Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Which Should You Buy?

The Hoover vacuum brand is rich in experience while Dyson is great with innovation. This is the reason we are bringing to you the Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 comparison.

Hoover is one of the oldest vacuum cleaner brands. In fact, it pioneered the vacuum cleaner industry.

Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, BH52210PC, Silver

The company was founded as far back as 1908. For the brand to still be relevant today, it only means that t knows what it is doing.

For that, it only makes sense to trust a brand with so much experience. Its consistency at offering quality and practical products is what keeps it at a high pedestal after all these years.

Dyson, on the other hand, probably needs no introduction. You either have used it or have heard a lot of its ability.

This brand is known for the power its vacuums have. Aesthetics is also something it is popular for. And its vacuum cleaners are just downright top performers.

As you read the Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 comparison, you will learn more about each of these cordless vacuums and be able to decide which of them is best for your needs.


Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, BH52210PC, Silver Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Comparison Overview

These two are cordless vacuums from some of the giants of the vacuum cleaner industry. They are both worthy cordless vacuums to have.

The Hoover Cruise will give you an impressive runtime to clean your floors and above them. It is quite easy to use and you won’t need to strain your finger to keep the power button in place.

It has a good enough suction power and comes with practical attachment tools. Above all, it is available at an affordable price.

The Dyson V6, on the other hand, is known in comparison to its peers to be powerful. This means it will do a great job cleaning your floors. It can also be converted to a handheld and is also easy to use.

Its suction power makes its shorter runtime almost inconsequential. It has a HEPA filtration system and its filter will last a lifetime. However, this vacuum is cost quite a bit.

So, depending on what you want from a cordless vacuum, by the time you get to the end of this Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 comparison, you will be able to decide which is best for your needs.


Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Comparison Table

  Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
Available Models Lightweight 2 in 1 stick Absolute, Animal (Pro), Motorhead, Cord Free, Baby + Child, Car + Boat, Fluffy, Top Dog, Trigger
Battery Life 30 minutes 20 minutes
Charge Time 4 hours 3 hours 30 minutes
Attachment tools Crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool Mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush, combination tool, crevice tool
Filtration System Rinsable filter Washable HEPA filter
Weight 4.7 lbs 5 lbs
Dimension 9 x 9 x 45 inches 9.8 x 8.7 x 46.4 inches



Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – What Situation Is Each Best For?

Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
This Hoover is powerful enough to get its job done. It will clean on both hard floors and carpets.


However, when it comes to medium to high pile carpets, this might not be the best option for you.

You probably already know by now that Dyson vacuums are powerful. This one is definitely not an exception.


Its power in the normal mode can still be compared to its competitor but once you switch to the Max mode, it blows the Hoover out of the water.


This is your best option if you have a lot of carpets in your home. It works great on hard floors too especially if you get the fluffy brush roll.

Filters are quite important in a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum brands know this and that is why they do their best to fit highly efficient ones in their vacuums.


The Hoover has a filter that does well at keeping allergens and dust from getting back into your home.


The filter in this vacuum is also washable which means that you will be saving money as you won’t need to buy replacement filters often.

The quality of the filter in a vacuum is even a more important factor to consider if you are allergic or asthmatic.


The V6 uses a HEPA filter which by standard has 99.97% efficiency at trapping allergens and dust. This will keep them from seeping out of the vacuum into your home which you will be at risk of inhaling them.


So, if you are concerned about the filtration system, the HEPA filter on the V6 is the best option for you.


It is also washable which means that you can use it over and over. Dyson even says that its washable filters will last the lifetime of the vacuum.


By that, you won’t have to buy a replacement filter again. The best part yet, if you get the Dyson V6 Absolute, you will get a dual HEPA filtration system!

Having a cordless vacuum is great but that raises the issue of runtime. How much time your cordless vacuum can give you is important to your vacuuming experience.

This Hoover will give you about 30 minutes of runtime. Depending on how large your home is or how much cleaning you need to do, that might be enough.


This one cannot switch mode so you can enjoy the whole 30 minutes of vacuuming time.

The Dyson V6 will give you up to 20 minutes of runtime. If you combine that with how powerful it is, you will get a lot of vacuuming done in that time.

The V6 has a Max mode and the runtime you get in that mode is an entirely different story. You will only get a measly 6 minutes in the Max mode. However, that can be enough time considering how powerful this mode is.


Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Which Features Do They Have In Common?

These are two good cordless vacuums that let you enjoy the freedom to roam that only a cordless vacuum can give you.

These two vacuums, though from different brands have quite a number of things similar. In this section, we are going to talk about those features and mention how it applies to each of them.


Both vacuums are structured pretty much the same way. They are both nearly the same height and weight almost the same too.

