Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

The weekend was fun. It was great seeing your sisters and little nieces and cousins again. You had been planning this reunion for months. Your siblings and their families are coming to yours for the weekend. Of course, that will require some cleaning afterward, but then, you have a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

As the great planner that you are, the mini get together was a huge success. Everything went as planned. You were especially happy that the food and groceries you packed the refrigerator with did not go to waste.

Your special turkey recipe was perfect once again as everyone won’t stop talking about it. Thanks to the awesome support of your halogen oven.

You were filled with joy to see the little kids run around in the house and outside making merry noises. One of the best parts was in the evening when everyone gathered in the living room to watch the Netflix show they had in common.

It was an unforgettable experience for you. One you will cherish for a long time.

Now the weekend is over and sadly everyone has to get back to their lives. With that much traffic in the house, as expected, aftermath cleaning is inevitable.

Fortunately enough, your older nieces and nephews ganged up in the kitchen to help with the dishes. You were amazed as to how well those kids were brought up. Your dishwasher had quite a job to do that time.

Now that everyone is gone, you have to clean the floors. Almost every room in your house has different floor types. Normally, each floor will require a different cleaning method but not for you.

kirby vacuum cleanerIf you are wondering why, hang in there, you’ll soon find out. Everything else is done, just the floors left.

You open your kitchen closet and there it was there in its full glory. Your reliable Kirby vacuum cleaner, as always, waiting to do its job.

Your different floor types do not matter to the Kirby, its only concern is to clean and clean well. It will deep clean your carpets and rugs with its specially designed brush.

Hardwood floors? A cincher. Just fix the appropriate head and it starts to clean. Kirby vacuums are even designed to work with an accessory that is designed to clean tiles and clear grouts from crevices.

This is not the type of vacuum cleaner that will only suck half the dust in and throw the rest in the air for your nose to vacuum. There are Kirby HEPA-certified filters that you can use if you have allergies.

When it comes to cleaning floors in your home, Kirby vacuums and accessories have you covered on all fronts. If you want to know the details of what Kirby vacuum cleaners have in store for you, keep reading as we break it all down.



The Kirby Experience

Would you rather put your trust in a company that has been doing the same thing continuously for over a century or a new one? It is only sensible to trust a company with experience and expertise.

Jim Kirby started The Kirby Company in 1906 with its first hand-made Kirby Home Cleaning System. Since then, it has been learning and improving on its vacuum cleaners.

Until now, Kirby vacuum cleaners are one of foremost in the industry. This is not so just because it has been around for long.

It became a leading name because of its quest for perfection and constant improvement. The brand’s core values revolve around performance, quality, and reliability.

With over 200 patents to the company’s name, there are certain technologies that are exclusive to the range of Kirby vacuum cleaners. These are some of the secrets behind ‘Kirby clean’.


Kirby Filter Bags

kirby vacuum cleaner filter bagsEvery Kirby vacuum cleaner, old or new, is fitted with some of the best filter bags you will find in a vacuum cleaner.

The older models, such as the Kirby G4 was features the Micron Magic Filtration bags. These filter bags were way ahead of their time in terms of performance.

Even at that, new model Kirby vacuum cleaners now feature a more advanced filter bag that holds in all sorts of household debris. They are HEPA-certified and you can rest assured pet dander, dust, pollen, etc.

That gets sucked in will not come back out. With this feature, people who have allergies can confidently clean their home with a Kirby vacuum cleaner.


Superior Suction Design

Kirby vacuum cleaners are engineered to deep clean your carpet and rugs so no debris is left behind. They use powerful motors to rotate Kevlar blades which create strong suction that pulls in microscopic dirt.

Coupled with advanced cleaning brushes, dirt has no place to hide as they all get swept up and sucked in.



What would be the point if you clean with a vacuum and you still need to labor with movement? This is not an issue with Kirby vacuum cleaners as they are designed with an effective pivot system.

This makes movement on a floor type easy and the transmission from one floor to another is so smooth it is unnoticeable.


Adjustable Height

This is a design you might only find in newer Kirby models but it is a great addition. This feature enhances Kirby vacuum cleaners ability to clean multiple surface types.

The cleaning height is adjustable to allow for the optimum airflow on different floor types. For instance, you can lower the cleaning height on a carpet or rug so it gets closer to the base of the fibers and suck up debris.

You can raise the height on a hard floor so that there is more airflow for the vacuum since the surface is smooth.


If nothing excites you about Kirby vacuum cleaners, which we doubt, this one will. Kirby has a huge variety of accessories. The company believes that you do not need to buy multiple cleaning tools when you can own a Kirby cleaning system.

kirby vacuum cleaner accessoriesIt is not just a vacuum cleaner. You can use this machine to shampoo your rugs and carpets, even upholstery.

You just need to change the cleaning head to the appropriate one. Kirby has specialized cleaning shampoo too.

This shampoo uses the dry foam technology that won’t wet your carpet or rug but will still thoroughly clean it.

