Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum – The Review

Eufy is a brand that is focused on innovation. This is a trait you will notice in its products, including the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum. The brand manufactures smart devices that make your home better serve you and more enjoyable to occupy.

Eufy is a subsidiary of Anker Innovations and together, they create smart devices that can be connected. These devices can also be synced together for an even holistic experience. The brand also manufactures all sorts of smart home devices.

At this rate, Eufy will soon become one of the giant names in the consumer electronics industry in America. If you want to know more about robot vacuum cleaners, you can read our guide on it.

Eufy Boost IQ Robot Vacuum

Who Needs To Get The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

Almost anyone who needs their home to always stay clean would need this robot vacuum. It is true that some people enjoy vacuuming but those are endangered species of humans. Most people will prefer to do something else than vacuum their floors often.

The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum seeks to separate you from vacuuming. It wants to vacuum your floors for you while you do whatever else you want. That sounds like a good idea, does it not?

If you have pets in your home but don’t like the idea of having hairs litter the place, this robot vacuum can also help with that. Its suction will easily pick up pet hairs off your floors.

Don’t worry about the floor types you have, the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum does not worry too. Whether it is hard floor or carpet, it will do its job and do it well.

‘Vacuumers’ that have had it to the neck with cords too will like this one. They will even like it better since they will be doing practically nothing. Who wouldn’t want such a luxury?

If you don’t like noise, don’t worry, this one does not require you to get hearing protection. In fact, you can sleep in peace while it does its thing.

If you like the possibilities of this robot vacuum, stay with us till the end. We are about to go into the details of what this vacuum is truly capable of.

By the time you are done reading this review, you will be able to tell if the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum is the right one for your needs.


Features Of The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

Powerful Suction

Powerful suction is important in any type of vacuum, even if it is a robot. The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum packs some good power for its size.

Just so we are clear, you should not be expecting this robot vacuum to suction as well as your upright.

It has 1.3kPa of suction power which is sufficient to lift pet hair and other debris. Whether on hard floors or carpets, you will get a deep clean with this type of suction. This robot vacuum is even capable of deep cleaning medium pile carpets.

The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum also sports the Boost IQ technology that lets it automatically increase its suction power when it is needed.

For instance, when the vacuum transitions from hard floors to carpets, which it does easily, it knows more suction is needed and it adjusts.

With the Boost IQ technology, you can rest assured you will get a deep clean whenever the vacuum runs around.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

There are different ways that you can make the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum work for you. It all comes down to what you need at any point in time.

Firstly, you can set the robot vacuum to the “auto mode”, this lets the vacuum roam free and clean dirt in its path. It more or less like leaving the robot to use its discretion to clean, and clean it does.

Secondly, you can set it to “spot clean”. In this mode, the robot vacuum will clean spills and pours in a particular part of the floor. Once the spot is clean, which it will, it is job done for the vacuum.

Thirdly, if you have just one room to clean up, you can set the vacuum to the “room clean mode”.

Here it will vacuum the room following its pre-designed path until it covers the entire floor.

Fourthly, you have the “edge cleaning mode”. As you might have already known, there are lots of vacuums that have problems cleaning edges. In this mode, the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum will take care of that.

For instance, after the vacuum is done cleaning the room in the “room clean mode” but you think the edges are done well enough. You can easily switch it to the “edge clean mode” and have it complete what it started.

Automatic Recharge

Of course, you already know that the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum runs on battery. What you also might have already figured out is that the batteries will need to recharge at some point. This is where something cool happens.

This robot vacuum does not need you to recharge. Once its battery runs low to a certain point, it finds its way back to the charging station and docks there for a recharge. You won’t even have to do a thing or even be aware of the process.

Furthermore, the robot vacuum has a long battery life to clean a substantial part of your home before it would need a recharge.

That would depend on how large your home is though. But you will agree that 100 minutes is enough time to cover a lot of grounds.

Triple Filtration System

We all know the importance of filtration in a vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuums too have filters for the same reason. Filters in vacuums basically help to prevent airborne particles from being emitted back into your homes.

The efficiency of these filters is what determines how much of the particles will flow out of the vacuum’s exhaust.

The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum uses a double layer filter and then followed by a high-performance filter. This triple layer filtration will certainly trap even tiny allergens and particles that can trigger allergies.

With this filtration system, your kids and allergic occupants are safe. They can breathe deeply and freely without fear.

Autonomous Navigation

In case you are wondering how the vacuum manages to find its way around your home, we will tell you.

The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum has sensors that give it feedback of its immediate environment.

