Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Detailed Comparison

Welcome to another battle of the brands in this Roomba s9+ vs neato d7 comparison. We called it that because these two are the flagship robots of their respective brands.

You probably already know about both brands if you’re into robot vacuums. However, out of respect for what they represent, we’ll tell you a bit about them.

iRobot, the makers of the s9 launched their first offering which turns out to be the first successful robot vacuum cleaner in the industry. That set the tone for how we’ve come to know the industry.

Neato, on the other hand, breathed an air of innovation into robot vacuums with their line of robots that top the rank in their respective categories.

These two robots are giants in the league of high-end robot vacuums. We will go into details of what you stand to experience if you get either of them.


roomba s9+ vs neato d7

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Comparison Overview – Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7

The aim of this review is to help you choose which of these robots will serve your needs best.

For us to achieve that, you have to be clear about what those needs are. For that reason, we implore you to be done with that before you continue.

The Roomba s9+ sports the landmark feature of robot vacuums. It can empty its own dust cup. It is also full of power and gives you the freedom to use the robot as you want. However, you will have to pay its huge price tag.

The neato d7, while not inexpensive, does not cost as much. It too has some neat features especially the no-go lines that allow you to create a virtual barrier from your smartphone.

You will read in details the features these robots have on offer and how they will meet your needs. If you want to see how the d7 compares to another high-end Roomba, check it out here here.

It is our hope that by the time you get to the end, you will be able to confidently choose which will serve your needs best. Enjoy!


Comparison Table – Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7

Roomba s9Neato d7
Battery Life120 minutes120 minutes
Filtration SystemAnti-Allergen filterUltra-performance filter
Dust Cup0.2 liters0.6 liters
Dimension12.2 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches12.9 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches
Weight8.15 lbs8 lbs

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What Situation Is Each Best For? – Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7

Roomba s9Neato d7
If you haven’t already heard, the s9 brings you respite from having to empty the dust cup of your robot.


If you’re wondering how, it can handle that by itself. We’ll leave you with that for now and give you the juicy details in the “Unique Features” section.

The navigation system Neato uses on its robot does not require a camera. Hence, it does not depend on illumination.


In fact, this robot can vacuum in the dark just as well as when there is light.

When it comes to pet hair, this is the champ. In our tests, it cleaned all the hairs on all floor types.Great features come at a price. However, of this two, the d7 significantly costs less.

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Common Features – Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7

It is not far-fetched to expect these two to have a lot in common. There’s a limit to the high-end features available to robots, for now, so they try to pack on as many as they can.

These robots often differentiate themselves not with what they do (they all do the same thing) but how they do it. In that case, we’ll be sure to point those innovations out. Now let’s get started.


Mapping and Navigation

It is important that robot vacuums clean well. It is also as important that they can find their way around. Both robots do great in this area but they approach it differently.

The Roomba s9+ uses the iAdapt 3.0 navigation, an upgraded algorithm of the previous generation navigation exclusive to iRobot. It plans an efficient route to cover your floor.

It also uses the Imprint Smart Mapping which makes the robot learn and adapt to its immediate surroundings.

This strikingly similar to the way humans learn a new environment?

The robot scans its surroundings and stores a map of it in its memory. The s9 can store multiple floor maps.

As long as it has created a map of the floor, it will remember. This is a cool feature for those who have multiple floors in their home.

The d7, on the other hand, does basically the same thing but it uses a laser guiding system to navigate. First, it too will scan your home and generate a map of your floor and then plan a route.

The d7 too can memorize more than just one floor plan. It can store up to 3 so if you have multiple floors, you can use it to vacuum them all.

Their efficient route planning lets them vacuum efficiently as they can clean a standard room in minutes.


Suite of Sensors

Both robots have a collection of sensors that support their navigation. Firstly, you won’t notice these robots slam into obstacles.

This is because they can detect things in their path and measure the distance. This allows them to clean around it or just avoid it.

Another important sensor is the cliff detection. Since you can use them to vacuum different floors, it is important they don’t try to go downstairs.

The sensor helps them know when there’s a change in floor height and they turn away.


Wi-Fi and Smart App

It is almost standard that robot vacuums have a dedicated app that allows you to have remote access to the vacuum.

Any robot that has an app automatically has Wi-Fi. This is so because you have to pair the robot with the app over a Wi-Fi connection.

roomba s9+ vs neato d7First, you download the app on your phone (Android or iOS), then you pair it to your robot. Once that is done, you can issue commands or use your phone as a remote control.

The extent of what you can do with the robot via your phone is limited to what the manufacturer allows.

On both robots, you can schedule future dates you want the robot to clean your floors. That way, you won’t have to remember to start the robot. Once the time you set comes, it gets to work.

You can also monitor the status of the robot and how much of the floors it has covered.

With this, you only need to remember to empty the dust cup every once in a while. That’s for the d7 though. As for the s9+, don’t worry, it has that covered.

Both robot vacuums also allow you to clean only particular areas of your home. For instance, if you have highly trafficked zones, you can easily have either robot go vacuum that portion alone.

