How to Clean a Drug House – The Easy DIY Method

drug house

Illicit drugs are a bane in our society. So much that private properties are often turned into a drug house for “cooking” them up. Methyl amphetamine (meth, ice, crystal meth) is the common drug residue that contaminates houses. By-products from cocaine, cannabis, and heroin can contaminate houses too. So, it is important to know a … Read more

Can a Landlord Tell You How Clean to Keep Your House?

how clean to keep your house

How clean to keep your house or use certain amenities in an apartment building is often a cause of dispute among landlords and tenants. Tenants believe those decisions should be at their discretion and convenience. Landlords, on the other hand, have rules they want tenants to abide by.   As for the question, the quick … Read more