Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – In-depth Comparison

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson hardly needs any introduction. Hoover, on the other hand, has many years of experience. So, it’s a no-brainer that we are having the Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx comparison.

dyson v6 vs hoover linx

The V6 is the first model of the Dyson V series. There are now (at the time of writing this article) three other models after it which are upgrades.

Dyson is committed to innovation and this is apparent in its vacuum cleaner designs. When it comes to suction power too, Dyson is a force to reckon with.

Hoover is one of the pioneer brands of the vacuum cleaner industry. It has well over 100 years of experience.

For such a brand to still be relevant today, it only means it is getting things right. Hoover has consistently offered top-quality vacuum cleaners that are easy to use, performs great, and are affordable.

We know how confusing it can get to choose between two good products. That is why we are here to help you make a decision.

By the time you are done with this review, you will be able to confidently decide which of them is best for you.


Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010, Grey
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Comparison Overview – Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx

We already told you how proficient these brands are and how committed they can get to offer the best.

The Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx comparison is meant to make it easy for you to decide which will suit your needs best.

To make your decision even easier, you should first be clear about what you need. That way, this article will help you confidently decide which is best for you while not exceeding your budget.

The Dyson V6 is solid in power, has lots of attachment tools and can convert into a handheld.

The Hoover Linx, on the other hand, is also powerful, has a removable battery, and is less expensive.

So, when you consider what you want from a cordless vacuum, you will be able to decide which is best when you are done reading.


Comparison Table – Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
Available Models Absolute, Animal (Pro), Motorhead, Cord Free, Baby + Child, Car + Boat, Fluffy, Top Dog, Trigger Coded variant
Battery Life 20 minutes 15 minutes
Charge Time 3 hours 30 minutes 3 hours
Attachment tools Mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush, combination tool, crevice tool None
Filtration System Washable HEPA filter Washable foam filter with Allergen Filtration
Weight 5 lbs 7.3 lbs
Dimension 9.8 x 8.7 x 46.4 inches 10.6 x 8 x 25 inches






What Situation Is Each Best For? – Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
If you are allergic or asthmatic, surely you will be paying extra attention to the filtration system of any vacuum cleaner you go for.


The Dyson V6 has a whole machine filter. The Radial Cyclone helps the vacuum to better manage fine particles while the HEPA filter located in the middle of the cyclone tubes also traps particles.


If you go for the Absolute model of the V6, you will get even more protection. This is so because the V6 Absolute has a post-motor filter. This means that there will be two HEPA filters in the vacuum.


With this, you will not have to bother yourself about inhaling dust or allergens.

This vacuum too has a good filtration system. However, it cannot be compared to the double HEPA filters of the V6.


It has a washable foam filter as well as a secondary filtration system that is dedicated to sealing in allergens.


If you are not asthmatic or allergic, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

The Dyson V6 has a nicely designed dust cup. However, it is a bit too small. This means that you will have to empty it quite often.


This is a fairly easy process but you might have to get in there with your hands to pluck out some dirt.

The Hoover Linx has a larger dust cup.


Emptying the cup is easy on this vacuum too. You just have to pull it out, take it to the bin, open it, and let the dirt fall out.


If you vacuum hairs, it might get tangled on the red tube inside the dust cup. Luckily, this tube is removable but you will still need to loosen the hairs with your hands.

It only makes sense that a vacuum cleaner in this day and age should be able to clean on both hard floors and carpets. Quite rightly, the Dyson V6 can.


It has enough power to tackle dirt on any surface. Its direct drive brush head will help you deep clean your carpets while the fluffy brush roll will leave a polished look on your hard floors.

The Hoover Linx too can clean on both hard floors and carpets. It also does a good job with both fine debris and larger ones.


There is a control button within reach that you can flick to turn on and off the brush roll.


Common Features – Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx

These are cordless vacuums and it only makes sense that they have things in common. They are from different brands and it is obvious in their designs. We will point out the things that are similar between these two vacuums below.

Innovative Brush Heads

The Dyson V6 and Hoover Linx both have exclusive brush heads that perform remarkably well.

The Dyson V6 uses a direct Drive brush head. This brush head creates agitation to the brush roll which makes it comb through carpet fibers better.

The Direct Drive technology also has a mechanism in the brush head that powers the brush roll. This is unlike other vacuums that use the force of the suction to spin the brush roll. The result? A deep clean all the time.

