Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Which Should You Go For?

Shark and Dyson are somewhere on top of the perching rank of vacuum cleaner brands. So, it only makes sense that we present you with the Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 comparison.

Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF205 Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

Both brands have consistently offered vacuum cleaners that are excellent when it comes to performance. Their popularity among vacuum cleaner users is another proof of this.

From how good these vacuums are, it can quickly become difficult to decide between them. This article exists to help you with that.

Another thing these two have in common is that they are high-end cordless vacuums which mean they can cost a bit. In all honesty, they do.

This is a good reason you want to be extra attention. You don’t want to make a costly mistake, do you?



Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF205 Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia (227591-01)
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Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Comparison Overview

These two brands have been at loggerheads for a while and it has really made them better for it.

The Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 comparison is going to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of both vacuums. This will make it easier to decide which is best for you.

The Shark ION Flex has a unique design with the ‘Flex’ on its wand. It has a double brush roll that makes it work well on both hard floors and carpets. It also has headlights that help you seek out dirt.

The Dyson, on the other hand, has washable HEPA filters that will last a lifetime. That saves you a lot on buying replacements. We all know Dyson vacuums are powerful and this one represents that fully well.

By the end, you will confidently be able to decide which one is best for your needs.


Comparison Table – Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
Available Models ION Flex Duo Clean, ION Flex 2X


Get succinct details in our review of the Shark ION Flex.

Absolute, Animal, HEPA, Motorhead.


You can learn more about it in our review of the Dyson V7.

Battery Life Up to 23 minutes 30 minutes
Filtration System Foam Filter Washable HEPA Filter
Weight 8.7 lbs 5.45 lbs
Dimension 13.4 x 10.4 x 45.9 inches 8.2 x 9.8 x 49 inches
Dust Cup 0.3 liters 0.4 liters
Attachment tools Dusting brush, crevice tool, wide upholstery tool, and anti-allergen tool.


If you go for the ION Flex 2X, you will get an extra battery along with these.

Mini motorized tool, dusting brush, combination tool, crevice tool, fluffy brush roll, direct drive brush roll







What Situation Is Each Best For? – Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
Shark uses its DuoClean brush head on this cordless vacuum. This brush head has both a bristle brush roll and a fluffy type in one head.


That way, you can transition from carpets to hard floors without any issues. Just go ahead and vacuum, whenever you change floors, the ION Flex will take care of itself.

As for the Dyson V7, it has all it takes to clean on both carpets and hard floors. Only that, in this case, it has independent brush heads for either floor type.


The direct drive brush head caters to carpet floors while the fluffy brush head is mainly for hard floors. However, you will have to switch brush heads when you need the specialization.


As you can guess, this requires extra time and effort. Another thing you need to note with the V7 is that the fluffy brush head is only available in the Absolute model.

As far as cordless vacuums are concerned, you don’t have the luxury of time when the vacuum is on. This is why the runtime is important when deciding which cordless vacuum to go for.


This vacuum offers up to 23 minutes of runtime depending on what mode you are running it in. You can get as much as 12 minutes when using it in Max power mode.


The value attached to the time differences mentioned above is largely based on context, which is power.


This vacuum has good suction and it will get you a good clean in the time it can stay on.

The Dyson cordless vacuums are popularly known for their impressive runtime. This vacuum will work for a whopping 30 minutes in regular power. However, if you use it in Max mode, you will get just 6 minutes out of it.


This timing is still decent when you compare with most other brands.


However, within the context of this comparison, you need to consider how much time you need the vacuum in the Max mode since it still suctions well in regular mode.


The V7 offers slightly more runtime overall. In Max mode, it can offer up to 100 Air Watts.


So, if a combination of runtime and power sounds good to you, this is what you need.

There are two main reasons why the dust cup is an important part of a cordless vacuum. First is the capacity and second is the ease of use.


The ION Flex does great in the latter but its capacity is quite small. This means that you will have to empty it quite often.

The Dyson V7 has a marginally larger dust cup than its counterpart. Emptying it is easy and straightforward as well.


The dust cup opens at the base and the dirt falls out. If there is any clinging on, there is a lever you can pull that will force the rest of the dirt out.

Attachment tools are important. If you want versatility in your cordless vacuum, you will have to pay extra attention to the tools you get.


The Shark ION Flex comes with an impressive array of attachment tools. These allow you to clean in many different ways and you can take your vacuuming beyond floors and maybe into your car if you want.

The V7 also comes with a good collection of attachment tools. The main thing that differentiates the V7 models is the number of tools they come with.


If you want the entire attachment tools collection, you should go for the V7 Absolute.



Which Features Do They Have In Common?SharkION Flex vs Dyson V7

The fact that these two belong to the same vacuum cleaner category means there will be some similarities.

