Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner — The Definitive Buying Guide

Vacuum cleaners are equal but some vacuum cleaners are more equal than others. This is not just a variation of an excerpt from a book, it is a statement of fact. If you do a lot of vacuuming, you will easily relate to this. You might also have heard of Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

Some people have gone through 3 different vacuum cleaners in a space of 7 years. On another hand, I have heard someone say “my grandfather had this vacuum for 30 years and I have been using it for 5”.

Another one said, “I easily sell a 25-year-old vacuum for close to $300”. The funniest one yet is, “my friend borrowed my vacuum cleaner and won’t give it back. Please, I need to buy a Rainbow for her so I can get mine back”.

She wasn’t talking about that colorful rainbow; she was referring to a Rainbow vacuum cleaner and so were the others. Rainbow vacuum cleaner, among other things, can last a lifetime.

They are available in different models that feature different technologies that make them do their jobs better. Rainbows use water filtration as against filter bags in other vacuums.

Some of their models also combine the water filtration with HEPA certified filtration to better pick up the tiniest dirt. These models are great for vacuum users that suffer allergies.

If you’re tired of changing vacuum cleaners after a few years, Rainbow has you covered. It has vacuum cleaners that will suit your needs and you can even hand me down to your kids.

As you keep reading, you will get a better understanding of what Rainbow vacuum cleaner has to offer.

Genuine Rainbow E Series Vacuum Cleaner  (Renewed)

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Experience Rainbow

Rainbow vacuum cleaners have been around for quite a long time. These guys know what they are doing which makes sense because they are doing it well. Rainbow vacuums have been tested and trusted to deliver on what they promise. This is why up till today, Rainbow vacuum cleaners are still in demand.

These vacuums have great features that are unique to them which is why we call them the “Rainbow Experience”.

These are technologies and ingenious engineering that make Rainbow vacuum cleaners stand out among competition. We will fill you in on a few of these exclusive experiences you can expect from Rainbow vacuums.

Water Filtration

Have you ever noticed that the environment looks somewhat clearer and cleaner after it rains? This is nature’s way of cleaning the earth with rain. Rainbow vacuum cleaners too adopt a similar concept for cleaning your home.

Some vacuum cleaner use filter bags to collect the dirt they vacuum which eventually makes them lose suction power over time. The bagless concept came up to solve this issue and it did great at it.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are bagless too but in a different way. They use water to collect the dirt they vacuum.

This approach is just like the way nature uses the rain to clean the earth. When other vacuums suck in dust, some part of it sometimes flows back into your home with the airflow.

In this case, that won’t happen because as Rainbow puts it “wet dust don’t fly”. The water traps in dust and odors leaving only fresh air in your home.


HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System

Generic HEPA Filter for Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner E SeriesOn the old models of Rainbow vacuum cleaners, water filtration was only used for trapping dust and dirt. It became apparent that tiny dust-like ash does not get trapped. That was when Rainbow came up with the HEPA Neutralizer filtration system to trap the microscopic dust.

You can imagine how well Rainbow vacuum cleaners work with the combination of water filtration and the HEPA Neutralizer filtration. Together, they will get rid of almost 100% of the dirt, allergens, and contaminants in your home.

The dual filtration system only started with the E series models but the ones prior to that are still great even as allergy vacuums.


Suction Power

Rainbow vacuum cleaners have the strong and powerful Hurricane motors that will pick up dirt and dust from carpets and hard floors.

We mentioned earlier, or you might already know from your vacuuming experience, that suction power suffers when the dust bag is nearly full. For bagless vacuums, the filters also cause suction power to drop.

With Rainbow vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured you will not experience this problem as the vacuums do not use bags. There are also no filters to clean out as water is used to trap the dirt and dust in.

Buying replacement dust bags won’t be a thing for you again. This will save you a considerable amount of money over time.

Long Lasting

If we haven’t mentioned it already, pay close attention. Rainbow vacuum cleaner models will last a lifetime. This isn’t just mouth say, ask anyone who owns one.

I once read a review where someone mentioned that his grandfather’s Rainbow vacuum cleaner still works great. Other people jumped on that comment and started talking about how Rainbow vacuum cleaners can last up to 30 years.

Even if a Rainbow vacuum cleaner runs into a problem, original parts are readily available for replacement. Once the faulty part is replaced, the vacuum goes back to work just like new.

This is one of the advantages of patronizing brands that have stood the test of time. In case you didn’t know, Rainbow vacuum cleaners have been in existence for over 80 years.

Wet Vacuuming

Genuine E2 Black E Series Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner  (Renewed)It only makes sense for us to tell you that Rainbow vacuum cleaners can suck in water too. It is almost obvious since it uses water filtration. I once read a story about a vacuum repair guy who took a risk on a truckload of Rainbow vacuums. The plan was to rebuild them and resell.

It so happened that days later, Hurricane Katrina hit. His projection was to sell off the vacuums over a period of 6 months. But, alas, he sold off every piece of Rainbow vacuum cleaner he bought in just one month!