The Hoover Linx, on the other hand, deploys the WindTunnel technology in its brush head.

Let us tell you a bit about this technology. The Wind Tunnel is a method that is used by NASA, Formula 1, etc. to test how aerodynamic their automobiles are.

The technology entails creating a channel of powerful wind against the vehicle to determine how well it can perform against it.

This idea is what Hoover deployed in creating this brush head. However, this application is a miniature version.

The Hoover Linx brush head actually uses 3 wind channels to create its suction. This is where the name WindTunnel 3 comes from. This is why this vacuum too does great on all floor types.


Dust Cup

The dust cup on both vacuums are designed differently but what is similar about them is the ease of emptying them.

The dust cup on the Dyson is smaller than that on the Hoover. So, you would need to empty it more often.

This is the easy part. For the Dyson, you will have to pull out the wand, open the dust cup from the base, and watch the dirt fall out.

As for the Hoover Linx, you will detach the dust cup from the vacuum entirely. It also opens at the base so the dirt can fall into the trash can.

Depending on your preference, one might prefer being able to remove the dust cup rather than take the vacuum to the trash can. In all honesty, they are both easy to manage.



Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010, Grey
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Unique Features – Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx

Features Unique To Dyson V6

Handheld Mode

The Dyson V6 is capable of transforming into a miniature version of themselves. All you have to do is to pull out the wand.

This transformation lets you clean up dirt closely and clean in ways you could not in the full mode.

For instance, in the handheld mode, you can clean upholstery, dust furniture, vacuum your window blinds and drapes, etc.

There are many ways that you can use the Dyson V6 in its handheld mode. The attachment tools that you can use with the handheld mode give it a lot of versatility.

With this vacuum and its attachment tools, you can go from floors to ceiling and everything in between.


Max Mode

Both vacuums have powerful suction. They have a strong motor in them as well as their brush head technology which is where all that power comes from.

In the regular mode, the Dyson V6 will still do a great job of cleaning your floors. However, when you need a deeper clean of your carpets, you can easily switch to the Max Mode with the touch of a button.

This mode significantly increases the suction power of the vacuum which makes it clean better. The suction power of the V6 can reach 100 Air Watts in this mode.

The Max mode can work whether you are using it in the full mode or in the handheld mode.


Attachment Tools

The tools available to a vacuum cleaner determine how versatile the vacuum turns out to be. As you can guess, versatility has a lot to do with the value you get for your money.

The more attachment tools you have at your disposal, the more ways you can use the vacuum.

With the tools that come with the Dyson V6, there is hardly any way you cannot vacuum. If you want, you can even go as far as the interior of your vehicle.

If you want details on the attachment tools available with these vacuums, check the ‘Comparison Table’ section above.


HEPA Filter

This is one aspect the Dyson V6 is superior to the Hoover Linx. If you are a sensitive user, this feature would be important to you.

It is no news anymore that a HEPA filter is the highest standard of filter you can find in a vacuum cleaner.

That the Dyson V6 uses this type of filter is good enough. It goes even further by using 2 of it (if you choose the Absolute model)! The V6 has one filter in the middle of the radial cyclone compartment and another after the motor.

These two filters ensure that none of the allergens and air-borne contaminants that were sucked in makes it back out.

A HEPA filter by standard has the efficiency of trapping 99.97% of the content of the air that passes through it down to 0.3 microns.

These are particles way smaller than the diameter of a typical human hair. Now you can rest assured the air that flows out of your V6 is safe enough to breathe.

There’s more! These HEPA filters have lifetime longevity and are washable. This means that you will not be buying replacement filters throughout the lifetime of the vacuum. Just rinse and reuse.


Double Brush Heads

Depending on which model of the Dyson V6 you go for, you will get a direct drive head and a fluffy brush head.

The direct drive head is the brush head that is ideal for carpets. This will help you deep clean your carpets and take out pet hairs.

The fluffy brush head is a bit different in the sense that the brush roll does not have bristles. Instead, it has a soft microfiber which makes it ideal for hard floors.

This also helps the Dyson V6 tackle large debris better as it rolls over them instead of pushing them around.






Features Unique To Hoover Linx

Removable Battery

The Hoover Linx uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery and it is removable.

This poses a great advantage, getting an extra battery can suddenly double the runtime you get out of the vacuum.