Even though they have similar features, they approach some of the execution differently. If that’s the case, we will let you know too.


Ease of Use

Ninja Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Ultra Light Vacuum (Renewed) Let us start with how easy it is to use either of these vacuums. You will agree this is important, even though it is not an outright feature.

You definitely don’t want to be spending your hard earned cash on a vacuum you won’t know how to use.

Firstly, we look into the maneuverability. This is something you will enjoy from both vacuums. They are both easy to push on hard floors and carpets and will turn quite easily as well.

Secondly, changing the attachment tools is easy too as it does not require any technicalities. Both vacuums have all the controls you need to use within reach.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the reach. The Dyson V7 has a swivel steering which allows the vacuum to tilt almost parallel to the floor. As you can guess, this makes it easy for you to get underneath furniture.

As for the Shark ION Flex, this is where the ‘Flex’ in its name comes from. There is a mechanism on the wand that lets it bend at 90 degrees.

This will allow you to reach under furniture as well. Only this time, you won’t have to bend as much.

Furthermore, storing both cordless vacuums is easy as well. The V7 comes with a dock that lets you hang it on the wall so it does not take floor space. That’s not all, you can charge it like that too!

The Shark ION Flex, on the other hand, can stand upright if you fold it at the wand all the way down. In this position, it can easily sit covertly in your closet.


Handheld Mode

Ninja Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Ultra Light Vacuum (Renewed)


Both the Shark ION Flex and Dyson V7 are capable of transforming into a miniature version of themselves.

This transformation lets you clean up dirt closely and clean in ways you could not in the full mode.

For instance, in the handheld mode, you can dust furniture, vacuum window blinds and drapes, you can also clean upholstery, etc.

That’s not all, since you are not tethered by an electric cord, you are free to roam as far as you need to.

You can go from room to room, up and down the stairs. You can even go as far as your garage if you want to.

One good thing is that how you can use the handheld mode is only limited to your creativity, and of course, the attachment tools available to you.


Max Mode

These two vacuums have powerful motors working them which is responsible for their suction.

Even in normal mode, they will still do a great job of cleaning your floors. However, there are times you need to deeper clean of your carpets, perhaps an area that is heavily trafficked. This is where the Max Mode comes in.

This mode significantly increases the suction power of the vacuum which makes it clean better.

The Max mode on both vacuums can work whether you are using it in the full mode or in the handheld mode.

It is worthy of note that when these cordless vacuums switch to the max mode, there is a significant increase in its suction. This mode is often useful for quick and deep cleaning.


Dust Cup

Both vacuums have dust cups that work pretty much the same way. They are also both located on the handle of the vacuum.

The two dust cups open up at the base to allow dirt to fall out. On the Dyson V7, the Radial Cyclone extends into the dust cup which could keep in the dirt even while the cup is open.

To neutralize this, Dyson included a design which involves pulling a lever that lifts up the cyclone. The effect of this is to push out any dirt hanging on.

The Shark ION Flex’s dust cup does not have anything that can keep in the dirt so once you just open the base, down goes all the dirt.



Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF205 Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia (227591-01)
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Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Shark ION Flex


Removable Battery

The Shark ION Flex uses a lithium-ion battery just like the Dyson. One good thing about this type of battery is that it provides a continuous flow of power.

However, the battery in the Shark ION Flex is removable. This offers a great advantage, maybe even one that makes this vacuum better when it comes to runtime.

If you are willing to spend a little more to get an extra battery, you can keep one on charge while using the other.

That will give you double the runtime. Another option is to go for the Shark ION Flex 2X model.


DuoClean Brush Head

The brush head of the Shark ION Flex is obviously bigger than that of the Dyson V7. This is not a quest for dominance, the reason is because the brush head has 2 brush rolls.

One has stiff bristles that comb through the fibers of your carpet to dislodge embedded dirt and pick it up.

The other, microfiber soft brush, will work on your hard floors. This will leave a sort of polished look in its wake.

With this, you can clean on both hard floors and carpets without changing the brush head as you might have to with the V7.

The change you will need to make is within the reach of your finger. You only need to change the vacuum setting to “floor” if you are going on hard floors and “carpet” if you want to vacuum that.

Another awesome thing about this brush head is its ability to handle a pile of debris. The fluffy brush roll in front sort of rolls over the pile making it easy to vacuum.

The direct drive brush head of the Dyson V7 will only push the debris forward. However, if you use its fluffy brush head, you will get a result similar to the Shark Duo Clean’s.


LED Lights

This might sound like a fancy addition just to lengthen the features list. However, if you look closely you will find out that this feature is useful.

The lights are quite bright and provide good illumination. This comes in handy when you are vacuuming in a poorly lit room or dark corners.