It is this advanced sensor that lets it detect obstacles in its path. It also allows it to know when it is approaching a fall.

With this piece of tech, you can rest assured your prized robot vacuum will not be tumbling down the stairs.

Once it gets to an area it is not meant to be, it simply turns back and roams within its range.


User-friendliness Of The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

Asides the fact that the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum lets you vacuum less frequently, there are still some things that make it user-friendly.

We agree that “user-friendly” can be quite relative, but you will agree with some of the things we will point out.

First on the list is the design. The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum is quite slim. It has a total height of 2.85 inches.

Are you thinking what we are thinking yet? This low profile design makes the robot vacuum easily access your furniture, even the low profile ones.

This gives the vacuum a wider cleaning reach. With this, there won’t be areas of your home the vacuum will not reach.

Not anymore will you have to manually clean some parts of the floor because the robot vacuum could not get there.

Furthermore on the design, the vacuum has large wheels that let it move easily on carpets. It can even climb over door ledges. So, if you have those in your home, don’t feel bad thinking you won’t be able to use robot vacuums. The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum is there for you.

That’s not all about the design. This vacuum has a premium tempered glass finish. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, it is also for protection. The glass finish is anti-scratch so, the vacuum, your floors, and furniture will not get scratched.

Another aspect of the vacuum that makes it convenient to have is the dust cup capacity. You certainly won’t be babysitting this vacuum but you will have to help it empty. Due to its large dust cup, you won’t be doing that often.

If you are not a fan of the black color, it is also available in white.


Pros Of The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

i.  It saves you the time and effort you normally spend vacuuming.

ii. It adopts an advanced sensor technology to navigate its way.

iii. The vacuum uses the Boost IQ technology to increase suction when needed.

iv. It has a tempered glass finish to prevent scratches.

v. The vacuum has large wheels to move smoothly on carpets and climb door ledges.

vi. It has a powerful suction to deep clean on even carpets.

vii. You can set a cleaning schedule for the vacuum so it cleans while you are not home.

viii. It uses a triple filtration system for trapping in allergens.

ix. You can choose from 4 different cleaning modes.

x. The vacuum automatically finds its way back to the charging station when the battery is low.

xi. It has a remote control that lets you change settings and give commands from a distance.

xii. The vacuum is low profile so, it can sneak under furniture for better cleaning.

xiii. It operates so quietly you can sleep through it.

xiv. It has a large dust cup so you will not be emptying it ever so often.

xv. The battery lasts up to 100 minutes.

xvi. It is available in black and white colors.


Go get yours today!


Cons Of The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

i. You might have to clean the mini brush roll often if it cleans a lot of pet hairs, which it does well.

ii. The vacuum does not work well on dark colors.


Alternatives To The Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum

More Affordable Option – iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iLife A6 Robotic vacuumThis is a robot vacuum with an advanced innovative technology but with a less advanced price tag.

It uses the Gen 2 Cyclone Power for its suction which you can guess is quite powerful. This enables it deep clean hard floors and low pile carpets.

So, if your home has those types of floors, you can enjoy all this vacuum has to offer. It also comes with both a bristle brush and a rubber brush. The bristle brush helps it handle carpets and pick up pet hairs.

You can also use the ‘electrowall’ device that creates a virtual barrier for the robot vacuum so that it won’t go where you don’t need it to.

This robot vacuum is also compatible with multiple docking stations. You might choose to use more than one docking stations so it can easily find a recharge station when the battery is low.

High-End Option – Samsung Powerbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

We are pretty sure you already have an idea that this robot vacuum will truly be high-end. Based on the brand name too, you can also tell it is the same with the price.

This vacuum uses the cyclone force technology for its suction. This means that you can use it on both hard floors and carpets. Whichever it is, you can rest assured you will get an optimal performance.

It also uses the Visionary Mapping Plus and Full View Sensor 2.0 for its navigation. Both of these combined helps the robot easily navigate its way around your home. It also will not leave dirty patches it missed out on.

If you want to monitor the vacuums performance remotely, you certainly can. It has a Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you give it commands via your smartphone with its app. You can even see the coverage of the area it has cleaned.

You can also connect the vacuum with an Amazon Alexa device so that you can talk to the vacuum. We don’t mean it will suddenly become your therapist, you can only give it commands with your voice.

User-Friendly Option – Eyugle Robot Vacuum Cleaner

eyugle robotIf you want a vacuum that will protect you from allergic reactions, this is it. This robot vacuum has a HEPA filter that traps in the allergens the robot vacuums. That way, you won’t inhale them.

