Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Extensive Comparison

Bissell has over a century of experience while Dyson is a vacuum brand that barely needs an introduction. The Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 comparison will hopefully highlight what each brand is about.

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram


These two vacuums have been applauded on different levels for how well they get their job done.

People often get confused when it comes time to choose between two good products. That is why we are here to help you make the best choice for you.

We implore you to first understand what you need either vacuums to do for you. That way, you will find it easy to decide when you eventually learn the details of what they have to offer.



Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Comparison Overview

When you are done reading, you will be able to confidently decide which of them is best for your needs.

Bissell and Dyson have over the years earned the trust of users. So, it is not a case of whether you can trust what the brands are offering or not.

The Bissell Air Ram surely lives up to its name “Ram” with how much suction it has. Whether on carpets or hard floors it will help you clear all the dirt in its path.

It has 40 minutes of runtime which is impressive by any standards. Best of all the battery is removable so, with an extra one, you can double the runtime.

However, you will have to sacrifice versatility for all the good things the Air Ram can do. You cannot use attachment tools with this vacuum, neither can turn it into a handheld.

As for the Dyson V6, you can enjoy as much versatility as your creativity can come up with. It comes with an assortment of attachment tools and you can easily turn it into a handheld.

If you are sure of what you expect from a cordless vacuum, you won’t have a problem deciding between these two.



Comparison Table – Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
Available Models Cordless vacuum 1984 Absolute, Animal (Pro), Motorhead, Cord Free, Baby + Child, Car + Boat, Fluffy, Top Dog, Trigger
Battery Life Up to 40 minutes 20 minutes
Attachment tools None Mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush, combination tool, crevice tool
Filtration System Foam Filter Washable HEPA filter
Weight 7.75 lbs 5 lbs
Dimension 11.8 x 9.9 x 44 inches 9.8 x 8.7 x 46.4 inches
Dust Cup Capacity 0.6 liters 0.4 liters






What Situation Is Each Best For? – Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
Most vacuums now use a no-touch design for their dust cups. However, from experience, we know that it does not always work that way.


The dust cup in this cordless vacuum is quite sizeable which means it will hold more dirt and you will have to empty less frequently.


Another nice thing about the dust cup is how easy it is to empty. Firstly, you can detach it completely from the vacuum.


Secondly, there is a slider designed into it that you can use to push out the entire dirt in the container.


This feature makes the dust cup design here better than that of the V6 which relies solely on gravity for emptying.

If your aim for getting a cordless vacuum is to get versatile with it, the Dyson V6 is your choice.


This cordless vacuum can easily be transformed into a handheld vacuum. Also, depending on the model of the V6 you get, you will get a good number of useful attachment tools.


With these features, you can use the vacuum in different ways you want.  This is unlike the Air Ram that limits you to vacuuming only floors.

Cordless vacuums run on batteries and as you can guess, it is a race against time.


This is the reason people look out for cordless vacuums that can give them the most runtime while it also gets its other jobs done properly.


While the Air Ram is powerful enough to give you the type of clean you want, you can also get up to 40 minutes of runtime out of it. This is against the 20 minutes that the Dyson V6 has to offer.


So, if you are particular about how much runtime you can get, now you know which is your best choice.

The quality of the filter in a vacuum becomes a critical factor to consider if you are allergic or asthmatic.


So, if you are concerned about the filtration system, the HEPA filter on the V6 is the best option for you.



Common Features – Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6

No matter how unique vacuum cleaners try to be, they are bound to have certain things in common.

In this case, both vacuums belong to the same type which is even more reason they share similarities.

Though, the mere sight of them tells them apart. But when it comes to what they can do, we are about to tell you how similar they are.


Ease of Use

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air RamNo matter what product you buy, you surely will not want it to be difficult for you to use. This is why vacuum cleaner brands pay special attention to the features that make the use of their vacuums easy.

Maneuverability is one of such features and it is something you will get out of both vacuums. They are both easy to push on the floor and they will turn quite easily as well.

The Bissell Air Ram allows you to switch controls from carpets to hard floors and vice versa. The best part yet, you only need to step on a pedal to do that!

The Dyson V6 and the Air Ram have swivel steering which allows the vacuums to tilt almost parallel to the floor. This makes it easy for you to get underneath furniture to clean things out.

Both vacuums can turn on a dime. They both have swivel heads that lets them turn easily to either side. They are also quite responsive at doing that too.

