How to Clean Poop from Carpet

Having to clean poop from carpet is not an experience anyone would look forward to. However, this is life, s**t happens. Your toddler or pet could mess up, hopefully not often, and you find yourself here.

clean poop from carpet


The good thing about this situation is that it does not have to be a daunting task. That is if you use the right approach. Fortunately, you have Vacuum Cleaners Advisor on your side.

We are going to share with you the easy ways you can clean poop from your carpet. Getting the poop or stain out is only one part of the battle. The smell will linger and possibly some bacteria too.

The approaches we’re going to share with you will teach you how to clean poop from your carpet like it never happened.

We are confident they will work because they’re suggestions we got from experts in their fields.

Nice to know you’re still with us, now let’s get down to it.


Ways to Clean Poop from Carpets

Before we get started, it is important that you know the type of carpet you have. Reading the label on the carpet can go a long way in helping you choose which cleaning agent you can use or not.



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Most enzyme and oxygen-based commercial cleaners like this Amazon Basics or this Woolite are safe to use with polyester, polypropylene, and nylon carpets.

Whereas, they might damage wool and silk carpets. Ammonia will discolor wool carpets so, it’s a no-no. In fact, to be safe, we suggest that you let professionals handle wool and silk carpets.

With that cleared up, let’s get started.


Use commercial products to clean poop from carpets

  • Remove the poop early. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. The longer the poop stays on the carpet, the more effort it will take to get rid of it. So, you want to grab a paper towel fast. If it happens that you couldn’t attend to the situation immediately, the poop stain on the carpet might have dried. In this case, you can use a microfiber cleaning cloth to moisten the area. Don’t use too much water to avoid a mold infestation. Just enough to rinse the stain.


Now for the proper cleaning.

  1. You can use a dishwashing liquid. This Dawn Ultra is a great option. Mix a tablespoon of it with two cups of warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar.


  1. Use a fresh microfiber cloth to apply the solution onto the stain. Remember not to get it too wet. Continue the gentle application until the stain has gone.


  1. If some stain remains, all hope isn’t lost. Turn to the trusted hydrogen peroxide and apply a few drops using an eyedropper directly on the stains. We’re not suggesting you spray because you can’t control the quantity applied.


  1. After that, apply a drop or two of ammonia. If it’s a wool or silk carpet, skip the ammonia to avoid discoloration.


  1. Let it sit for 5 minutes and sponge the area. Then use another fresh microfiber cloth to blot it dry.

There are other carpet stain removers that are designed to tackle jobs like this. We suggested that dishwasher liquid because you likely already have it at home and you have an urgent situation.

However, to be better prepared for next time, this Bissell Professional Pet Stain Remover is a better option. It will tackle the odor and the best part yet is that it will prevent your pet from soiling that spot again!



The DIY approach to clean poop from carpet

Leslie Reichert of Cleaning Coach shared this DIY approach. So, you can consider this another pro tip. This is a wetter approach to clean poop from carpets but it still works well.

  • Saturate the stain. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Spray the solution over the stain to loosen the dirt from the fibers.
  • Scrub the area. Use a soft brush on the area to work the solution into the carpet.
  • Dry up the moisture. Use paper towels to sponge the wetness from the carpet. A better approach will be to use a wet and dry vacuum to suck up the moisture. Then let the surface air dry.
  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area. Do this when you’re sure the area is dry. If you used a vacuum, this will be sooner.
  • Spray 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. This should be a mixture of 1-part peroxide with 4 parts cool water. Work it in with a soft brush. This will absorb lingering odor and remove leftover stains.
  • Blot the wetness with a paper towel. Better still, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess moisture.

At this point, the carpet should look like nothing happened. If you’re a perfectionist like us, you might want to run a vacuum over the area to restore the pile.



The carpet washer option

Carpet washers are like vacuum cleaner only that they wash carpets. If you want to know more about them and all the nice things they can do, you can read our guide.

Using a carpet washer to clean poop from carpet is as easy as moving it over the spot. Using a full-sized carpet washer for spot cleans can seem like overkill.

That won’t be a problem since most of them have attachment tools to handle spot cleans. A more applicable alternative is to use a handheld carpet washer such as this Bissell Pro Heat.

If you prefer to use a carpet washer to clean poop from your carpet, it is a good idea to use the brand’s cleaning solution. Using another might void your warranty with certain brands.

For instance, if you go for a Hoover carpet washer, you can back it up with a Hoover PetPlus Solution.

Using carpet washers might be a suitable option if you have wool or silk carpets. However, be sure to read the labels of both the carpet and the liquid washer to ensure there won’t be any damage.


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There you have it, expert tips to clean poop from your carpet. Now, those little accidents won’t be much of a hassle anymore. Don’t hoard this information, share it with loved ones. They’d love you more for it.

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