If it is a specific room that gets dirty often, you can clean just that too. This zone cleaning feature gives you a lot of freedom to have the robot clean the way you want it to.

Your experience with both apps is smooth. Most functions are easy to find and the navigation is quite intuitive.


Compatible with Smart Home

With more and more homes getting smart, your robot vacuums will fit in quite easily.

Both of these vacuums are compatible with smart devices. You can have them connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In so doing, you’re free to issue voice commands and have the robots respond. That way, you won’t always have to push a button on the robot or grab your phone.


Virtual Barriers

You might have one reason or another why you don’t want your robot vacuum to get to certain parts of the home.

Whatever the reason is, you can curb its movement without running after it. All you have to do is to set a virtual barrier to keep it at bay.

As for the Roomba s9+, you will get 2 devices that create a virtual wall barrier.

roomba s9+ vs neato d7This works by placing the device in the area you don’t want the robot to get to. It works in two modes.

One will project a line barrier while the other creates a perimeter around the object you want to protect.

As for the Neato d7, the approach is quite different. The barrier you set here is truly virtual as you have to do it from the app.

It is called no-go lines and allows you to draw as many lines and boxes as you want on the map right there on your phone.

This is quite easy since you already know what part of your home you don’t want the robot to get to.

The precision, as well as its efficacy, will blow your mind. You will find this easier to use than magnetic tapes or virtual wall devices.

If you like to schedule your robot, this will be a useful feature as you won’t come back home to meet the house half clean because the robot got stuck.

Kindly note that iRobot will release an update that will allow users to have an app feature similar to the “no-go lines”. They call the “keep out zones”. So, Roomba fans, be on the lookout.


Recharge and Resume

All robot vacuums are able to find their way back to their docking stations, at least in theory. Some robots lose their way and that could be due to different reasons.

Both the s9+ and the d7 will always find their way home provided you follow the instructions on how to place the docking station.

Whenever either of these robots has to go for a recharge before completing its job, they will return to where they stopped after charging to complete.

This is an awesome feature especially for those who will schedule the robots to work while they are not around.


Highly Efficient Filter

The filtration system of a vacuum cleaner is an important feature to consider if you are allergic or asthmatic.

You can be confident with either of these robots as their filters are advanced. They are efficient enough to trap allergens and dust preventing them from getting back into your home.

The filters in both vacuums are capable of trapping more than 99% of the dust and allergens that pass through them.

So, you can rest assured the air that comes out of their exhaust is clean enough to inhale.


Multiple Power Modes

If you have carpets and hard floors in your home, the power of a robot vacuum will matter to you. This is because vacuum cleaners require more power to clean on carpets than hard floors.

The Neato D7 has a high and low power mode it can switch between as needed.

The Roomba s9+ too can increase its power. However, pound for pound, the Neato seem better. This is a bit tricky though but we’ll spell it out for you and let you decide.

On low power, the d7 has 17 cfm of airflow while it reaches 20 cfm on high. The Roomba has a mere 8 cfm of airflow on the low power setting and reaches up to 22 cfm on high.

One advantage the Roomba has is that it will automatically increase suction when it gets on a carpet. In the end, these two have excellent cleaning performance.


Impressive Runtime

No matter how well a robot vacuums or navigates, it needs time to do its job. That is something these robots have in abundance.

The s9+ and d7 will keep going for 120 minutes on a full charge. That is enough time to cover the entire floor of a standard house.



Robot vacuums are popularly round in shape. However, the narrative is quickly changing. These top robots, for instance, are not round and that gives them some advantage.

Round robots will often have issues with cleaning corners. Their shape won’t let them fit in and a side brush that is too long will lose its value.

With one flat end, the s9+ and d7 get an edge on two counts. Firstly, it can clean better into corners because it will fit and its side brush will reach deeper into corners.

Secondly, the brush roll is a lot wider since it is located at the flat end of the robot. This gives it a wide cleaning path; almost as much as an upright’s. This helps it cover more grounds in a shorter time.


roomba s9+ vs neato d7

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Unique Features – Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7

Features Unique To s9+

Roomba Clean Base

We are excited to explain how the first successful execution of automated dust cup emptying on a robot vacuum works.

The Roomba s9+ is the model with this clean base while the “s9” does not; which is their only difference.

The process

The docking station is obviously larger than usual. This is because it is not only a docking station, the dust cup emptying mechanism is built into it.

Whenever the robot goes out to vacuum, it gathers dirt in its dust cup. Every time it comes back to dock, it dumps the contents in its dust cup.

There is a motor in the contraption that sucks dirt out of the Roomba into a bag inside the ‘tower’. So, every time the robot goes out to vacuum, it is doing so with an empty dust cup.

iRobot claims that the collection bag in the ‘tower’ can hold up to 30 dust cups of dirt!

If we do the math, since the Roomba s9+ has a dust cup capacity of 0.2 liters. If we multiply that by 30, that amounts to 6 liters. Of course, the robot won’t get a full dust cup all the time.