Still on ease of use, storing both cordless vacuums is easy as well. The V6 comes with a dock that lets you hang the vacuum on the wall so it does not take floor space.

The Bissell Air Ram has a telescopic handle that essentially shortens its height so it does not take too much storage space. This design also makes it easy for people of varying heights to get comfortable using the vacuum.


Multiple Floors Cleaning

Both vacuums have what it takes to clean on both hard floors and carpets. Suction power is needed to deep clean carpets and these two vacuums are not lacking it.

They both have well-designed brush rolls that comb through the fibers of your carpet to dislodge embedded dirt and suck it up.

On hard floors, the Dyson V6 has a bit of a problem dealing with the larger debris as it seems to just push it around. However, if you switch brush heads to the fluffy one, that is problem solved.

The Bissell Air Ram has a brush roll design that will not scratch your hard floors. It will tackle dirt both large and small with relative ease.



Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – What’s Unique To Each Product?

Features Unique To Bissell Air Ram

All-inclusive Brush Head

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air RamMost cordless vacuums have their motor, dust cup, and battery at the handle. The Bissell Air Ram has everything in its brush head.

This is not just a bid to be different, the innovation actually makes it easy to use. For instance, the Dyson V6 is top heavy because of the elements attached to its handle.

Even though the V6 distributes weight pretty well, it is still top heavy. Most cordless vacuum with this design will exert about 3 pounds of weight on your arm.

The Bissell Air Ram, on the other hand, exerts just one pound. This means that your hand will not feel strained over prolonged usage.

The brush head design also has an effect on the Air Ram’s performance. 6 high-performing cordless vacuums were tested for carpet deep cleaning.

Only two of those vacuums scored 100%. They are the Dyson V10 and, you guessed right, Bissell Air Ram!

This vacuum uses a combination of powerful suction and innovative brush head design to achieve such a feat.

The Air Ram will tackle all dirt type on all floor types. How it does this is with flexible rubber gate in the front.

This gate opens wide in a forward push to allow larger debris to pass through. On the backward pass, the gate forms a seal against the floor.

The vacuum also performed great in a crevice test. What we noticed is that it pulls up more dirt with a backward pass than forward.

So, if you have a lot of carpeted floors in your home and you crave a truly deep clean, here is your guy.


Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air RamCarrier Handle

You will hardly find a cordless vacuum with a carrier handle. Perhaps that is why the Air Ram stands out.

The vacuum is less than 10 pounds so carrying it around shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, carrying a cordless vacuum with the regular handle can be awkward as you will have to raise your shoulder to keep it off the floor.

This handle located halfway of the vacuum makes it much easier to carry. The telescopic feature of this vacuum also comes in handy when you want to vacuum stairs.

Though this one cannot detach to a handheld, it can still be used for stairs as it. It is going to be a bit awkward but you will still get the job done.


Free Standing

Quite a lot of cordless vacuums cleaners cannot stand on their own. The Air Ram is an exception. Just leave it where it is and it stays put.

This can happen thanks to its brush head, yet again. Since it has most of the components of the vacuum in its brush head, it gives it some sort of balance.


LED Lights

If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner with LED lights before, you can tell that they make a difference. Even when the room is well illuminated, the lights still help you see better.

This is one feature we are yet to find on any Dyson cordless vacuum. The extra light can often make a difference in how well you vacuum.


Removable Battery

This is a huge feature of cordless vacuums that Dyson is still behind on. A removable battery essentially creates the chance of multiplying the vacuum’s runtime.

The Bissell Air Ram can already give you about 40 minutes. Now imagine if you get an extra battery that you can switch with. You won’t have to worry about how much time you have left anymore!




Features Unique To Dyson V6

Double Brush Heads

Depending on which model of the Dyson V6 you go for, you will get a direct drive head and a fluffy brush head. This is in combination with other attachment tools.

The direct drive head is the brush head that is ideal for carpets (it can work well on hard floors too, though). This will help you deep clean your carpets and take out pet hairs.

The fluffy brush head is a bit different in the sense that the brush roll does not have bristles. Instead, it has a soft microfiber which makes it ideal for hard floors.

This also helps the Dyson V6 tackle large debris and dirt mounds better as it rolls over them instead of pushing them around.


HEPA Filtration

As you might have already known, the filter in a vacuum is quite important. If you are allergic or asthmatic, it suddenly becomes a crucial factor when choosing between these two.

