iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Detailed Comparison

iRobot pioneered the domestic robot vacuum industry. It created and sold the first robot vacuum that autonomously cleaned floors. This is why we are bringing you the iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 comparison.

These two belong to the 600 series of Roomba. They are quite similar in many respects but are also different in terms of what they offer.

These are two Roombas people often have issues choosing between. That is why we decided to come to the rescue.

These two are mid-level robots from iRobot and you can rest assured there are more advanced ones.

Talking about advanced robots vacuums, iRobot recently released the Roomba e5, Roomba i7, and the Roomba i7+. We are excited to tell you that the i7+ can empty its own tank! Honestly, these new Roombas are worth checking out.

Okay back to our iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 comparison. The aim of this review is to help you understand both vacuums and then decide which is best for your needs.



roomba 690
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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Comparison Overview

It is when you have sufficient knowledge about each of these robots will you be able to tell if it is right for your needs.

Both robot vacuums are similar in so many areas that they will both suit the same needs.

The Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 both have dual brush rolls so they can deep clean on carpets.

They also have the same runtime and can be controlled via voice commands and the dedicated app.

Their price tag is one thing that separates them. As you read on and learn more about the robots, you will be able to tell if the price difference is justified.



Comparison Table – iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690

Roomba 675Roomba 690
Battery Life 90 minutes90 minutes
Weight 6.77 lbs7.8 lbs
Virtual Wall included?NoYes
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Who’s Each Best For? – iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690

Roomba 675Roomba 690
The Roomba 675 has dirt detection technology. This piece of tech makes the robot clean harder on areas that have a concentration of dirt.The Roomba 690 is also equipped with this tech. So, you can rest assured even if you have highly trafficked parts in your home that needs deeper cleaning, this Roomba will cater to that. The best part yet, it will do it automatically.
If you have a combination of hard floors and carpets in your home, you don’t have a problem with this robot.


It can clean on both hard floors and carpets conveniently. Its dual brush roll will reach deep into the fibers of your carpet to clean things out.

The Roomba 690 is also a worthy robot vacuum. It too can clean on different floor types with no problem.


Its dual brush roll located underneath will also do a fine job at cleaning pet hairs off your floors.


It also has a side brush, as do the Roomba 675. This brush helps the robot clean close to the wall so you will not have to do that part manually.

If you are allergic or asthmatic, you surely need a vacuum cleaner that has a good filtration system.


This one does and it will do a good job at trapping allergens and dust from seeping back into your home.

The Roomba 690 has the AeroVac filter which will trap in allergens that the robot vacuums.


That way, you will not run the risk of inhaling allergens and dust that might trigger respiratory issues. Though this filter is not HEPA standard, it still does a great job protecting you.

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Common Features – iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690

There are lots of similarities between these vacuum. We will highlight them and also point out wherever there is a difference in their execution.


All Roombas are shaped the same. They are all circular and carry the brand’s identity as well as a single “Clean” button.

The only thing you can use to separate these two is the color scheme. The Roomba 675 is all black in appearance while the Roomba 690 has a gray coloration on it.

The navigation sensors, button, handle, logo, are all located in the same location on both robots. Underneath the chassis, a lot of things are the same which you will soon get to find out.


Wi-Fi and Smart App

Both vacuums have Wi-Fi compatibility. Wi-Fi can take your robot’s capabilities to a whole different level.

Wi-Fi lets the robots connect to your smartphone so that you can use it to control and monitor it.

There is an app dedicated to these robots that you need to download on your phone. Afterward, you will then need to pair your robot vacuum with the app which is where the Wi-Fi comes in.

With this app, you can use your phone as a controller. You can use it to issue commands to the robot remotely.

That way, you can have the robot clean your floors before you get back home. Just imagine how much relief that can bring you.

Not anymore will you have to worry about a friend who spontaneously invites themselves to your home.

You can also monitor the status of the robot and how much of the floors it has cleaned.



These two Roombas have a full suite of intelligent sensors. They help the robots scan the surrounding area and take notes of the walls, furniture, and obstacles.

The robot vacuums use the iAdapt navigation system to find its way around your home. After some time, these robot vacuums might get to know your home pretty well.