That’s not all, with the same machine, you can mop and polish hard floors as well as scrub tiles.

Kirby also creates cleaners and concentrates that you can apply to get the best of your floors. If this does not excite you, honestly, nothing will.



Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Models

Kirby G Series

The Kirby G series started from the G3 and went through the numbers to G6. There were some changes and improvement across the iteration. One major change was in the fan.

kirby vacuum cleaner G4The G3 and 4 had plastic fans which could break if you vacuum metal. In the G5, the plastic fan changed to Kevlar which is nearly unbreakable.

The G6 model was the one that introduced Kirby’s HEPA filtration system. The previous models had the Micron Magic Filtration we mentioned earlier.

The G6 filtration system could suck up .01 microns of debris. This is a system that will not only keep microbes, dust, and allergens off your floors but also in the air.


Kirby Ultimate and Diamond Edition

The Kirby Ultimate was a huge step up from the G6 model. The motor got more powerful and includes a brush roll for picking up pet hair. The Diamond model, on another hand, changed the game for Kirby.

It became the first Kirby vacuum cleaner with a 2-speed motor. This was an awesome and welcomed feature for customers who have hard floors.

The 2-speed motor also allowed the vacuums to clean deeper by picking up even tinier debris. Now users have a choice in power. You can choose the lower speed if you just need minor cleaning or the high speed for the ‘Kirby clean’.

One should be careful with the high speed, you don’t want to suck in your throw rug. Ouch! That will need a deeper cleaning.


Kirby Sentria 1 and 2

kirby vacuum cleaner sentriaThe Kirby Sentria further changed the design of Kirby vacuum cleaners. It looks a lot more modern than the previous version.

It now has LED lights which eliminate the issue of changing bulbs and it is over a pound lighter.

The Sentria 2 is quite similar to its earlier version in terms of appearance. When it comes to performance, it has stiffer bristles that reach deeper into the carpet to clean better.

It also has HEPA filtration and Kevlar fans so you don’t have to bother what type of debris you are vacuuming.


Kirby Avalir 2

This is the latest offering from Kirby and it surely rises to its hype. This model can clean multiple floor types. Homeowners who have different types of floors in their home will love this.

You can go from cleaning carpets and rugs straight to cleaning tiles, vinyl floors, linoleum, etc. The only thing you might need to do is change the brush roll.

The Avalir has a HEPA Micron Allergen Filtration that keeps dirt in preventing you from inhaling them. It is also has a belt change indicator. Since you will be using this Kirby a lot, this indicator will come in handy.

You won’t need to bend over to change the cleaning height, just use your toe. The folks at Kirby love your back.



Kirby has a large collection of accessories you can use with your vacuum cleaner to get the best floor cleaning. These accessories burst open the versatility of a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

You can buy a brush roll that mops hard floors. When you get to a room with tile flooring, just change to a tile and grout brush roll and you are ready to go.

No more going on all fours to scrub! If you have hardwood floors, you won’t need to go through the rigors of polishing it manually.

With the Kirby Miracle Shine brush roll, your Kirby vacuum cleaner just turned into a floor polisher as well.

There are liquids and concentrates you can also get from Kirby. When used in combination with the right brush roll, you can achieve great cleaning effects.



How to choose the right Kirby vacuum cleaner for your needs

Like we always say, if you don’t know the details of what you need something for, you might not make the right choice. Understanding your need for a vacuum can go a long way helping you choose the right model.

This will also help you choose the best model within your budget. That way, you won’t be stuck with a vacuum with great features you don’t need.

First of all, any Kirby vacuum cleaner you get will last you a long time. I’ve heard users whose Kirby vacuum cleaners are older than all their kids with the eldest being in the 20s. Come to think of it, if they still have those vacuums, it means that they are still working fine. Kirbys do last!

Most Kirby vacuum cleaners can work on different floor types and their accessories are generally universal across Kirby models. So, if a Kirby vacuum cleaner that can clean all floor types is all you want, any of the models will do great.

kirby vacuum cleaner HEPAIf you or someone in your household is allergic or sensitive, you will need a Kirby with a HEPA filtration system.

These types vacuum dust down to .01 microns and keep them in. The Kirby Avalir or Sentria is a good choice in this case.

If your vacuuming will go beyond floors, some people want to vacuum their mattress and upholstery, the Avalir has that one specialty.

You will just need to buy the right accessory and a Kirby shampoo concentrate to keep your entire home nice and shiny.

At Kirby, the goal is to let you have one vacuum cleaner to do all your cleaning. Coupled with how long Kirbys last, that is the only vacuum you will ever need.



You now know what you stand to get if you own a Kirby vacuum cleaner and we have shown you the models available. We also explained which model is best for you based on what you need.

With all these, deciding which model to go for will be easy. Just make up your mind and go make the purchase. A Kirby cleaning system is the cleaning partner you have been looking for.











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