Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum – In-depth Review

If you know what they say about humble beginnings, then you have a good idea about Dirt Devil as a vacuum brand. First of all, this is the brand responsible for the Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum we are featuring in this review.

Dirt Devil is a brand that started out of a garage in Cleveland. With determination, innovation, purpose, and time, it has become one of the popular floor cleaning brands in North America.

It has quite a number of vacuum cleaners carrying its name in many American homes. Some of its products include upright, canister, cordless, and robot vacuum cleaners.

It also makes hard floor cleaners and steam mops. When it comes to floor cleaning, Dirt Devil seems to be at the forefront.

If you have known about Dirt Devil before now or the little we have said about the brand sounds good to you, you might want to know more. If you are interested, check out our guide on Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners to see what you might like.


Who Should Go For The Dirt Devil Reach Max?

Anyone who needs a vacuum cleaner can ideally go for this one. That seems like quite a wild suggestion but it is true. It will only come down to how you are going to use it.

If you have a large home or the type of cleaning you often do requires a full-sized vacuum, you can still get this as a backup. It will surely save you the stress of getting out your upright or canister just because of a little mess.

This lightweight handy vacuum can clean it up, and get stored in the same time it will take you to unleash the full-sized vacuum. Get the point now?

If you own a small place, you might not need to go for a large vacuum. A cordless one that is easy to store just like the Dirt Devil Reach Max might be sufficient for your needs.

If electric cords have assaulted you for too long and too often that you have come to love to hate them, you would like this cordless vacuum. It can do the quick cleaning for you, and then some.

So, if you fall into any of these categories, stay with us, as we explore what this Dirt Devil cordless vacuum is about.

dirt devil reach max cordless vacuum

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Features Of The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum

Premium Brush Roll

dirt devil 3-in-1 reach maxIt is safe to say that the bulk of the quality of a cordless vacuum lies in and around its brush head. That is where most of the actions take place.

The Spin4Pro is the exclusive brush roll design of Dirt Devil. This is what lets it clean well on both hard floors and carpets.

There might be times when you don’t need the brush roll to run while you are vacuuming. Unfortunately, you cannot turn on or off the brush roll but you can easily pull it out at the touch of a button.

It contains top grade nylon bristles that are precisely arranged for optimum digging through carpets and sweeping on hard floors. It also features the Edge to Edge technology which lets you clean with the entire length of the brush roll.

This means that the Dirt Devil Reach Max has a wide cleaning path and it can clean even the dirt by the walls. The brush roll also has 2 speeds to choose from. This makes the cordless vacuum ideal to deep clean even deep pile rugs and carpets.



With the Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless, you are not limited to cleaning floors alone. You can easily transform this cordless vacuum into a handheld.

If you have stairs that are carpeted, all you need to do is fix the appropriate attachment to the handheld and you are cleaning away.

You probably already know how versatile a handheld vacuum is. With it, you can do all sorts of above the floor cleaning in your home.


Easy To Empty Dust Cup

After all the cleaning is done, the dirt is collected in the dust cup being a bagless vacuum. This canister has a 0.7 liters capacity and that is about enough space to hold all the dirt you can clean in one run.

That way, you won’t have to stop the vacuuming process just to empty the dust cup because it got full.

The emptying process is another interesting thing about the dust cup design.

It is designed such that when you open it you can turn the content straight into the trash like you are pouring water out of a jug.

This means you will not come in contact at all with the dirt. However, you should be careful with the way you do that to avoid inhaling any rising dust.


Swivel Steering

If a vacuum is not easy to maneuver, it can be a hassle to use. The Dirt Devil Reach Max has a swivel steering that makes it easy to bend around corners and twist between furniture while cleaning.

The soft wheels bear the weight of the vacuum and make it easy to glide on floors. Whether you are cleaning on a carpet, rug, or hard floor the movement of this cordless vacuum is effortless.




The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless comes with a useful collection of attachments that you will need. There is the stair and upholstery tool which is a mini motorized brush head. You can use this to clean carpeted stairs and vacuum hairs off your upholstery.

The crevice tool allows you to vacuum hard to reach areas that dirt could be hiding. You can also attach it to the power wand to get rid of cobwebs or clean dust on the ceiling.



Is It User-friendly?

The grip of the handle is quite comfortable so you won’t have a problem holding it even for an extended period.

It is also lightweight as it weighs in at just 6.4 lbs which is one of the reasons this vacuum will be enjoyable to use.

It has a reach 12 feet, with this, you might not even need to bend while vacuuming unless you are getting under the furniture. Even at that, the swivel steering makes that quite an easy task.

It features an LED battery indicator so you can monitor how much power you have left to work with. The power button is just within the reach of your finger which literally puts control in your hands.



Pros Of The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum

i. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

ii. It has a swivel steering and soft wheels that make movement effortless across floor types.

iii. The dust cup of this vacuum has a large capacity.

iv. It can easily transform into a handheld which adds versatility to its usage.

v. Its premium brush head sports a brush roll with an innovative design.

vi. It has a quick recharge time of 3 hours.

dirt devil reach max cordless vacuum

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Cons Of The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum

i. The battery is not removable. This is unfavorable on 3 grounds. Firstly, you have to wait for the vacuum to recharge before you can resume vacuuming. Secondly, there is no chance of getting an extra battery to switch with. Lastly, if the battery eventually dies and cannot hold a charge again, the entire vacuum does with it.

ii. You cannot turn off the brush roll, you will have to remove it manually every time you need to vacuum without it.



