Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum – The Review

Samsung is a brand that barely needs any introduction. Its commitment to innovation and diversity speaks for itself. We want to look into the Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum to see if epitomizes what the brand stands for.

When it comes to consumer electronics, Samsung is at the forefront. It is one of those brands that are dedicated to making our lives better.

It manufactures products that make everyday activities easier and even fun to do. Entertainment devices, kitchen appliances, smartphones, and tablets, etc. are some of the categories it has a long list of products in.

With its extent of presence around the world, it is easy to conclude that Samsung is a household name. It would be extremely hard to come across someone who has never used, seen, or benefited from a Samsung product.

A brand this popular and successful is one a person will be confident to use its products.


Who Might Need The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum?

Do you have a combination of carpets and hard floors in your home? The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum is a great device to help you keep them all clean.

When it comes to suction power, it is full of it. So, whatever the floor type you have, this robot does not have any problem with it.

If you own pets too, you are still covered as this vacuum has what it takes to clean pet hairs on different surfaces.

You also will not be doing babysitting duties. The Samsung Powerbot R7040 can take care of itself. It has advanced navigation systems to find its way around your home.

Of course, there are still some things you will have to help it with. But you won’t be spending all the time you have saved from not vacuuming yourself helping the robot.

Remote control, app, or voice, it comes down to your preference to determine how you want to interact with the robot.

If what you have read so far seems exciting, you are not alone. And you have good reasons to be excited.

All you have to do is to stay with us till the end as we are about to dive into the juicy details of what this robot is capable of.

When you get to the end, you should be able to decide if you want to buy it or you will read another of our review.


Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

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Features Of The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

High-Tech Navigation System

If you have been wondering how robot vacuums manage to find their way around, it’s your lucky day.

They use navigation sensors to detect obstacles and falls. There are different technologies of these sensors.

So, some definitely work better than others. This is why you will find that some robot vacuums are smarter than others.

As you might have figured, how well a robot vacuum covers the floor of your home has a lot to do with how it navigates.

Furthermore, how it navigates has everything to do with the technology responsible for the navigation.

This is essentially one of the important things that differentiate robot vacuums. While most other robot vacuums use one technology for its navigation, the Samsung Powerbot R7040 uses two.

These innovative technologies work hand in hand to deliver superior coverage and navigation of your home. This, along with its cleaning power, offers a thorough clean at all times.


Visionary Mapping

This is a suite of sensors that guide the robot vacuum as it moves around. They help it detect obstacles large and small.

For instance, if there is a piece of furniture such as a stool in its path, it will detect it and still clean under the stool. On the other hand, if the obstacle is a wall, it will just change its direction and continue cleaning.

What this means is that the robot can differentiate obstacle types which is great for how well it covers grounds.


FullView Sensor 2.0

There is an onboard camera on the Powerbot R7040 This helps it capture its immediate environment and map out the room it is in.

This gives it something like a peripheral understanding of the room. This makes it much easier for it to find its way around and get stuck less often.

The combination of these two technologies lets the robot move around much more deliberately. This is why it cleans well and does not miss spots on the floor.

These technologies are also what is responsible for this Samsung robots ability to map and clean multiple rooms.


Cyclone Force Technology

If you have been reading our reviews for a while, you would understand the cyclone technology in vacuum cleaners. However, we will touch on it again.

This cyclone technology refers to how a vacuum cleaner handles dirt. It is a method adopted by bagless vacuums and it is one of the most effective.

How it works is pretty simple. When dirt and debris get sucked in, the technology spins them at high speeds. This causes the dirt and dust to settle at the base of the dust cup.

The purpose of this is to ensure that there is always sufficient airflow in the vacuum. The airflow is what is responsible for maintaining the suction power. With airflow at optimum, the robot will not lose suction power till it is ready to be emptied.

With this, you can rest assured you will get an optimum performance throughout.


Easy Pass Wheels

The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum has large rugged wheels underneath it to aid its smooth movement.

We mentioned earlier that this robot can clean on both hard floors and carpets. These wheels are what help it to transition from one floor type to another.

Some robot vacuums are known to get stuck often, but with these wheels, this one does not have that weakness.

That’s not all, the wheels can change height. They can either lift up or extend down depending on the floor type it is moving on.