There are 4 cleaning modes to choose from with this vacuum. You can choose the mode suitable for your particular needs. The vacuum itself with the help of its sensor methodically navigates its way around your home.

The vacuum can run for up to 60 minutes before needing to recharge. When that time comes, it will find its docking station by itself. When it is done recharging, it will just go ahead and pick up from where it stopped.

Opposite Spectrum – Bissell Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum

bissell multi reach cordlessIf you want high-end performance, this is a cordless vacuum to go for. It has a good suction for removing dirt on hard floors and carpets. Its design also makes it easy to use and the controls are not complicated.

The type of versatility you will get with this vacuum lets you clean high, low, and everything in between. IT can easily turn into a handheld vacuum for even more ways to vacuum. That way you can go places with your vacuuming and your car interior is not left out. You will get 4 attachment tools along with this vacuum.

The lightweight and swivel steering makes this vacuum maneuverable. It has a low-profile design that lets you get under furniture for proper cleaning. The lights on the brush head also illuminate the vacuum’s path so you can see clearly in a poorly lit room.

The lithium-ion battery is 22 volts and it provides fade-free power to the vacuum. You will get a good 20 minutes of runtime with this vacuum cleaner.

You can read our review of this cordless vacuum if you want to know more about it.


Comparison Table

 FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum
ProductsEufy Boost IQ 11S Robot VacuumiLife A6 Robot Vacuum CleanerSamsung Powerbot R7065 Robot VacuumEyugle Robot Vacuum CleanerBissell Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum
Dimension12.8 x 12.8 x 2.9 inches12.2 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches19.5 x 14.2 x 6.7 inches13 x 10 x 44 inches
Weight5.73 lbs4.9 lbs9.5 lbs10.6 lbs5.8 lbs
Control Modes / AttachmentsRemote controlUses Remote controlRemote and Wi-FiRemote controlUpholstery and crevice tools, mini power brush, dusting brush
Runtime100 minutes100 minutes90 minutesUp to 60 mins20 minutes
Special FeatureIt operates quietlyThe vacuum is compatible with multiple charging stationsIt uses advanced navigation sensorsThe vacuum uses a HEPA filterIt can easily detach into a handheld



General Feeling Among Users

Based on what you have read so far, would you agree is we said that most of the users love this vacuum? Well, that is what we are going to say because it is the truth.

First of all, a lot of users like how easy it is to use this robot vacuum. Putting it together out of the box is pretty straightforward. Cleaning it too is quite easy to do.

When the vacuum runs into trouble and needs help, it beeps to call your attention.

When this happens, you only need to flip the robot vacuum over to read the sticker below.

This will instruct you on what the beep means. This is another helpful feature users like.

As for the cleaning aspect, users are in awe at how well the vacuum cleans. A particular user praised the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum for doing so well on her medium pile carpet.

Another one, who claims to have a high “clean home” standard, praised this robot vacuum for bringing her close to meeting the standard.

Pet owners too love this vacuum for how well it cleans pet hairs. Even those who have multiple pets in their home appreciate how well the vacuum keeps up with their shedding.

Some users mentioned how quietly the robot vacuum operates. One user in particular, who works from home, said she does not bother to turn off the vacuum when she’s having a conference call.

She further mentioned that her previous robot vacuum was so loud she cannot have a conversation in the same room with it.

There’s more…

The price in conjunction with the performance of the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum is something a lot of users are pleased with.

They say that it was a good bargain. In other words, it offers more value for the money.

Some users mentioned the aesthetics of this robot vacuum. They like how sleek it is designed. We mentioned earlier that the sleek design also prevents scratches.

Now For Some Complaints…

There are quite a few of these which was something we expected. Though, there are certain things that need improvement.

Some users complain that their robot vacuum did not last long and just stopped working for no reason. A number of users were contacted by the manufacturer and had the issue resolved.

Some others said that their Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum moves randomly as if confused. That could be because the sensor is covered in dust. Cleaning it might solve that problem. Apparently, some of them already knew this as they said they cleaned it but the problem persisted.

This should not be a deal breaker just yet. Quite a number of users, even the ones who complained bitterly said that customer support is truly supportive.

We hope you don’t get a faulty batch if you choose to buy this vacuum. But if that happens, you can rest assured the customer support will attend to you.


Our Verdict

Our decision on the Eufy Boost IQ 11S Robot Vacuum is quite easy and we believe you have a good idea what it is.

Obviously, the vacuum outperforms its price tag. For that reason alone, we love it. You have read all we have to say about it. Now it is time for you to decide on your own verdict.

If you love it too as we do, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!


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