The Roomba 675 and 690 might not follow any precise pattern but with the sensors, they still get to cover your floor space.

There are also sensors on these robot vacuums that help them detect obstacles. One great thing about this is that they don’t just detect them, they will also clean around them the best way they can.

These robots can get come in contact with the leg of a table, for instance, and still get under it to clean the space.

There is also a sensor under the robots that help it detect changes in floor heights. Once these robots get to a stair, for instance, the sensor detects the difference in height and it turns back.


Smart Home Capability

It is not only humans that can be smart. ‘Smart things’ are holding the sway now. The increase in the popularity of Internet of Things (IoT) proves that. This development makes this feature a great addition.

For those who already have a smart home, this is good news. You can add these robot vacuums to the list of devices on your smart home hub.

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to talk to your robot vacuum.


Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

We all know that cleaning a carpet takes a lot more effort than hard floors.

The cleaning head of these Roombas is underneath where the brush rolls are. The cleaning head on both robots can adjust based on the floor type that is being cleaned.

It adjusts to suit either hard floors or carpets. This might seem like just a little add-on feature but it isn’t. The clean head adjusting to the floor type only means that the robots will vacuum your floors pretty well.


Dirt Detection

The Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 can detect where dirt is concentrated on your floors. This is a pretty useful feature because it makes the robots clean evenly.

Imagine there is a segment of your carpet that is heavily trafficked. Your Roomba is now on top of it to vacuum. If it vacuums the entire carpet the same way, it definitely will not clean the whole carpet well.

Since these Roombas can identify dirt, they will focus more on the area that has a concentration of dirt. That way, you can rest assured it will evenly clean the carpet.


Low Profile Design

By our standards, this is one of the most innovative features in robot vacuums. If you don’t regularly clean underneath your furniture, you can rest assured it will be dirty.

The Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 are low profile enough to sneak under even your low profile furniture. At a height of less than 4 inches, these robots will get into places you normally won’t.

This is one of the reasons robot vacuums are getting popular. Their cleaning reach is quite impressive.


Automatic Recharge

Robot vacuums can clean autonomously and that is why they have won the hearts of so many people.

When these robots set out to do their thing, they do so by themselves. So, it only makes sense that they return on their own when they are done. Of course, these Roombas do so.

There are also times where their battery might run down while on a job. The Roomba 675 and Roomba 690 are designed to find their way back to their docking station when their batteries reduce to a certain level.


Edge Cleaning

Both robot vacuums have a side brush that lets them clean edges as they go. Some vacuums, even the full-sized ones, often have a problem cleaning edges.

These side brushes on both vacuums come in handy at clearing dirt close to walls. They simply sweep the dirt and hairs into the path of the robot’s brush roll and suction.


Dual Brush Roll

The double brush roll on this robot vacuum plays a significant part in the 3-stage cleaning process these iRobot Roombas are offering. The third stage is the side brush that we spoke about above.

The brush roll in front loosens dirt and the one at the back picks it up while the powerful suction does the rest.

This is the process the robot follows to provide the deep clean it promises. Whether it is debris or pet hair, the dual brush roll will help you clean them all on both hard floors and carpets.


Carrier Handle

There is a handle at the top of both of these Roombas that you can pull up and use it to carry it. These robots are not even heavy so, carrying it will not be a problem at all.



roomba 690
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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Roomba 675

These two robots are from the same class of Roomba which is largely responsible for the many features they have in common.

It is also the reason it is hard to find something unique about the Roomba 675 in comparison to the 690. Hence, there is no unique feature.


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Features Unique To Roomba 690

Virtual Wall Barrier

There are times when you don’t want your robot vacuum to go to a particular area in your home. For instance, your baby is sleeping in a room and the noise might wake her up.

The virtual wall barriers will prevent the robot from going beyond where you set it. To the vacuum, the virtual barrier is a wall and it will turn back once it gets within its boundary.

Only the Roomba 690 has the virtual wall barrier and it comes with one unit of it. If you need more than the one unit, you can easily get some more.

roomba 690

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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Unique Pros

Roomba 675

i. It is less expensive.

ii. It is lighter.


