Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum – In-depth Review

Eureka has a respectable standing in the vacuum cleaner industry. It is committed to innovation and performance. This is one of the reasons we opted to review the Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum.

The brand was founded in 1909 and has its headquarters in Medford, Massachusetts. With this much experience making vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured the brand knows what it is doing.

Its also takes customer satisfaction into serious consideration. These are some of the qualities that have brought it this far.

If you read our guide on Eureka vacuum cleaners, you will get a good glimpse of what this brand is capable of.

The brand always seeks to reflect its love for practical innovation in the design of its wide range of vacuum cleaners. It promises a “eureka clean” on all of its vacuum cleaners.

This type of clean is the squeaky clean most people expect to get after vacuuming their floors. If you share this expectation too, you will find something for you from Eureka.




Who Should Get The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not care about maneuverability in their choice upright vacuum. If you are one of those who are serious about how easy it is to push their vacuum around, this might be something for you.

The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum has big wheels and they promise to make movement across floors as effortless for you as possible.

Not just that, if you have different floor types in your home, this vacuum also claims to have a brush roll that can handle them all.

If you are allergic or asthmatic, you might want to take this vacuum seriously. This is because it claims to have a HEPA filtration.

As you might already know, this type of filtration is effective enough to capture 99.97% of particles in the air. So, getting this might be the respiratory relief you have been looking for while you vacuum.

If you think these are all the things the Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum can do, you are so wrong. We only gave you a few so you can know if this might be what you want.

If what you have read so far has caught your interest, stay with us. By the end of this review, it is our hope that you will be able to decide if this is the vacuum you have been looking for or you will read another of our reviews.


eureka floor rover upright vacuum

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Features Of The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum

Multi-Stage Cyclonic Technology

Bagless vacuum cleaners have taken center stage in the world of vacuum cleaners. If you have been using bagless vacuums for a while, you will notice that most of them have one major problem. They tend to lose suction power as the dust cup fills up.

This happens because as dust and dirt enter the dust cup, they reduce the airflow. It is the airflow in the dust cup that is mostly responsible for the suction power. So, as the airflow reduces, so does the suction power.

The cyclonic technology, which the Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum uses, handles the dust and debris that you vacuum differently.

It spins them around in the dust cup at a high speed. The effect of this is to separate the dirt from the air. The dirt and dust settle beneath the dust cup and the air is left on top.

This way, there is sufficient airflow in the dust cup at all times. That’s why, vacuums that apply the cyclonic technology effectively, such as this one, do not lose suction. With this vacuum cleaner, you will get an efficient vacuuming experience from start to finish.


HEPA Filtration System

The filtration system in a vacuum cleaner is there to prevent the dust you vacuum from getting back out. If that happens, the allergic and asthmatic users will be in trouble. This is why vacuum cleaner brands fit their machines with good filters.

HEPA filters are the standard for respiratory devices. Since vacuum cleaners affect the surrounding air in your home, they technically fall in that category.

HEPA filters are capable of trapping microbes in the air down to as little as 0.3 microns. To put things in perspective, the diameter of a human hair is 50 microns.

The Eureka Floor Rover uses a HEPA filter to prevent the dust and allergens that you vacuum from getting back in.

This offers a form of protection to the sensitive people in the house. Now they can breathe deeply and comfortably.


Washable Filter

More on the filter; to make sure the filter is performing optimally, it is best to change it once in a while. This can add up to the overhead cost over time and it can sometimes be a hassle finding the right filter.

Any of these issues will not apply to you if you have the Eureka Floor Rover Upright because the filter is washable. Once you notice the filter is getting clogged, you can easily bring it out and put it under a running tap.

Afterward, let it dry, and it is as good as new. This will save you some money as you won’t be changing the filter any time soon.


Easy Glide Big Wheels and Swivel Steering

One of the first things you will notice when you see the Floor Rover Upright is the wheels. Yes, they are that noticeable.

What is cool about this design is that the big wheels do not even make the vacuum have a larger footprint.