The brush head on the Dyson V6 is a bit wider than the Hoover. This is an advantage considering that you will cover more grounds in one pass than with the Hoover Cruise.

The dust cup on both vacuums is pretty much the same, both in design and capacity. They both open up at the base to let its contents out into the trash can.

Both the Hoover Cruise and Dyson V6 have a hold down type of power button. But on the Hoover, there is a lever you can flick to keep the power on which isn’t available on the Dyson.

This is a good approach for both vacuums because you can save battery. It even better on the Hoover as you can relieve the inconvenience that eventually comes with holding down the power button.

Furthermore, the handle, wand, and attachment tools connect pretty much the same way on both vacuums. To detach them, you just need to press the button and pull it out.

Handheld Mode

Both cordless vacuums can easily turn into a handheld version of themselves. What it takes to do that is to detach the wand the way we just explained in the previous point.

This transformation lets you clean up dirt closely and clean in ways you could not in the full mode.

For instance, in the handheld mode, you can clean upholstery, dust furniture, vacuum your window blinds and drapes, etc. All you need to do is to switch attachment tools.

Both vacuums free you from the tether of cords, so you are free to roam as much as you want.

There are many ways that you can vacuum with either of these two. The attachment tools that you can use with the handheld mode give it a lot of versatility.

Attachment Tools

The tools available to a vacuum cleaner determine how versatile the vacuum turns out to be. As you can guess, versatility has a lot to do with the value you get for your money.

The more attachment tools you have at your disposal, the more ways you can use the vacuum.

With the tools that come with the Hoover Cruise and the Dyson V6, you can clean floors, ceilings, and everything in between.

If you want details on the attachment tools available with these vacuums, check the ‘Comparison Table’ section above.

Ease of Use

This is an important thing to consider when buying a vacuum. You don’t want to buy a vacuum you need to learn how to use.

Maneuverability is something you will get out of both vacuums. They are both easy to push on the floor and they will turn quite easily as well. Both vacuums also have all the controls you need to use within reach.

The Dyson V6 and the Hoover Cruise have swivel steering which allows the vacuums to tilt almost parallel to the floor. This makes it easy for you to get underneath furniture to clean things out.

Both vacuums can turn on a dime. They both have swivel heads that lets them turn 90 degrees to either side. They are also quite responsive at doing that too.

Still on ease of use, storing both cordless vacuums is easy as well. The V6 comes with a dock that lets you hang the vacuum on the wall so it does not take floor space.

The Hoover Cruise too has a wall mount that lets you hang the vacuum and keep it on charge.



Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, BH52210PC, Silver Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Hoover Cruise

Longer Lasting Battery

The battery on the Hoover Cruise is a lithium-ion battery which is good. This is so because of how it gives off continuous power to the vacuum until it goes out.

This is a 22 volts battery and it will serve you for about 30 minutes on a full charge. This gives you an extra 10 minutes over what you get from the Dyson V6.

Power Button Lock

The hold-down style of the power button is great because if used properly can help you save some battery time. However, this can become uncomfortable on your finger over a long period of time.

There is a solution to this, which we consider a good idea because this is something the Dyson V6 and its successors do not have.

There is a lever just beside the power button. If you need to keep the vacuum running over an extended period, you can just flick it.

On doing that, the lever moves on top of the button and keeps it pressed so you won’t have to.

That pretty much relieves you of the strain that you will eventually feel on your finger when using the Dyson V6.

Removable Battery

Still on the Hoover Cruise’s battery, not only does it last longer, but it is also removable.

This means that if you are willing to invest in an extra battery, you can essentially get double the runtime.

Once you have both batteries fully charged, you can switch to the other battery when the first one is depleted.

Brush Roll Control

You can turn off the brush roll on this vacuum from spinning. You might be wondering why in the world you would want to do that. The brush roll makes the cleaning deeper, right?

Yes, that is true. But what if you want to use it to vacuum on an expensive hardwood floor? Would you like scratches on it? A fast spinning brush roll with sharp bristles can draw nice lines on your floor.

That is something no one would want which is why the brush roll shut off button comes in handy. So, when you are about to vacuum hard floors, you can easily turn off the brush roll and rely only on the suction which is actually sufficient.

The button to turn it off is within the reach of your finger while you are still holding the vacuum. So, it is not going to be any issue for you to turn it on or off.




Features Unique To Dyson V6

HEPA Filtration

As you might have already known, the filter in a vacuum is quite important. If you are allergic or asthmatic, it suddenly becomes a crucial factor when choosing between these two.

The Dyson V6 has a HEPA filter and by standards, this is the most efficient filter you will get in a vacuum cleaner.

This filter is so efficient at its job that it is rated to prevent 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns from passing through.

When you vacuum, the dirty air passes through this filter before it is ejected out of the vacuum.

