.


Whether you have hard floors or carpets, it will serve your purpose fine enough. The best part yet, you won’t have to dig a hole in your purse.

The Dyson V8 brings a new engine to the frame and this gives it a boost in power.


This will do great if you have allergies as it has double filters that will protect you from inhaling allergens.

If you need a long time to vacuum, strong suction, and a large dust cup, this is the vacuum you want.


However, be sure that you need the extra it has to offer because this vacuum has a high price tag.

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