The Dyson V6 has a HEPA filter and by standards, this is the most efficient filter you will get in a vacuum cleaner.

This filter is so efficient at its job that it is rated to prevent 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns from passing through.

When you vacuum, the dirty air passes through this filter before it is ejected out of the vacuum.

If you are wondering how much particles this filter can stop, we will tell you. The human hair is 50 microns in diameter.

Now compare that to the 0.3 microns this HEPA filter can stop. You see, this vacuum is fighting on your behalf battles you cannot see.

That’s not all, another cool thing about this filter is that it is washable and can last the lifetime of the vacuum. That way, you won’t need to buy replacement filters which save you a lot in the long run.





Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Unique Pros

Bissell Air Ram

i. The vacuum can stand on its own which makes it easy to store.

ii. It is not top heavy so you won’t feel the strain in your hand.

iii. Its brush head can truly deep clean.

iv. The battery is removable which means you can always have an extra.


Dyson V6

i. You can switch to Max mode which increases its power.

ii. It has a HEPA filter.

iii. You can use attachment tools with it.

iv. It can easily convert to a handheld.



Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Unique Cons

Bissell Air Ram

i. You can’t use attachment tools with it.


Dyson V6

i. The battery is not removable.

ii. You have to hold on to the power button to keep it running.




Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Pros Common To Both Products

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
The Air Ram is so easy to use. Let’s start from its weight. It is even lighter than the V6. This makes it easy to move it around. You can even carry it up and down the stairs, if you want.


It has a swivel head which lets the brush head turn in different directions. In fact, it can turn 90 degrees to both sides. On top of that, the swivel is really responsive.

Same as the Air Ram.
We all know how important the filter is. What is even better is when the filter is washable. This saves you some money as you can use one filter over and over. The filter in the V6 is also washable. What is even better is that it is HEPA and it has lifetime longevity.
The dust cup in the Air Ram has a larger capacity than the Dyson V6. That’s not all, it is also easy to empty. The dust cup can completely detach from the vacuum which makes things even easier.


Another good thing about this dust cup is that it has a slider that pushes out all the dirt inside the container. That way, you won’t have to stick your hand into it.

The dust cup of the Dyson V6 is easy to empty too. You only have to open the dust cup at the base and watch the dirt fall into the trash can.


However, it does not always work this way with the V6. Some dirt still does not obey gravity enough to fall out on their own. In cases like that, you will have to stick your fingers in to get the rest of the dirt out.

The Air Ram works great on both hard floors and carpets. It performed really great when it was tested with small grains on hard floors. This is something a lot of other cordless vacuums were not great at. As for large debris on hard floors, it performed flawlessly as well.


As for carpet cleaning, the performance of the Air Ram is also impressive. Both large and small dirt on hard floors were cleaned up in a few passes. The Bissell Air Ram actually rivaled the Dyson V10 in deep cleaning carpets!

The Dyson V6 can clean well on both hard floors and carpets too but honestly not as well as the Air Ram.



Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Cons Common To Both Products

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
While both vacuums are not perfect, we could not find any real con that is common to both.



Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – General Feeling Among Users

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
Users applaud the suction just as expected. One user said that they had a bit of a problem with how powerful the suction is as it sucks up their rugs and carpets.


He also commended the design of the dust cup and opined that the design might be responsible for the suction as it cannot impede the airflow.

One user called the Dyson V6 a hard floor beast for how well it clean on that floor type. She also said that the vacuum does a good job on low pile carpets too. However, on high piles and shag rugs, it runs into trouble.
Some users are happy with the fact that the vacuum can tilt low enough to get under furniture. This increases the reach of the vacuum.


Some others mentioned the extra illumination the LED lights create.


There are others who mentioned its weight and how comfortable it is to use. This is thanks to the fact that it is not top heavy.

A lot of users like the assortment of tools that you get with the Dyson V6. Which attachment tools you get depends on which model you go for.


With the tools you stand to get for buying the V6, there is no limit to the ways you can vacuum.



Bissell Air Ram vs Dyson V6 – Bottom Line

Bissell Air Ram Dyson V6
The Air Ram is full of power and this is what you need if you want to truly deep clean your carpets. It is quite affordable too.


If its pros outweigh its cons for you, then go ahead and make the buy.

The V6 has been tried and tested by many and it has provided good value.


Even though it costs more than the Air Ram, it makes up with tremendous versatility.


Does what it offers match your needs? The what are you waiting for? Go ahead!

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Red
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