If you are wondering how much particles this filter can stop, we will tell you. The human hair is 50 microns in diameter.

Now compare that to the 0.3 microns this HEPA filter can stop. You see, this vacuum is fighting on your behalf battles you cannot see.

That’s not all, another cool thing about this filter is that it is washable and can last the lifetime of the vacuum. That way, you won’t need to buy replacement filters which save you a lot in the long run.

Double Brush Heads

Depending on which model of the Dyson V6 you go for, you will get a direct drive head and a fluffy brush head.

The direct drive head is the brush head that is ideal for carpets (it can work well on hard floors too, though). This will help you deep clean your carpets and take out pet hairs.

The fluffy brush head is a bit different in the sense that the brush roll does not have bristles. Instead, it has a soft microfiber which makes it ideal for hard floors.

This also helps the Dyson V6 tackle large debris and dirt mounds better as it rolls over them instead of pushing them around.

Weight Distribution

When searching for a cordless vacuum, or any type of vacuum for that matter, the weight is an important feature to consider.

This has everything to do with its maneuverability as using a heavy vacuum is not as convenient as a light one.

One common problem with cordless vacuums is that they are often heavy at the handle. The reason for this is because that is where the motor is.

This can put a strain on your hand when you use it for an extended period. For those with physical challenges, it can actually be a pain.

The Dyson V6 distributes its weight quite well. It is not a heavy vacuum at 5 pounds but if not for how the weight is distributed, it might not be so comfortable to use over a long period.




Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 Unique Pros

Hoover Cruise

i. You can lock the power button in position saving you the stress of holding it down.

ii. The battery is replaceable so you can get an extra one.

iii. You can turn off and on the brush roll.


Dyson V6

i. It is really powerful

ii. You can switch to Max mode.

iii. It has a HEPA filter.


Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Unique Cons

Hoover Cruise

i. The brush roll is smaller which reduces its floor coverage.

ii. It is not as powerful as the Dyson V6.

iii. Its filter is not HEPA.


Dyson V6

i. The battery is not removable

ii. It is quite expensive.


Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Pros Common To Both Products

Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
The dust cup of the Hoover Cruise is easy to empty. You just have to pull out the handle area, open the base of the dust cup and watch its content fall into the trash can.


However, you should be careful not to let the dust cup fill up beyond the Max or you will have dirt stuck in the cup and you will have to reach in to pull it out.

Same as the Hoover Cruise.
The Hoover Cruise is so easy to use. Starting from its weight. It is even lighter than the V6. This makes it easy to move it around. You can even carry it up and down the stairs, if you want.


It has a swivel head which lets the brush head turn in different directions. In fact, it can turn 90 degrees to both sides. On top of that, the swivel is really responsive.

Same as the Hoover Cruise.
We all know how important the filter is. What is even better is when the filter is washable. This saves you some money as you can use one filter over and over. The V6 filter is also washable. What makes this one even better is that it is a HEPA filter. That’s not all, it is rated to last a lifetime. So, you won’t be buying any replacement.


Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Cons Common To Both Products

Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
The dust cup on the Hoover Cruise is a bit too small. Same as the Hoover Cruise.


Hoover Cruise Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, BH52210PC, Silver Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – General Feeling Among Users

Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
Some users love how lightweight the Hoover is. They are also pleased with how convenient it is to use. From putting it together to emptying the dust cup was always easy. Some users are happy that you can easily switch the attachment tools without hassles. You just need to snap on any tool you need to use.


They also like that you can convert it into a handheld vacuum. A certain user said she uses it for cleaning the interior of her car.

There are users who liked how long the Hoover Cruise lasts. One user who happened to own a Dyson V6 too said that the Hoover allows him to do more work than he could with his Dyson.


However, he also stated that the Hoover Cruise is not a match for his V6 in suction power.

A lot of users like the assortment of tools that you get with the Dyson V6. Which attachment tools you get depends on which model you go for.


With the tools you stand to get for buying the V6, there is no limit to the ways you can vacuum.

There were users who praised the Hoover on how well it picks dirt and hair on both hard floors and carpets. If there is nothing users can like about the Dyson V6, they will like its suction power. They will also like the fact that the suction helps it perform great at lifting dirt and hair off different floor types.


One user said that the Dyson V6 cleans really great on hard floors but not so well on high pile carpets.



Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6 – Our Verdict

Hoover Cruise Dyson V6
This vacuum cleans on both hard floors and carpets. It has decent battery life and the battery is even removable.


The filter is washable which saves you money and it comes with good accessories. Best of all, it is not so expensive.

The V6 is a Dyson so, you can rest assured it will cost a bit. However, you will get a lot of suction power for whatever you pay.


You will also get an impressive amount of attachment tools. There is hardly any running cost as the filter will last a lifetime and it is HEPA.