The wheels make it easy for you to transition from one floor type to another. You can easily clean like you want without fiddling with any controls.

It also has a swivel steering that lets you turn easily. Now, you can twist around corners and furniture easily without moving them around.


Suction Release Valve

People complain about vacuums being difficult to push on a carpet, especially if it is a high-pile. This is due to how well the suction grips the carpet which turns out not to be fun at all.

With the Eureka Floor Rover, you will not experience that type of issue because of its suction release valve.

This valve is located at the back of the vacuum for easy access. You can open the valve when vacuuming on the carpet so that vacuum becomes easier to push. When you go on hard floors, you can close it up so that the suction can grip better.


Onboard Accessories

You must have noticed that a lot of upright vacuum cleaners have an extension hose.

This is to make them versatile so you can use them for above the floor vacuuming.

The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum has a 12-feet hose which gives you sufficient reach above the floor.

That’s not all, you can also use attachment tools with the hose to aid your vacuuming. The tools that come with the Rover include a 2-in-1 upholstery tool.

This will let you remove dirt and dust off upholstery. The 16-inch crevice tool gives you access to hard to reach areas such as baseboards and tight corners.

There is also the pet turbo brush, this is especially for those who have pets. This attachment tool will help you clean pet hair around your home. You can also use it to vacuum stairs.


eureka floor rover upright vacuum

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User-friendliness Of The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum

User-friendly means different things to different people.

So, we will state the things about this vacuum we feel makes it easy to use. It will be up to you to decide if it is user-friendly to you or not.

We will start with the dust cup. It has a high capacity which means you will not be taking too many trips to the trash can for emptying.

To detach it from the vacuum is as easy as pushing a button. The dust cup opens at the base so that the dirt can fall out on its own which spares you the need of coming in contact with it.

The attachment tools are stored aboard the vacuum cleaner so you don’t have to go far whenever you need them.

The suction power is good and the cyclonic system means it does not dwindle. If you combine this with the vacuum’s 12.5 inches brush head you will be vacuuming faster, hence, better productivity.




Pros Of The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum

i. The vacuum uses the cyclonic technology which does not lose suction power.

ii. The big wheel design and swivel steering make it easy to maneuver.

iii. It uses a HEPA filter.

iv. The filter is washable.

v. The brush roll can clean on all floor types.

vi. It has an ergonomic handle.

vii. It has a suction release valve.

viii. The vacuum has an easy to empty dust cup.

ix. It comes with useful attachment tools.

x. You can turn the brush roll on or off


eureka floor rover upright vacuum

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Cons Of The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum

i. The filter clogs a lot. Well, you can attribute that to a good suction.

ii. The vacuum will tilt over if you tug on the hose too hard.

iii. The vacuum cannot be lowered enough to get under furniture.




Alternatives To The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum


More Affordable Option – Eureka Power Speed Turbo Upright Vacuum

eureka power speed turbo

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If you are looking for a vacuum that is lightweight and easy to use, here it is. It weighs in at a little over 10 pounds.

The large dust cup is easy to empty and can accommodate a good amount of dirt. That way, your trip to the trash can is minimized.

The LED lights in front of its brush head will help you seek out dirt wherever they may hide. You will save some money on buying replacement filters since the one in this vacuum is washable.

You won’t need to go far whenever you need to switch attachments. They are all stored aboard the vacuum itself for easy reach.

The Eureka Turbo is capable of cleaning on different floor types. It has 5 height adjustments you can choose from. This allows you to control how close or far the brush roll is to the floor. That way, you have total control over how you vacuum.


High-End Option – Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Animal 2

Click here for more details


This is one of the top dogs of upright vacuums when it comes to performance. However, you will cough out a bit of cash to own it. But it is a proper definition of getting what you paid for.

This vacuum has good suction power that will not fade as the dust cup fills up like some others. What is responsible for that is the perfect implementation of the cyclonic technology. This helps the vacuum maintain an optimal airflow which in turn keeps its suction power continuous.