The wheels lift up when it is on hard floors and drops down when on carpets to help it move and vacuum better.


Edge Clean Master

If you have been vacuuming for a while, you will know that even some full-sized vacuums have issues getting dirt close to the walls.

The Samsung Powerbot R7040 has a sleek solution to this problem.

Once this robot detects a wall, it engages a rubber blade that scoops the dirt by the wall into the path of its suction. That is how this Samsung robot will keep your corners and edges clean. Would you agree this is a good innovation?


Wide Cleaning Path

Most robot vacuums come in a circular shape. This one has one curved end and the other end is flat and wide.

The wide end had a brush roll underneath. This is what enables the vacuum to clean more surface area at once that other circular robot vacuums.

With this design, the Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot will clean up your floors faster and more efficiently. Since this robot uses the cyclone technology, it will clean faster, more thoroughly, without losing performance.


Smart Power Control

Most robot vacuums claim to be capable of cleaning on both hard floors and carpets. This one too can but with a special edge. Other vacuums will clean both floor types with the same intensity, some more advanced ones will require you to switch to turbo mode.

The Powerbot R7040 Robot does it all by itself. It has a smart sensor that can detect changes in floor types.

For instance, it automatically raises its suction power up to 10% when it goes from hard floors to carpets. You will agree that this makes sense considering that you need more power to clean on carpets than on hard floors.


Washable Filter

The filter in this robot vacuum is foam. Firstly, that makes it highly efficient at trapping dust and allergens. Secondly, it means that you can wash the filter and reuse it.

A washable filter can help you save a lot of money in the long run. This is so because you will not need to replace it as often as you would if it was not reusable.




User-friendliness Of The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

From what you have read so far, we are guessing that the Samsung Powerbot R7040 is getting your attention. If that is so, there is even more to the robot that might further interest you.

First of all is its ease of use. From setting it up to operation, the process is quite straightforward and does not require any expertise.

Secondly, it has Wi-Fi connectivity. If you have been into robot vacuums you would know that means you can control the robot remotely with your phone.

Furthermore, the robot is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smart Things.

So, if you own a smart home, you can easily integrate the Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum. This will allow you give voice commands and further make operation easy.

Thirdly, you won’t be babysitting this vacuum. It is likely that the battery depletes before its job is done and needs to recharge.

If this happens, the vacuum will find its way to its dock and recharge. Once it is done charging, it will go back to where it stopped and resume its vacuuming.

On the fourth count, this Samsung robot allows you to schedule its operation. You can easily preset its cleaning time how it suits you. You can make it clean only when you are asleep or out and about.

That’s not all, you can choose from its multiple cleaning modes. It can work in the Auto Mode where it cleans at its discretion.

You can also make it do a spot clean when there is a spill. Finally, you can choose the Manual Mode if you want to get personal with your robot.

With these, would you say that the Samsung Powerbot R7040 is user-friendly?



Pros Of The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

i. It has powerful suction for picking up loose dirt.

ii. The vacuum uses the cyclone technology for a no loss of suction performance.

iii. It uses two advanced technologies for its navigation.

iv. It has a washable filter which can save you some money in the long run.

v. The vacuum memorizes where it stops to recharge and resumes when it is done.

vi. It can be controlled remotely via its smart app and it is also compatible with voice control.

vii. It goes to dock automatically when it is done cleaning and when it needs a recharge.

viii. This vacuum is low profile and easily gets under furniture.

ix. The EasyPass wheels help it move smoothly.

x. It works great for cleaning edges.

xi. It automatically adjusts suction power depending on the floor type it is.

xii. The robot vacuum operates quietly.


Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

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Cons Of The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

i. The app can be better. It could be a pain to use sometimes.

ii. In some cases, the vacuum runs out of battery before it gets to its dock.



Alternatives To The Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

More Affordable Option – Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

Eufy Boost IQ Robot Vacuum

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This is an affordable vacuum with high-end performance. The Boost IQ technology automatically increases suction power as it is needed.

The slim design robot vacuum can go on for 100 minutes before it needs to recharge. It also operates so quietly that your child can sleep through its hum.

You don’t even need to take our word for it, this vacuum has been voted the best robot vacuum of 2018 by 3 different independent review companies.

If you couple that with the affordability of this vacuum, you surely will be getting more value for your money.