Alternative To The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum

More Affordable Option – Dirt Devil Power Swerve Cordless Stick

dirt devil power swerve

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This cordless vacuum also features the premium Spin4Pro brush roll. This makes it effective for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. It has a large capacity dust cup which holds more dirt so you won’t have to stop vacuuming just to empty.

It has a 16-volt Lithium-ion battery which creates a powerful suction that won’t fade as the battery depletes.

This ensures that you will get optimum performance throughout the use of the vacuum. The suction power coupled with the premium brush roll also makes it effective for picking pet hairs.


High-End Option – Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum

dyson v 10 cyclonic

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This Dyson belongs to the elites of the cordless vacuum cleaners. Its design makes this vacuum one of the best cordless vacuums available. It has a great runtime of a whopping 60 minutes. That is enough time for you to clean your home.

It also comes with useful attachments that allow you do all sorts of above the floor cleaning with ease. You can also easily convert into a handheld. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver and is great on both hard floors and carpets. If you need to deep clean, you can switch it to the Max level for extra power.


User-Friendly Option – Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick Cordless Vacuum

dirt devil simpli-stick

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This stick vacuum is corded so you will not have to worry about battery time. It is so lightweight you can carry it from room to room and even up the stairs using just one hand.

It can also convert into a handheld, that way, you can use it to clear messes that are not on the floor. This increases its versatility and ease of use.

This vacuum is mostly ideal for small apartments and houses. It can also work as a backup vacuum for the small jobs.


Opposite Spectrum – Dirt Devil RoomMate Robot Vacuum

dirt devil robot vacuum

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If you are a fan of keeping your house clean without doing any of the work, this robot vacuum is for you. It is equipped with advanced sensors that let it detect and avoid a fall. It will also map out its environment so it can clean everywhere.

The low profile of this vacuum allows it get under furniture for a more thorough clean. This also makes it easy to store. Now you can continue to get productive with other things while this robot vacuum does the cleaning for you.



Comparison Table

FeaturedMore AffordableHigh-End VariantUser-FriendlyOpposite Spectrum
Products dirt devil reach max cordless vacuum

Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless


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dirt devil power swerve

Dirt Devil Power Swerve


Click here for more details

dyson v 10 cyclonic

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum


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dirt devil simpli-stick

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick


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dirt devil robot vacuum

Dirt Devil RoomMate Robot Vacuum


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Dimension7.2 x 10.6 x 28.7 inches7 x 10 x 44 inches9.8 x 10.1 x 49.2 inches6.1 x 3.3 x 21.9 inches4 x 12.3 x 14.6 inches
Weight6.4 lbs5.2 lbs5.88 lbs4.5 lbs4.55 lbs
AttachmentsStair and crevice tool, carpet nozzle, power wandNoneCombination, crevice, mini motorized tool, etcCrevice toolNone
RuntimeApprox. 20 minutesUp to 30 minutesUp to 60 minutesCorded50 minutes
Special FeatureEasy empty dust cupIt has a premium brush rollIt has 3 power modesUses a reusable filterAutonomous cleaning



What Users Say About It

The general reaction from users about the Dirt Devil Reach Max is both hot and cold. Some of the users love it while others have complaints, some of the complaints are even bitter.

Quite a number of users love it for its suction power and how well it cleans dust and even pet hairs.

Some others even praise the filtration system for the protection it offers against allergens.

The generosity of the brand for adding 2 motorized tools also got some good attention.

This vacuum requires some assembly and the user’s conclusion on the ease of setting it up was unanimous, it was easy.

The battery life also got some love and so far, we didn’t come across any complaints about the noise. Most of the users who had good things to say believe that it is a good value for the price.

On the other hand, some users complained about its durability. Some others were bitter with their claims that it does not vacuum particular types of pet hairs.

We cannot say that their complaints are unfounded, perhaps it was just their isolated experience.

In the end, there were more users who praised the Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum that those who had genuine complaints about it.


Our Verdict

We had a good time analyzing this vacuum and weighed its pros and cons. The fact that the assembly does not require any tool was a good one for us. The 12-feet reach of this cordless vacuum also caught our eyes.

Furthermore, the large capacity dust cup was impressive as well as the fact that you can pour out the content without making contact.

We are also happy with the motorized accessories that come with the vacuum. This opens up its versatility especially with the fact that it can easily convert into a handheld.

We did not like that the battery is not removable. This vacuum will have been better if you could turn off the brush roll rather than having to manually pull it out.

In the end, we love it. It is not the perfect cordless vacuum, but for its price, we will call it value for money. So, if you are happy with what you have read, go get yours now!

dirt devil reach max cordless vacuum

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  1. Luv the Reach, but when one of the rollers kept falling out of the sweeper head and was finally lost, the thin rubber strip along the width of the head drags on the floor and eventually falls apart, allowing particles to be swept past the pickup and be shot behind the unit, past the strip that is no longer in place.

    Rubber strip and the lost roller are not available, so performance suffers.


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