How to Clean a Eureka Vacuum Filter

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Your Eureka vacuum has certainly been doing a great job of keeping your floors clean, or it wouldn’t need cleaning.

It is best practice to keep the parts and interior of your vacuum clean to avoid it smelling. However, if you’re already facing that dilemma, we have a solution for you.

To clean your Eureka vacuum filter is a must if you want it to keep working optimally. If not, it will soon clog, reducing your its performance and expose you to dust and allergens.






How do I Clean a Eureka filter?

Most modern Eureka uprights have their filters in the same general location. So, to clean the filter is basically the same. Whichever type you have, the filter is always close to the dust cup (at least the main filter). Kindly note that this description is for Eureka upright vacuums.

  • Detach the dust cup from the main unit. That will usually involve the push of a button.
  • There will be another button just under the handle to flip a lip that will allow you to access the filter.
  • Pull out the foam filter which will most likely be dusty. You should cover your nose if you’re sensitive to dust.
  • Now there are two ways you can clean it. You can dry clean or wet clean a Eureka vacuum filter. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

How to dry clean a Eureka filter:

  • Wipe off the surface dust with a paper towel.
  • Hit the foam filter against a hard surface to release embedded dust. This will take a few repetitions.
  • Alternatively, if you have a blower or some sort of compressed air, you can just blow air through the foam to release all the dust.
  • This is a quick method to clean a Eureka vacuum filter since you won’t have to wait for the foam to dry out.

How to wet clean a Eureka filter:

  • You will have to remove the surface dust first so things don’t get too messy when all that dust meets water.
  • Afterward, wash the foam with a bit of soap and rinse it thoroughly.
  • Dry it out under the sun.
  • Make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in. You don’t want your vacuum sucking in moisture into its motor.


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There you go, that’s how you clean a Eureka vacuum filter. Remember you will have to clean other parts of the vacuum too to get optimal vacuuming experience. You can go through the site or be on the lookout for more tips on how to maximize your vacuuming experience.



How to Clean a Eureka Vacuum Filter — FAQs

Do Eureka vacuum cleaners have HEPA filter?

Some Eureka vacuum cleaners have HEPA filter while others don’t. In the same vein, some of them are washable while others are not. It is best to know what type of filter comes with the vacuum you have so you don’t damage it in an attempt to clean it.


How often should you change your vacuum’s filter?

You should change the filter in your vacuum within 3 to 6 months according to the type it is and what the manufacturer recommends. Unless it’s one of those in Dyson cordless vacuums that are meant to last the life time of the vacuum. Whether the filter is washable or not, you can still clean it. If it’s washable, simply clean it with cold water and let it air dry. If it isn’t, you can use compressed air to blow away the dirt on the filter. It is best practice to clean the filter often so the vacuum can continue to work optimally.


Can I use my vacuum without a filter?

Technically, it is possible but also a senseless thing to do. If you’re allergic or asthmatic, DO NOT try this! This is so because without a filter, your vacuum will spitting out some of the dust and debris that you vacuum off your floors. The importance of filters is to trap the the things you vacuum inside the vacuum so they do not make it back into your home and vacuum exhaust. If the exhaust gets filled with dust, it is bound to malfunction. This is why HEPA filters are important for sensitive users.


Can I get Eureka replacement filters?

Eureka vacuum cleaners filters for different models are available on the Eureka website or on online stores such as Amazon. Some Eureka vacuum models use similar filters so you might be able to get a filter that’ll fit into different models. The easiest way is to search for the filters by your vacuum model so you can rest assured you’re buying the correct one.