You can read our unbiased review if you want to know more about this vacuum.


High-End Option – Samsung Powerbo R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum

Samsung Powerbot R7070

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We decided to go with a higher version of our featured robot. This is because it offers even better features. However, you will have to cough out some more money to get this one.

Firstly, the brush roll on this vacuum is self-cleaning. Normally, you will have to manually remove the tangles on the brush especially if it picked hairs. With this one, the robot does that itself.

Secondly, the double technology navigation sensors we described in our featured vacuum is also present in this one.

Lastly, if you think the suction power of our featured vacuum is not enough, this one will give you twice the suction.


User-Friendly Option – iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
ilife A6

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This is a robot vacuum with advanced innovative technology but with a less advanced price tag. It uses the Gen 2 Cyclone Power for its suction which you can guess is quite powerful. This enables it deep clean hard floors and low pile carpets.

It comes with both a bristle brush and a rubber brush. The bristle brush helps it handle carpets and pick up pet hairs.

You can also use the ‘electrowall’ device that creates a virtual barrier for the robot vacuum so that it won’t go where you don’t need it to.

This robot vacuum is also compatible with multiple docking stations. You might choose to use more than one docking stations so it can easily find a recharge station when the battery is low.


Opposite Spectrum – Shark ION Flex Cordless Vacuum

shark vacuum cleaner -- ion flex

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Cordless vacuums have come to stay. Its arrival made a huge impact in the vacuum industry. Its versatility and ease of use are probably what caught people’s attention. And of course, most people could not wait to be free of cords.

Firstly, this cordless vacuum has double brush rolls which make it capable of taking on dirt on different floor types. One of them is a soft microfiber which leaves your hard floor looking like it just got polished.

The other has stiff nylon bristles to comb through your rugs and carpets. Either way, you will get a thorough clean of your floors.

That’s not all, the brush head can clean large particles, small ones, and even a pile of dirt. Another amazing feature is the Multiflex which lets the stick vacuum bend half way.

If you find this intriguing, you can read more on the vacuum in our honest review of it.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum
Products Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

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Eufy Boost IQ Robot Vacuum

Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum


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Samsung Powerbot R7070

Samsung Powerbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum

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ilife A6iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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shark vacuum cleaner -- ion flexShark ION Flex Cordless Vacuum


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Dimension13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches12.8 x 12.8 x 2.9 inches13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches12.2 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches13.4 x 10.2 x 45.9 inches
Weight8.8 lbs5.73 lbs9.5 lbs4.9 lbs8.7 lbs
Controls / AttachmentsRemote control, App, Voice controlRemote controlApp, Voice control, remote controlRemote controlUpholstery and crevice tools, dusting and anti-allergen brushes
RuntimeUp to 60 minutes100 minutesUp to 90 minutes100 minutesUp to 30 minutes
Special FeatureIt uses advanced navigation sensorsIt operates quietlyThe vacuum has a 20watt suctionThe vacuum is compatible with multiple charging stationsIt can bend in the middle



General Feeling Among Users

By our standards, this is a nice robot vacuum. This is why we are not surprised how people feel about it. Users love the Powerbot R7040 for all the good reasons.

Firstly, they love how easy it is to use and clean. This robot eats dirt like a monster. So, don’t be upset if you have to empty the dust cup often.

It is only an indication that it is doing its job well and your home is not as clean as you thought it was.

Luckily, emptying the dust cup is quite easy. So, that shouldn’t be any problem.

The suction of the vacuum is good which is why pet owners say that it picks up hairs pretty well. So, on the grounds of it serving its fundamental purpose, it does great.

Some users like the fact that the vacuum can resume from where it stops. A certain user suggests that the repeat setting should be turned off. This is to save battery life otherwise, the robot will keep working until the battery runs out.

Some complaints…

A lot of users complained about the app. They say that it takes many tries for it to pair with the vacuum and others said the app crashes too often.



Our Verdict

The robot is not perfect but it works great. So, for that reason, it only makes sense that we like the Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum. Even at its price, we still believe that it is more value for money.

It is your turn to decide how you feel about this robot vacuum. Would you want to keep reading our robot vacuum reviews or you like this vacuum enough to want it? If it is the latter, you need to act fast. Get yours today!

Samsung Powerbot R7040 Robot Vacuum

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