The only reason that happened was quite simple, people needed to get water out of their houses. Apparently, our guy did great taking a risk on Rainbow vacuum cleaners because they can pick up water too.

So, if you buy a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, not only will you be able to thoroughly clean multiple floor types, you can clean water spills too.




Rainbow vacuum cleaners are designed to go beyond just cleaning your rugs and carpets; they purify the air in your homes too. They are fitted with technologies that pull tiny microbes off the floor and surrounding air.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are certified asthma and allergy friendly for their effective microscopic vacuuming. If you or a household member suffers an allergy, a Rainbow is an ideal cleaner for your home.

The Carpet and Rug Institute also certifies Rainbow vacuum cleaners to have met the industry standard for soil removal, carpet appearance, and dust containment.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) also certifies Rainbow vacuum cleaners as a proven air cleaner for removing air pollutants.

Rainbow vacuum models

If you are a Star Wars fan, do Rainbow vacuum cleaners not remind you of those Droids? It is funny they look alike especially since those droids have lasted as long the movie series itself. Could there be a correlation as to why Rainbow vacuums last long too?

There are quite a number of Rainbow vacuum models and all of them are great options. Rainbow designs its vacuums more like a full cleaning system with many accessories. This approach allows you to buy one Rainbow and be able to do almost any type of cleaning you want.

Pre E-Series

We decided to lump the models before the E-Series together. First, because they are similar, and second, they represent the hay days of Rainbow vacuum.

These models are the ones that use only the water filtration system. The D3, D4, SE, and SE/PN2 models are the ones in this category.

They all have a vacuum power of 72 cubic feet per minute. These bucket vacuums also have a power nozzle that can shampoo your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

The differences between these models are just a bit. Some changes were ergonomic, some were aesthetic, and a few were on the performance.

The E2 model

Genuine Rainbow E Series E2 Blue 2 Speed Vacuum Cleaner  (Renewed)This is where the real change begins. Rainbow really went back to the drawing board for this one. The improvements reflect on almost every part of the vacuum.

The motor has more power; the E2 model can vacuum 80 cubic feet per minute as against the 72 of the previous models. What this translates to is that it vacuums better.

Another improvement is the HEPA filtration which is in addition to the water filtration that was already there. This means that the E2 filters better than the previous ones.

The tiny dust and other allergens will be sucked out of your home with this one. A safety switch was added to this model so you can feel safer when you’re vacuuming.

Other improvements to this E2 include a change in the water separator and bowl, as well as the hose connector. For those who pay serious attention to the aesthetics of their home appliances, Rainbow considered your preferences. The E2 looks way cooler than its predecessors.

It is almost an unwritten rule for the price of a vacuum to drop about a year after.

Surprisingly, the price of the E2 is still fairly the same after 6 years. One thing that tells us is that the demand for the vacuum is still high. That can only mean one thing, it is that good!

The E2 2 Speed

The biggest difference between this model and the E2 is the motor. The E2 Speed features a brushless motor that has 2 speeds. This makes it vacuum better and can even come in handy as an air filter in your home.

The E2 Speed also comes with a number of accessories that lets you different types of cleaning with the machine. This model is a bit on the high side, but it is surely worth every cent.


Rainbow makes some great accessories that extend the way you can use your vacuum cleaners. The Aquamate shampooer is compatible with all Rainbow vacuum cleaner models.

The Aquamate 2 shampooer is self-contained and only fits on the E-Series. The Rainmate humidifier and Rainbowmate upholstery tool that lets you clean your furniture are mattresses. A handheld shampooer that works on upholstery and a squeegee is also available.

Choosing the best Rainbow vacuum cleaner

Before we go any further, we want you to know that any Rainbow vacuum cleaner you buy is great in terms of quality.

Normally, when a new model of a product goes on sale, it usually relegates the previous models. This causes them to drop in price; but you can still sell a 25-year-old Rainbow for close to $300, easily. That tells a lot about the quality.

As you might have already known, the type of vacuum cleaner you need might be different from the one that works for your neighbor. So, you should be clear on your wants before deciding on what Rainbow vacuum cleaner to go for. This will help you get the best fit for the best price.

If all you need is a vacuum for routine housecleaning, the Rainbow D3 or D4 is what you need. They do a great job with vacuuming and they will serve you for many years without issues.

The SE model of the Rainbow vacuum is ideal if you want a vacuum for a variety of cleaning types. If you have heavily trafficked carpets and floors, wet cleaning, etc. the SE model will do all that for you. Another great aspect of this model is that it can fall smack dab within your budget.

For users that have allergies, the E-Series models are your best choice with their double filtration systems. They do a great job of vacuuming and are awesome for picking up the microscopic, allergy-causing contaminants.

You now know those great features you get just for buying a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. We also told you some of the features peculiar to each model. And we advised you on what model is best according to your needs.

Don’t waste any more time, go get your Rainbow now.