It also uses a whole machine HEPA filtration which ensures that allergens never make it back out. The dust cup has a large capacity that will hold a sufficient amount of dirt so you won’t have to empty all the time.


User-friendly option – Bissell 9595A Clean View Upright Vacuum

bissell 9595A

Click here for more details


If you want a vacuum that is easy to use in all respect, here you go. If you are also on a budget you are welcome once again.

This Bissell has the One Pass technology which means that you just need to pass the brush head over once and it is clean. The secret is the multi-cyclonic technology it uses for suction.

The dust cup opens at the touch of a button so the dirt can fall out into the trash can. The vacuum uses a foam filter that you can wash when you feel it is getting clogged.

It also has height adjustment knob that you can use to control how close the brush head is to the floor. All you have to do is turn the knob on the brush head according to the floor type you are cleaning.


Opposite Spectrum – Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

bissell pro heat 2x evolution

Click here for more details


It is important to wash your carpet once in a while to keep it looking like new. This vacuum-like carpet washer will do a great job of that. With this, you won’t have to spend a huge sum on hiring a professional. You will be your own professional carpet cleaner.

This cleaner has two brush rolls to thoroughly clean out those stubborn stains. It has 2 water tanks to hold clean and dirty water. It also has an Express Clean mode that lets your carpet get dry in about an hour.

If you have pets, this carpet washer has a 2-in-1 pet attachment tool you can use. You can also buy this carpet washer bundled with Bissell’s Pet Stain and Odor Remover Formula.

If you want to know more about carpet washers and how they can be useful to you, check out our carpet cleaner guide.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum

eureka floor rover upright vacuum

Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum


Click here for more details


eureka power speed turbo

Eureka Power Speed Turbo Upright Vacuum

Click here for more details

Dyson Animal 2

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Click here for more details

bissell 9595A

Bissell 9595A Clean View Upright Vacuum

Click here for more details

bissell pro heat 2x evolution

Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Click here for more details

Dimension12.5 x 12.5 x 45 inches14 x 13.4 x 44.5 inches15.3 x 13.4 x 42.1 inches12.5 x 13.5 x 44 inches15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches
Weight16.75 lbs10 lbs17.3515 lbs17.5 lbs
Attachments2-in-1 upholstery tool, pet turbo tool, crevice toolCrevice tool, pet turbo tool, upholstery toolTurbine tool, combination and stair toolTurbo and dusting brushes, extension and crevice toolTough stain tool and 2-in-1 pet upholstery wet and dry cleaning tool
Runtime30 feet25 feet35 feet27 feet25 feet
Special FeatureIt has a suction seal valveIt has 5 height adjustment settingsThe vacuum uses whole machine filtrationThe vacuum uses the One Pass technologyIt has a dual brush roll with heat wave technology



General Feeling Among Users

The Eureka Floor Rover Vacuum got of applause from a lot of the users.

There was almost a unanimous love for the suction power. Users that have pets commended how well it helped them clean pet hairs of different floor types.

Some of them also like the big wheels and how well it swivels. They say it makes it a lot easier to move the vacuum across floors.

Users found it really easy to set up from scratch. So, we can conclude that there is not a problem in that area.

Some users also like that the vacuum is also easy to take apart for cleaning. They like that you can wash the filter and reuse it.

Quite a number of the users love the attachment tools that come with it and how easy they are to use. They also like that the dust cup holds a sufficient amount of dirt.

Some Critical points…

Some users complained about how the vacuum cannot tilt low enough to reach under furniture. You have to find another means if you must get under furniture you cannot move.

Other users also complained about the vacuum falling over when you are using the hose. If the hose is 12 feet long as the manufacturer says, we believe that is enough and no one will have a reason to pull hard at the hose.



Our Verdict

You have read all we have to say about this vacuum and we hope that you found the information useful. As for us, we love this vacuum because it has a great suction and comes with useful accessories.

We only told you how we feel about this vacuum. In the end, the decision is yours. If this vacuum turns out to be what you were looking for, by all means, go get yours today!



eureka floor rover upright vacuum

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