If you are willing to spend a little more to get an extra battery, you can have both batteries charged. So, when you have used up one, you can just put in the other. That will give you double the runtime!


Brush Roll Control

If you have been vacuuming for any length of time, you will know that it takes more to vacuum carpets.

The Hoover Linx has a switch that is within your reach. With this switch, you can turn on and off the brush roll.

When vacuuming on carpet, it only makes sense to keep the brush roll spinning so it can comb the fibers of the carpet and deep clean it.

On the other hand, when you are vacuuming on hard floors, it is better to keep the brush roll off.

This is so because, for delicate floors like hardwood, the bristles of the brush might leave scratch marks. Moreover, the suction alone is enough to pick up dirt on hard floors.





Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – Unique Pros

Dyson V6

i. It has a dedicated brush head for both hard floors and carpets.

ii. You can turn on the Max mode for an even deeper clean.

iii. There are more models to choose from depending on your needs.

iv. It comes with useful attachment tools.

Hoover Linx

i. It has a larger dust cup so you won’t have to empty so often.

ii. You can turn off the brush head.

iii. The battery is removable so, you can get an extra if you want.



Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – Unique Cons

Dyson V6

i. It is quite expensive.

ii. The dust cup is small.

Hoover Linx

i. It is heavier.

ii. It does not have attachment tools.

iii. You cannot convert it into a handheld.



Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – Pros Common To Both Products

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
The Dyson V6 is quite lightweight and this is one of the reasons it is so easy to use. Since you can use it to vacuum above floors, it is quite important that it is as light as it is.


How well it distributes its weight is another good thing you will get from this vacuum.

The Linx is heavier than the Dyson V6 but it is light too. It weighs around 7 pounds.


With this, it won’t be any problem to carry it from room to room or even up and down the stairs.

The Dyson V6 as you probably already know has good suction power.

If you want to get a deeper clean of your carpet, you can easily switch on the Max mode which increases the suction power of the vacuum.

The Hoover Linx too can clean on all floor types but it is not as powerful as the V6.
When it comes to battery life, the Dyson V6 is not bad. 20 minutes is a decent amount of time for a vacuum cleaner, especially one with good suction power like this. The Hoover Linx gives you 15 minutes of vacuuming time. However, if you won’t mind spending a bit more on an extra battery, you can easily get twice as much runtime.


This is so because you can remove the battery and replace it with a spare.


Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – Cons Common To Both Products

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
The dust cup of the V6 can be a problem. It empties easily quite alright but it depends too much on gravity.


Sometimes all the dirt will not fall off on their own. At times like that, you will have to get your hands dirty.

The Linx has a similar problem but in its own case, it is hair tangles you will have to clean out manually which can also be a mess.


Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010, Grey
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Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – General Feeling Among Users

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
Users of the Dyson V6 that have pets in their home are happy at how well it picks up pet hair.


A user said that most of the other vacuum he had owned had issues dealing with pet fur and human hair.


He went ahead to say that the Dyson V6 is doing fine cleaning his pet’s hairs and his.

The Hoover Linx too has what it takes to tackle hairs.


A user who has pets that shed a lot claimed that he bought this vacuum because of the hairs.


He went ahead to praise the Hoover Linx for how well it picks up pet hairs both with the brush roll off or on.

Some users praised the maneuverability of the Dyson V6. They said that it is easy to move around, thanks to its swivel steering.


It can also turn on a dime and can tilt to make it easy to get under furniture.

A certain user was pretty impressed with how well the Linx can move on both carpets and hard floors. The wheels behind the brush head are obviously serving their purpose.


He went ahead to say that he was impressed that he can tilt the vacuum low enough for him to clean under furniture.


Dyson V6 vs Hoover Linx – Our Verdict

Dyson V6 Hoover Linx
Now you have it. All you need to know about the Dyson V6.


With all you have read, does what it offers match your needs? Is the price tag within your budget? If not, are you willing to go beyond to get what you need?


If you answered “yes”, then don’t wait any longer, make that buy today.

The Hoover Linx might not offer all that the V6 gives you but it does not cost as much.


If you consider that it has a good suction too and you can get an extra battery to double the runtime, you begin to see possibilities.


If the Linx offers what you need, then there is no reason to spend more, go for it.

Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight, BH50010, Grey
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