Unless your home is constantly dirty, we don’t see how you will fill that up any time soon. 30 is a huge number, we are talking about weeks here.

If you don’t have pets or kids, maybe even months before you need to change the bag.

This feature is fantastic on different levels. One of which is the fact that you won’t be babysitting this one at all.

Secondly, you can have more confidence to schedule the robot as you won’t need to bother about emptying. Not anymore will your robot stop work halfway because of a filled dust cup.


Dirt Detection

The dirt detection technology has been featuring on Roombas since the Roomba 600 series. You can guess it has been serving them well or it would have been taken off.

This feature identifies a concentration of dirt on the floor. The robot will then respond by putting in extra effort and time to get the area sufficiently clean.

This is a great feature to have if you have highly trafficked floor areas in your home. This feature also triggers when you use either robot for spot cleaning.


Dual Rubberized Brush Roll

The s9+ has a design that has been known for the Roomba for a while now and it has served it well. These brush rolls have ridges on them instead of bristles.

It helps them comb through the fibers of carpets as well as bristles will but not hold on to hairs and strings.

This is why this brush roll design has been so successful. However, once the robot is done vacuuming, take out the brush rolls and pull out the hairs that might have wounded around the axels. That’s all there is to do.

roomba s9+ vs neato d7

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Features Unique To d7

Spring Loaded Wheels

The wheels on the Neato d7 can retract and extend depending on the situation. This makes the robot move smoother and deal better over uneven floors.

The springs serve as a sort of shock absorber similar to the ones in vehicles. This allows it to climb over obstacles easier.

So, the ledges at your doorway will not stop it from making its way in and getting its job done. Transitions from hard floors to carpets too will be much easier with these wheels.


Smart Charging

Automatic charging and resuming is a great feature but this intelligent charging adds an extra quality to it.

For several reasons, your Neato d7 might not be able to complete its vacuuming before its battery gets depleted.

Ordinarily, that will not be a problem because the robot will find its way back to its docking station and literally plug itself in.

Here is the special thing about the d7. It can calculate how much charge it needs to complete its task and once the battery gets there, it will go back to complete the job.

That way, your home won’t have to stay half cleaned for hours before it is completed.

This feature is certainly one you will not find in a lot of the other robot vacuums. However, for this feature to truly work, you must have saved the floor plan.

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Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Unique Pros


i. This robot can detect dirt on the floor.

ii. The s9+ can empty its own dust cup.

iii. Its brush rolls are rubberized, yet durable.

iv. It is more compact than the d7 so it can maneuver obstacles better.



i. It has a smart charging system that lets it resume unfinished jobs faster.

ii. The wheels enable it to move across floors easily.

iii. It uses laser navigation which does not rely on illumination.



Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Unique Cons


i. It costs a bit too much.



i. We couldn’t find anything uniquely wrong with the d7.



Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Pros Common To Both Products

Roomba s9Neato d7
The shape gives it the advantage of a wide cleaning path. If you couple it with its intentional cleaning route, efficient vacuuming is what you will get at all times.Same as the s9+
The s9 vacuums pretty fast. It cleans an average-sized room in 25 minutes which is impressive.Same as the s9+. However, this one completed the same room in 21 minutes.
Its low profile design allows it to sneak under furniture to clean out the less obvious areas for a better reach.Same as the s9+
The s9+ is great at deep cleaning carpets. Some tests show that it recorded the best deep cleaning performance.Same as the s9+ but did not perform as impressively.

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Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Cons Common To Both Products

Roomba s9Neato d7
This robot costs a lot. In fact, there has not been a robot that costs this much.Same as the s9+ but it costs a lot less but we still think the price should have dropped further.

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Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – General Feeling Among Users

Roomba s9Neato d7
A particular user claims that the robot is not so smart. He even said that he got a replacement vacuum twice and still had problems with it.


It would have been easy to consider this complaint an isolated one but the user claims to be a sort of internet of things engineer.


It’s hard to accept because we did not experience such.

Some users love the ease of use and the convenience that comes with the no-go line feature. One user even says that it can be a money saver if you compare it to the Roomba that you still need to buy more of its virtual boundary devices.
It is not a surprise that users love the fact that the s9 can empty its own dust cup. They are really enjoying the relief that comes with it.A user that has used a Roomba before (not i7+) showered praises on the D7 for how well the robot navigates as well as how long the battery lasts.
A user claims that the s9 is the third Roomba that will serve his household and was quite excited about what he got.


He likes the shape and how it now cleans corners better. He was impressed with how easy it is to clean the robot and how low maintenance it required.

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Go here for the d7


Roomba s9+ vs Neato d7 – Bottom Line

Roomba s9Neato d7
If the price is not a problem and what the robot offers meet your needs, why not? Go get yours now!The d7 is a great robot, no doubt, but what is important is what you need it for. After all you’ve read, if the robot has what it takes to fulfill all your needs, by all means, make it yours!

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roomba s9+ vs neato d7

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Go here for the d7














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