Roomba 690

i. It comes with a virtual wall barrier.



iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Unique Cons

Roomba 675

i. There are no cons unique to either of these Roombas. They both have the same cons though.




iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Pros Common To Both Products

Roomba 675Roomba 690
This robot has two brush rolls underneath to help it deep clean carpets.


These brush rolls do great with debris and hairs and they will clean on both hard floors and carpets.

Same as the Roomba 675.
The dust cup of the Roomba 675 is easily accessible. You just need to press the carved part of the base and then pull it out.


Take it to the trash can, open it up and pour out the content. The capacity is 0.3 liters so you won’t have to empty it so often.

Same as the Roomba 675.
The 90 minutes of runtime you will get out of this robot deserves applause.


This is enough time to vacuum your entire space. Of course, that will depend on how large your home is.


When the battery is getting low, the robot will simply find its way to its charging station and literally plug itself in (in theory though).

Same as the Roomba 675.
You can schedule cleaning via the app of this robot. You can also select different cleaning modes depending on the type of cleaning you need the robot to do.


For instance, you can make the robot spot clean. You can also have it clean just the edges.

Same as the Roomba 675.
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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Cons Common To Both Products

Roomba 675Roomba 690
The bristles of the brush roll underneath this robot are susceptible to hair tangles.


It works great at cleaning pet hairs but then, afterward, you will have to clean the hair out of the brush roll.

Same as the Roomba 675.
This robot has a decent filtration system but it would have been a lot better if the filter was HEPA.Same as the Roomba 675.
The navigation system on this robot is a little out of date. This robot follows a random pattern across your floors. However, it still manages to touch everywhere.


If it had followed a more systematic movement pattern, it would save a lot of power and perhaps last even longer.

Same as the Roomba 675.
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roomba 690
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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – General Feeling Among Users

Roomba 675Roomba 690
The Roomba is also very easy to use. From set up to operation, there is nothing complicated about it.


Some other users even provide tips on how to get the best out of the robot vacuum. If you want the robot to work smoothly, be sure to clear your floors of clutter.


If you have a pet, it is best to house train it or keep it in another room when the robot needs to clean the floors.


Yes, this robot vacuum requires a procedure before you let it lose. It’s not just this one, it is every other robot vacuum regardless of how expensive or advanced.

There are some users who are happy with the scheduling feature of this vacuum.


You can set a future time you want the robot to vacuum your floors. This is one of those things you can do with the app on your phone and it is so convenient.


Another user said that she likes how well the robot transitions from floor to floor even if there are those ledges by the door.


The same user also said that the robot has not yet scratched her hardwood floor. So, this should reduce the worries of those concerned about this.

A certain user who happens to be satisfied with the robot’s performance said that she is happy with the price of the robot.


She claims that the robot isn’t bad at that price but it could be better.

There are users that love the app of the Roomba as well. Quite a number of them say that it is easy to use.


One user who uses her Roomba with an Alexa device enjoys the fun and convenience that comes with talking to your robot vacuum.

One user narrated how tough it was for them to keep their dog’s hair from littering the entire floor. It was a lot of work keeping up with the shedding dogs.


Then they got the Roomba 690, that seems to do the trick as they didn’t have to do any work vacuuming pet hair anymore.


That’s not all, they were really excited at how well the Roomba dealt with the pet hairs on both hard floors and carpets.

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iRobot Roomba 675 vs 690 – Our Verdict

Roomba 675Roomba 690
This is a nice robot vacuum to have if all you need is some basic performance and durability. It is also available at an affordable price.This robot comes with a virtual wall barrier so you won’t have to pay extra for it.


If this is worth the price difference between the robots, then this is a better choice for you.

Get the Roomba 675 now!Get the Roomba 690 now!
roomba 690
Get the Roomba 675 now!Get the Roomba 690 now!















  1. The Roomba model numbers have no bearing on the order they reached the market. They denote the level of the robot within its class.

    The iRobot website says the Roomba 690 was developed from the Roomba 650. The 675 was derived from the 690. The Roomba 675 is the later model. The 690 is only available from retailers and not the iRobot Online Store.

    1. You’re right Michael. I guess my choice of words did not relay my intended message. Thank you for the heads up and the comment.


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