Features Unique To Dyson V7

HEPA Filter

This is one aspect the Dyson V7 is superior to the Shark ION Flex. If you are an asthmatic or an allergic user, you will agree that this is a lot of value.

It is no news anymore that a HEPA filter is the highest standard of filter you can find in a vacuum cleaner.

A HEPA filter by standard has the efficiency of trapping 99.97% of the content of the air that passes through it down to 0.3 microns.

These are particles way smaller than the diameter of a typical human hair. Now you can rest assured the air that flows out of your V7 is safe enough to breathe.

There’s more! The HEPA filter has lifetime longevity and is washable. This means that you will not be buying replacement filters throughout the lifetime of the vacuum. Just rinse and reuse! Just makes sure it gets dry first.


Direct Drive

This is a specialized brush head exclusive to Dyson. It has a mechanism that drives the brush roll.

This is unlike some other vacuums that use the force of the suction to drive the brush roll. This is one way Dyson shows off its engineering prowess.

This, apart from the powerful digital V7 motor, is what gives the brush head a good amount of agitation than its predecessors.

Dyson rates the power of its V7 as 75% more than its V6. This is a lot of suction power considering that the V6 has decent suction.


If you have been wondering how the V7 works so well on both carpets and hard floors with all sorts of debris, now you have it.



Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Unique Pros

Shark ION Flex

i. The control buttons are within your thumb’s reach.

ii. It can stand upright which makes for easy storage.

iii. The brush head has LED lights for a better vision.

iv. It has dual brush roll in its cleaner head.

v. It has a mechanism that lets the wand fold in the middle.

Dyson V7

i. Some models have a HEPA filter.

ii. The filters are washable and long-lasting.

iii. It has a larger dust cup, albeit slightly.

iv. The brush head has a mechanism that drives the brush roll.



Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Unique Cons

Shark ION Flex

i. It is heavier than the V7.

ii. It does not have a HEPA filter. However, its foam filter is washable.

iii. The Shark Ion Flex costs more than the V7

Dyson V7

i. You will need to change the brush head to deal with larger debris on hard floors.



Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Pros Common To Both Products

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
If you want versatility, you will get it from this vacuum. All thanks to the attachment tools that come with it.


All you need to do is to switch from one tool to the other and take advantage of the handheld mode as well.


With all these, you can clean floors all the way to the ceiling and everything else in between.

Same as the Shark ION Flex. Depending on which model you go for, you might get even more attachment tools than the Shark.
One of the biggest advantages of cordless vacuums is the weight and ease of use.


This vacuum is lightweight despite its powerful motor. That makes it easy to maneuver and carry around.


The ease of use part, we have discussed in details earlier.

Same as the Shark ION Flex.
Filters are important as you probably already know.


The filter in the Shark ION Flex is quite efficient. It is made of foam which is a good filter by nature. This will keep you safe from inhaling dust and allergens.

Same as the ION Flex. However, its filter is HEPA which is certainly more efficient.





Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Cons Common To Both Products

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
The Shark ION Flex costs more than the average cordless vacuum cleaners in its level.


However, most of them do not offer as much as this one does.

Same as the Shark Ion Flex.



Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF205 Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Fuchsia (227591-01)
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Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – General Feeling Among Users

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
It is a huge advantage if the battery of a cordless vacuum cleaner is removable. That is the case with the Shark ION Flex and users definitely like that. Users were generally okay with the battery life. Some mentioned that it lasts as long as the manufacturer claimed while others think otherwise.


In truth, some people do not know how to manage batteries to get the best out of them and have them last longer. Therefore, don’t be quick to judge the battery.

A lot of users like how easy it is to use this vacuum. Some said that setting it up was quite easy, most of them did not even need to consult the user manual to do that.


They also like how easy it was to move across floors especially when transitioning from hard floors to carpet which turns out to be a breeze.

Quite a number of users like how easy it was to empty the dust cup. They praised the extra lever you need to pull to push out any dirt hanging on.


Perhaps they like it because you won’t have to get your hands dirty just to empty the dust cup.

Users that have carpets, hard floors, and both, all praise the suction of this vacuum.


Even pet owners are happy with how well it picks hairs on all floor types.

Many users agree to how well this vacuum cleans. However, they often talk about its performance on both hard floors and carpets.


Users applaud the V7 for how well it deals with pet hairs. A particular user who has pets mentioned how much hair the V7 still picked off after having vacuumed the space before.



Shark ION Flex vs Dyson V7 – Our Verdict

Shark ION Flex Dyson V7
The Shark ION Flex is a really nice cordless vacuum. It is worth its price tag a number of times over.


You already know what it has to offer. If they match your needs then make up your mind. You will be happy you did.

The V7 is the type of cordless vacuum that will give you more than you asked for. It might cost a bit, but its value is more.


If what it can do is what you have been looking for, now is the time to decide.